Friday, 30 January 2015

Wolfsburg Weed Huggers VW Club Monthly Meet.

The Wolfsburg Weed Huggers (WWH) is primarily an air-cooled VW club based in Penn, in South Bucks. The club started out back in 1995 as an air-cooled club, although they do now have numerous water cooled Volkswagen's amongst their members vehicles. The Wolfsburg Weed Huggers facebook page has over 430 members to date, and the majority of members frequently post on the page which makes the WWH facebook page very interesting. You can check out the activity on the WWH facebook page here:!/groups/175509642524184/
The WWH hold a monthly club meet at The Squirrel Public House in Penn Street, HP7 0PX on the 3rd Wednesday of each month throughout the year. Friends of mine and fellow Outcast VW Club members Dave and Angela, sent a txt message to Stuart and myself asking if we were going to head over to the Squirrel Pub, and as Wednesday night is a poor night for TV, we both decided to join them. (my apologies for the poor photo quality but my small Panasonic Lumix camera doesn't work too well in dark conditions)

Julian went to the WWH club meet in his alpine
rally themed early Beetle. 

This really is a nice looking car, with plenty of
cool period accessories and stickers. I do like
the red vinyl seats which are in stark contrast to
the lovely body colour.

The rear of Julian's Beetle with the big rear spot
light and the period looking white mud flaps

Another WWH member to pop along to the club
meet was Jonny in his race inspired 1971 Bug.

I was chatting to Jonny and he was saying about
the plans he had for his Bug. These plans included
a 2.2ltr engine with nitrous oxide, and bigger and
better disc brakes and new wheels and tyres.

My 1969 Micro bus parked up outside the
Squirrel Pub.

It is only about 17 miles from our hometown of
Aylesbury to the club meet, but the drive over
reminded me I need new rubber door seals.
It was a cold dark night in January with snow
showers forecast the temperature was only
just above freezing, and with the wind chill factor
coming through the gaps in my door seals the
temperature felt like a few degrees below freezing.

Stuart and Tim went over in Stuart's daily driver,
his 1970 Beetle. I'd normally cruise over with
Stuart and Tim but they left straight from Stuarts
workshop which is en-route to the Squirrel pub.

Stuart's Bug with his retro roof rack. Stuart and
Tim are both from my hometown of Aylesbury.
Both Stuart and Tim are fellow Outcast VW
club members, well actually Stuart is a founder
member of the Outcast club.

More Outcast VW Club members are David and
Angela who are also from Aylesbury and popped
over to the WWH club meet in their daughter
Louise's 1974 Beetle named 'Brum'.

The outcast VW Club outside the Squirrel pub,
home of the WWH monthly club meet. I personally
think it's good to visit other local club meets, if
for nothing else but to show show some support.

This 1988 T25 rumbled into the car park as I
was taking some photo's. I don't know who owns
this or what size motor it was running but it

sounded really nice.

This really was a nice looking T25.  I do like
these T25's and I could so easily have one if I
didn't have my bay window.

Christian came down later in the evening in his
lovely early split screen.

This really is a nice looking bus, unfortunately I
didn't get much time to chat to Christian to ask
him how the new interior is coming on as
Christian has some cool plans for the interior of
his bus.

Lovely Porsche wheels on a narrowed beam on
Christians splitty.

This slightly later split screen followed Christian
into the Squirrel car park. I don't know who this
belongs to, but I did like it.

I do like split screens with a pop top, and this
one looked great in it's single colour with
contrasting bumpers.

This really was a nice looking bus, it's a shame
it's it still mid winter and so dark outside as I
would have liked to have taken more photo's
of this bus.
After I had been outside to take the photo's, it
was time to go back inside the pub and sit by the
fire with a drink. Looking out through the pub
window, Jonny's Beetle made a nice view.

So that was the January monthly meet of The
Wolfsburg Weed Huggers. Overall a good night
once we had warmed up next to the fire in the pub.
There were a lot more Weed Hugger members
at the meet most some had come along in their
daily drivers as the air-cooled rides were probably
tucked away in their garages, to keep out of the
horrible British weather.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Outcast VW Club monthly meet.

The Outcast VW Club is a small Volkswagen orientated club based in Aylesbury in the county of Buckinghamshire. We normally meet at The Charter Pub on the Bicester Road, in Aylesbury on the first Thursday of each month, however this month the first Thursday was New Years day and we thought that due to the New Year celebrations there could be quite a few people with sore heads, so we decided to put the club meet back a week.
Kevin and Sam came to the club meet in Kevin's
Trial Beetle. Kevin and Sam are father and son
who are both into Trialling their Beetles.

This weekend the pair are off to Devon to a
trial which I think starts at 05.00am on Saturday
and finishes sometime on Sunday, good luck

Dave and Angela came along in their daughter
Louise's beige Beetle, named 'Brum'. This bug
has just had some serious cosmetic work
carried out including a whole new dashboard
and new seats being fitted.

This really is a nice looking Beetle.

Not a very good photo of the new dash due to
the steering lock having been fitted. Dave was
saying that all the switches now work as they
should and even the heater works.

The new high back seats with headrests that
Dave purchased for Louise. The new dash
and new seats along with getting the heating
working was a surprise for Louise, and I'm
told she loves the new look 'Brum'

My 1969 bay window looking a bit tired under
the car park lights of The Charter Pub.

I intend to get my bus painted this year, when
the Oil Droppers workshop find the time. I am
going to keep the original colour scheme of
Delta Green (L610) and Cloud White (L581)
I'm even going to paint the bumpers.. !!

Simon and Amanda popped down in Amanda's
Golf. Simon's T4 had a slight accident earlier
in the day so it was off the road.

The infamous 'kiss arse' number plate on
Amanda's Golf.

I was told not to mention Amanda's parking...
I not sure why, she's almost in the parking

Kevin came down to the club meet in 'The
Grinch' his long wheelbase T4.

This picture is a first for me, I have never seen
Kevin's T4 other than immaculate, so the state
of this rear end is shocking, I never thought I'd
see the day...

Stuart and Tim came to our monthly meet in
Stuart's 1971 red oxide bay window with the
hand painted chequered front.

Stuart owns and runs Oil Droppers workshop
and will be painting my bus later in the year,
and they carried out all the work on Louise's

Pete came along in his 1994 Caddy. I saw a
message on face book saying that Pete may
be moving away so won't be able to come to
our club meets, that's a shame as Pete is a
very likable and popular guy.

Not sure if this is Pete's workhorse or just his
daily driver, but those wheels could do with
some attention Pete.

We had a new vehicle and owner come down
tonight, the owner is a guy called Andy (I think)
and his ride is a 1970 Beetle, or what's left of
it, as this Beetle has had some serious body

A very blurred and fuzzy picture of Andy's bug.

The deck lid was trick, with it looking like it had
been peeled back.

There are far too many body modifications to
note them all here, but as Andy has just moved
to the outskirts of Aylesbury, hopefully he and
his wife will come down again and give the me
the chance to photograph more of his car to show

So that was the January monthly meet of the
Outcast VW Club. We meet on the first Thursday
of each month at The Charter Pub in Aylesbury,
HP19 8BE from 7.00pm onwards. We are an
informal friendly club and welcome all VW
owners whether air cooled or water cooled.
So now you know where and when we meet,
we'll see you next month, right?