Saturday, 22 October 2016

Chearsley Classic Car Show 2016 (part 1 of 2)

This weeks blog is all about the Chearsley Village Classic and Vintage Fun Day, which is held around the cricket pitch in the picturesque Buckinghamshire village of Chearsley, which is nestled between Thame in Oxfordshire and Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. This fantastic show is only about 5 miles from my hometown and one which I attend every year. The proceeds from this show go towards the development of the village club to benefit all the villagers, from the young to the old. There is always plenty to do and see at this show including: classic cars and vehicles, live music, entertainment for the younger children, arts and crafts stalls, refreshments and a bar, and even a fly by from a WW2 spitfire. If you read last weeks blog you'll know that I attended the Blackthorn show with Matthew in his lovely 1969 early bay Campmobile, well this week I again met up with Matthew and Caroline to attend this show. This was their first time at this show, and I think they enjoyed themselves. 
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This year the organisers had all the VW buses
parked up together, which was nice as normally
we are all scattered around the cricket pitch.
Here CJ's red late bay, my bus and Matthew's
Westy are all parked together in the sunshine.
(photo courtesy of CJ)

It was an excellent turn out of Volkswagen's
at this years show with about 7 buses and
a few beetles.That is much more than previous 

years, so let's hope we can get even more at 
next years show.

My 1969 Microbus and Matthew's blue SO67
Campmobile enjoying the sunshine. As we have
sequential number plates this is how we should
park, with me always on the left... a bit like Ant
& Dec so our number plates are numerical.

A better look at Matt's cool looking Westy. I
do like the colour combination on this bus, but
Matthew has big plans for his bus including a
full respray over the winter. It's still going to
be blue and white just a slightly different shade
of blue which should look gorgeous.

Matthew's bus is still quite straight considering
it's age. I do like those Radar (I think) wheels
that really add some bling to his bus. 

This is Matthew's latest purchase for his bus,
a swamp cooler, which is basically an air
conditioning unit. These are quite rare and
quite expensive but sometimes you just have to
have that something special regardless.

This lovely yellow and white high top T25 started
like as a transporter that was used as a bread van.
In 1995 the old bread van was converted in a
camper and the high top roof was added. The old
1600cc diesel engine was also changed for an
1800cc motor from a Scirocco.

The present owners purchased the bus in 1997
and has been in constant use as a second car
and of course holiday accommodation. This really
was a nice clean bus.

My 1969 VW Microbus parked up at the
Chearsley classic car show. This is an event
I have attended for the past few years and it
seems to get better and better every year.

This stunning let black Standard 10 looked great.
This car really was like new. This one, circa 1959
was super straight as the reflection along the body

The Standard 10 had a 948cc engine that gave
a top speed of around 69 MPH and a 0 - 60 time
of around 40 seconds.!

This 1938 Morris 8 2 seater pre series looked
fantastic in its red and black coach work. This
is true British craftsman's ship at its best. 

This 2 seater sports car had a 4 cylinder 918cc
side valve engine that produced a whopping 8
horsepower, and also featured a 3 speed box.
A top speed of 58 MPH is the best you could
expect from the little car and a 0 - 60 time of, 

well I think its measured in minutes rather than 
seconds. The disappointing performance doesn't
in any way detract from this cars desirability. 

A good friend of mine, Kevin drove his MK2
Golf to the show to enter it into the 'For Sale'
section. Kevin's Golf is the GTI 8V model and
is totally immaculate. 

Kevin's gorgeous MK2 has 10 months M.O.T.
and has many new parts including, NSR brake
calliper, brake master cylinder, plugs, leads,
rotor arm, and exhaust to name but a few. The
paintwork is almost perfect.
Inside the MK2 the interior is pretty much
standard. Secretly Kevin doesn't want to sell
this much loved family member, but if you a spare
£3750 I'm sure Kevin could be persuaded to
part with his
 classic Volkswagen. 

This bright yellow Lancia Stratos certainly drew
some attention. Judging by the registration
number I'm guessing this is a kit car, but that
doesn't matter one bit, as this really is a cool car. 

Lancia produced the Stratos from 1973 - 1978
as a replacement for the ageing Fulvia for use in
rally sports. In fact the Stratos won the world
rally championship in 1974 / 75 and 1976. 

This car did look original, even down to the '70's

This gorgeous sky blue and white 1972 bay
looked amazingly clean. This bus looked to

be virtually original and as it left the factory.
The only aftermarket addition I could see was
the chrome headlight peaks. This really was
a lovely clean example of the Volkswagen bus.

You can see just how clean this bus is from
this photo. I do like to see buses that are stock
looking as I think it's hard to improve on the
original design, yes lowered buses with after
market wheels look nice, but you can't really
beat a stock looking bus...

... having said that, this 1976 late bay belongs
to mate of mine, CJ, and it's anything but stock
and looks absolutely stunning. This is what I
would call a show winning bus, everything is

CJ's bay is so clean and straight as this photo
clearly shows. The polished Empi 5 spoke 

wheels suit the buses overall look as do the
 small touches such as the chrome petrol cap.

The interior of this bus is just as clean and tidy
as the outside. The dash had been painted,
it has an aftermarket wood rimmed steering
wheel and lush door cards / seats.

Inside the engine bay the motor is as clean
as the bodywork. I do like the fire suppression
system CJ has, and it's something I keep
thinking about installing in my microbus just
to be on the safe side.

Another Volkswagen at the Chearsley show was
this gorgeous beige 1970 beetle. This was
another vehicle that looked like new. The finish
on the old bug was amazing.

You can see just how clean this car was from
this photo. The body work was arrow straight
and the paint was flawless. I did like the choice
of wheels on the car, they suit the overall look. 

 This 1964 MK1 Ford Lotus Cortina is another
 true British classic car. These were built from
1963 - 1966 by Ford in collaboration with Lotus.
The engine was a 1557cc straight 4 with twin

All the factory built cars were painted in the
same colour scheme, white with a green stripe,
However Ford did produce a few for racing with
a red stripe. The Lotus badge on the rear wing
can clearly be seen. 

The unmistakable rear light clusters of the MK1
Cortina that were loosely based on the American
cars of the time, the same applies to the flattened
tail fins. 

Open the bonnet of this old Ford and you are
greeted by the Lotus 1557cc twin overhead
cam engine. The engine bay was as clean
as the rest of this gorgeous car.

A fantastic display of classic cars from all years
is always guaranteed at the Chearsley classic
car show.

The owner of this stunning MK3 Triumph
Spitfire had the one piece front on his car open
and I'm glad he did as it gave me a chance to
have a good at the 1296cc engine and the
independent suspension. This car even under
the bonnet was immaculate. The amount of time
it must take to get an old classic looking this 
good must be incredible.

A better look at the MK3 Spitfire. These 2
seater sports cars have a lovely shape and with
those gorgeous chrome wire wheels this car
looks stunning.

This lovely bright red Sunbeam Alpine looked
great parked up. The Alpine was produced 
by the Rootes group from 1958 - 1968 and it
had the 1592cc engine that gave this car a top
speed of 98 MPH and a 0 - 60 time of a mere
13 seconds, which isn't bad even for today!

I believe this car had twin fuel tanks in the rear
fins to make the boot bigger for the storage of
the roof. The Sunbeam Alpine was the car that
Sean Connery drove in the James Bond film
 'Doctor No' around the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. 

The timeless design of the Sunbeam interior,
with its dashboard full of gauges and that big
spoked steering wheel. This beautiful car would
have cost around £1000 ($1200) when new.

This gorgeous British racing green Triumph 
TR2 looked amazing. The TR2 was produced
by the Standard Motor Company from 1953 -
1955. The TR2 had a 1991cc engine with a
3 speed gearbox.

This 2 seater sports car could reach a top speed
of around 105 MPH and an impressive 0 - 60
time of 11.5 seconds. According to the DVLA
there are less than 400 TR2's licensed in the
U.K at the moment.

What a lovely place to sit as you drive around
the British countryside in this true British classic.

That was the first part of a 2 part review on this
great show. Next week will be the second and
final instalment, where you will be able to see,
plenty more great British classic cars, a few

more Volkswagen campers, plenty of scooters
and two stroke motorcycles and my attempt of
photographing the WW2 Spitfire that did a few fly
pasts to open the show. So be sure to come back
next Saturday.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Blackthorn Classic Car Show (part 2 of 2)

This weeks blog is a 2 part review all about the 2nd annual Blackthorn Classic Car Show. Good friends of mine Caroline and Matthew asked me last year if I fancied a drive to a new local classic car show that just happened to be in the next village to where they live. I of course said 'yes sure', so I met them at their house and after Caroline had made us breakfast we headed about a mile down the road to the next village and the classic car show. Last year there was just over 200 classic cars, motorcycles, tractors, American, military and commercial vehicles on display with around 1300 visitors on the day. After the success of last year the overriding opinion was this just has to be an annual show, so it now has become an annual show. This years show was held on Sunday 4th September at Westbury Farm, Lower Road, Blackthorn. OX25 1TG from 11.00am - 5.00pm. The number of registered entrants this year was closer to 300, that's almost 100 more than the previous year, and of course you'll always get those who don't register but turn up anyway. Once again I arranged to meet Caroline and Matthew at their house, and once again Caroline was very generous with the breakfast roll and the tea before we left so many thanks again to Caroline. After we had breakfast Matthew and I drove the short distance to the show, and as we had both pre-entered we just drove straight in and parked up. (that was after Matthew upset the parking attendant by going the wrong way down the rows of show vehicles.!) Once parked up, Matthew and I started to look around this great little show. The review continues as Matthew and I wander around looking at al the cool classic vehicles.
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This immaculate 1970 Herbie lookalike followed
Matthew and I into the show and consequently
parked next to us. This bug really was straight
and clean.

You can see just how clean this old bug really is
from this photo. Matthew and I had a chat to the
owner who said it had been restored at some
point and that the car got used as much as
possible, which is how it should be.

The brilliant white painted steel wheels with domed
chrome hubcaps looked as clean as the rest of
the car and gave off a perfect reflection of the
AC Cobra parked next to this lovely bug.

Another white beetle at the show was this stock
looking 1969 bug. This 1200cc beauty was just
like new and could have just driven out of the

The only aftermarket items I could see on this
old bug was the twin rear fog lights, which although
were not standard, suited the overall look well.

The Ford Anglia 105Eis a car close to my heart 
as this was my first ever car. This one was an early
1960's model and was immaculate and looked 
fantastic in it's dark blue paint. I did like those 
aftermarket polished wheels that really suited this 
old Ford. Just look at that reflection in that bonnet
 it's just amazing.

The unmistakable shape of the Anglia's slanted
rear screen. Ford produced the Anglia (this shape)
from 1959 - 1967 and they had the 997cc engine. 

Another classic beetle at the show was this lovely
1971 Scarlet red bug. In 1971 the old 1500cc
engine was replaced with a bigger 1600cc unit
that produced 60HP.

Another design change for the '71 model was
the introduction of the crescent shaped air vents
behind the rear quarter window. This lovely old
bug really was a nice looking car.

The motor looked to be standard, which I always
think is best. The engine bay was as you would
expect as clean as the outside.

Another Beetle at the Blackthorn classic car
show was this street race looking dark blue
1967 bug. The low stance with the flared wings
gives the car an aggressive look.

Under the bonnet was a custom built polished
roll cage and alloy fuel tank.

The rear end had been widened and smoothed
out. You can't help but notice that huge whale
tail spoiler but all these body mods are there
for a reason, this bug has a big Porsche motor
tucked into the engine bay.

This is another car I used to have many years
 ago as a young kid. It's a 1970 MK2 Ford 
Cortina 1600E. I can't remember what year my
old 'Tina' was but I remember it wasn't anywhere
as clean as this beautiful example.

The MK2's were produced from 1966 - 1970.
The MK2 Cortina was Britain's most popular
car in 1967. If only I had kept my old Tina it
would be worth a fortune now.

The 1600E was a higher trim version of the
standard Cortina and featured burr walnut
wood grain trimmed dashboard and door caps.

This stunning 1960 corvette C1. This Roman
red and white car was brought over from the 
USA by it's  American owner in 1995. In 1998
 it had a body off restoration which is easy to
see as it was totally immaculate. 

This 'Vette' has the small block V8 motor, and 
a 4 speed manual transmission. I love the small
details on the car, like how the twin exhausts
exit from the corners of the chrome bumper. 

Pure late 1950's - early 1960's American car
 design at it's best. How cool does this interior 

There was so much variety on show at this 
great classic car show. Here a 1967 Mustang
 is parked next to a 1961 Porsche 356SC.

This stunning white '67 hardtop Mustang was
in amazing condition. I think this body style
has to my favourite shape for the Mustang, it's
just a classic shape that doesn't seem to age.

You can see just how nice the body shape is
from this angle. I do like those triple tail lights
and the chrome bumper with the upturned
ends. I also liked the fact that this old '67 was
running on stock wheels with white wall tyres
and not some fancy aftermarket chrome rims.

This lovely silver Porsche 356 SC looked
amazing and totally immaculate. These 356's
were produced from 1964 -1965. The twin
blue stripes over the body and the lack of front
bumper gave this old Porsche a race look.

 The 356 had 1.6 air cooled engine that had
originally been designed for the VW beetle.
I do like those chrome steel wheels, in fact
they are the same as I have on my bus!

I spotted this lovely looking 1985 grey T25
parked up and just had to go and have a look.
I do like the T25 especially when they are this
clean and tidy. The tinted rear windows looked
great against the grey paint, and the high ride
height helped this bus to stand out.

You can see just how straight and clean this
lovely bus was from this photo. I did like the
aftermarket wheels which suited the overall
look of this bus.

This weird and wacky road legal speed boat
looked fantastic as it drove into the show field.
I assume it is built on a Reliant chassis or
something similar that has three wheels.

The boat was named Clockwork Orange and 
painted (obviously) in bright orange, just to 
make sure you don't miss it as it drives past 
you on the road.!

Complete with spare wheel and life buoy this
car / boat really did look like good fun.

I didn't recognise the dashboard but it still looks
like a boat on the inside. I wonder what the local
police think of this creation. Like it or hate it, you
have to admit it's a great piece of engineering.

This lovely 1933/34 Ford sedan hot rod
 arrived at the show and immediately drew 
plenty of attention. This gorgeous car may have
been a replica, but it was too well built to tell.

The 33/34 looked completely different from its
predecessor the 32 Ford. It was longer and 
wider with a more sleek look. The grille was
wider and pointed and rounded and skirted

This subtle hot rod really was nice. The choice
of colour was perfect, and the tinted windows
were a nice touch. I did like the chrome wheels
that set the paint colour off nicely.

This gorgeous red 1968 Ford Shelby Mustang 
GT500 looked amazing and had obviously had
a restoration at some point. The Shelby Mustang
was made from 1965 - 1968 by Shelby and from
1969 - 1970 by Ford. The GT500 had the 428
cubic inch (7.0L) V8 engine with a 4 speed
manual gearbox.

This lovely 2 door fastback really was just like
it had driven out of the factory in Los Angeles.
The body and paint were both flawless and it
was nice to see the GT500 decals along the
bottom of the body as per the original spec.

So that was my brief 2 part review on the great
classic car show. There were hundreds of
vehicles that I just couldn't include in my blog
reviews due to space. This really is a great
show for all the family with plenty to do and see.
A huge thanks once again to Caroline and
Matthew for the hospitality and company, I
for one had a great day. Next weeks blog
is about another local classic car show that
both Caroline and Matthew attended with me
so be sure to come back next Saturday.