Saturday, 23 May 2015

Outcast VW Club monthly meet.

This week's blog entry is all about the Outcast VW Club which is a Volkswagen club based in Aylesbury, Bucks for owners of both air-cooled and water cooled Volkswagen's. The club hold a monthly meet on the first Thursday of each month come rain or shine, throughout the year at The Charter Public House, Rimmington Way, off the A41 Bicester Road in Aylesbury, Bucks, HP19 8AW. The idea behind this free to join club was to have somewhere to meet with fellow Volkswagen enthusiasts on a monthly basis, and also somewhere to seek or give advise on technical issues, ideas on how to do things and of course to have a look at all the various Volkswagen's that you have seen driving around the Vale of Aylesbury. Owners of any type of Volkswagen's are welcome, just come down in your pride and joy and join in, where a warm welcome is guaranteed. We do organise drive outs and cruises to various shows and event's but don't worry there is no obligation to join in if you don't want to.
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The Outcast VW club meet from 7pm on the first
Thursday of each month. I only live about 1.5
miles from the Charter Pub, so I was the first
to arrive in my 1969 microbus. The pub car park

has ample space for our club meet.

By the time I had got a soft drink from the bar
and returned outside, three other club members
had arrived in their buses.

Stuart came along to the club meet in his very
distinctive 1971 early bay. Stuart owns and runs 
'Oil Droppers' an air cooled Volkswagen repair 
and restoration shop just outside Aylesbury.

Stuart's red oxide painted bay is running a hot
1671cc engine with a home built turbo system.

To keep an eye on what's going on with the
engine and the turbo, Stuart has a rev counter
with shift light and boost gauge for the turbo
mounted on top of his dashboard.

Claude arrived at the Outcast meet in his 1960 
split screen kombi that has been lowered and
has a narrowed beam with disc brakes.

Claude's 'Tesoro' bus is running a 1641cc motor
with a Scat C35 cam with twin Dellorto carbs.

My 1969 VW Microbus parked up at the Charter
Pub with it's new 'Route67' sticker on the front
screen. This is a charity event I am taking part
in, a trip from John O'Groats to Lands End in
a convoy of Volkswagen's (mostly air cooled)
to raise money for the charity 'Crisis'. 

The event is taking place in July, so I think a full
service is due before the adventure. From John

O Groats to Lands End it's 1008 miles, but I shall
join the convoy near Bristol, so I'm only looking at
about 300 miles to Lands End, then about 400
miles to get back home. Check out the Route67
website for more info:

Dave and Angela came along in their lovely
1967 Split Screen. Dave and Angela have
travelled all over Europe in this bus which is
a testament to it's reliability.

Dave is running a strong 1955cc motor, with all
the internal goodies. This bus really does go as 
well as it looks.

A new visitor to the Outcast VW Club was this
lovely looking green T4. This bus was so clean
it put most of us to shame. My apologies but I
cannot remember the owners name.. Doh!

The contrasting cream coloured wheels are
actually from a Land Rover but they look so

good on this T4. This really is a nice looking
bus that we hope to see again at our club
meet in the near future.

The club line up quite early in the evening, it
doesn't matter whether you own an air-cooled
or water cooled Volkswagen, you'll be more
than welcome at the Outcast clubs monthly
meet at the Charter Pub.

It doesn't matter how you get to our club meet...
The owner of this Sierra Yellow panel van had
just purchased it and had taken it to the car wash
which is down the road from our club meet. Driving
past he noticed all our Volkswagen's so turned
around and came to visit us. He had bought it
for a very good price and was thinking about
breaking it for spares as the body / chassis were
very rotten. It turned out that the owner has a lovely
bay window and lives locally so hopefully, we'll
see another new club member soon.

Gary came over from the neighbouring county
of Bedfordshire in his gorgeous 1971 early
bay. I believe this is Gary's daily driver as well
as his weekend camping vehicle with his
partner Maria and their dog Frankie.

Gary was in discussions with the owner of the
late bay on the trailer regarding the Empi 5
spoke wheels, which Gary thought would look
good on his cross over bay.

Kerry and Becky made an appearance at the
club meet in Kerry's 1979 late bay which is also
 painted in Sierra Yellow. Kerry has a new colour
matched chequered bra fitted to protect the
front from stone chips and general road kill.

A slightly blurred photo of Kerry's bus, but even
in a blurred photo you can see how immaculate
this bus is.

Kerry's late bay next to Gary's cross over bay,
the variety of vehicles at the Outcast meet is
always varied.

Kevin came along in his lovely 2002 T4, Kevin
did pre warn me that his normally immaculate 
bus was somewhat dirty with general road grime,
but at least it shows this bus does get used.

Kevin's bus is a long wheelbase, twin sliding
door model finished is an off white over green.
The custom side step and tinted windows help
to make this bus stand out.

Even covered in dirt this bus still looks good.
The 4 tip exhaust and the custom badge on the
tailgate help to make this bus unique as does...

... The buses name, 'The Grinch' hand painted
onto the tailgate which Kevin had done recently.

The club line up is starting to fill out, the white
Beemer belongs to the owner of the trailered

bay window, who's name I have also forgotten,
Sorry, .... It must be an age thing.!

The warm evenings mean it doesn't get dark
until about 9.00pm which always increases the
number of vehicles attending the club meet.

There is nothing better than a car park full of
the Outcast VW Club's owners Volkswagen's. 

Late comer Sam and his partner Amy, arrived 
in Sam's 1970 off road beetle, with the newly
painted green wheels. Sam and his dad have
at least 4 red Volkswagen's between them
and they all have had their wheels painted in
this fluorescent green paint, it must have been
a job lot they purchased in the sale.!

Sam's very distinctive beetle. I recently wrote a
blog review on Sam and Kevin's off road trialling
exploits, if you missed that blog entry check out
'My Blog Archive' to the left of this page.

Sam's beetle sandwiched between two buses.
A nice variety of vehicles, and all of varying
styles always make for a good club meet.

Sam's work colleague came down for the first
time in his immaculate MK1 Golf Convertible.
This 1990 model finished in a stunning white
looked amazing and it looked all original.

This soft top Golf was super straight and super
clean. The hood looked as though it was new.

The side profile of this classic 1990's car. These
cars in this condition are getting hard to find.

The immaculate white paint looked amazing,
and the reflection from the super straight body
panels was almost perfect .

The club line up from the right...

The club line up in the middle...

And the club line up to the left. A great effort by
all the club members who attended this month
to make the variety of vehicles so varied.

That was the The Outcast VW Club's monthly

meet for May. Overall a very enjoyable evening
with some cool Volkswagen's and some even
cooler people. If you own a Volkswagen, and if
you can get down to the Charter Pub on the first
Thursday of the month, we'd love to have you
come and join us, what have you got to loose?

Saturday, 16 May 2015

The Cow Roast Inn, Tring - VW Meet

Earlier this year I was asked if I could help to 'spread the word' about a new monthly meet for both air-cooled and water cooled Volkswagen's that was being held at The Cow Roast Inn, London Road, in Tring, Hertfordshire, HP23 6JL on the first Sunday of each month from 1pm onwards. As the venue for this new monthly meet is only about 9 miles from my hometown I said I would love to help out by advertising the meet on numerous Volkswagen themed face book groups that I have joined, and of course by attending the meeting. Starting a new monthly meet was always going to be difficult, because if you plan the meet for a week night, you'll get the 'I don't get home from work in time' or if you plan it at the weekend you'll get 'weekends are for gardening, housework and the family etc'  but not being deterred, I and another mate duly spread the word as best we could. The weather here in the U.K. is another major factor to bear in mind when planning a Volkswagen meet as any sign of bad weather and they'll stay away. The forecast for the Sunday was sunshine but with some heavy showers, but I hoped the weather forecasters would be wrong and that we would get plenty of sunshine without any showers.
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Lisa and Joe, and Lisa's sister Amanda (I think)
 came over from Potters Bar in Hertfordshire in
their 1972 late bay window named 'Buttercup'

which they have only owned since October or 
November last year.

Buttercup is Lisa's 'mid life crisis' which are
 Lisa's own words not mine! but why not have
a campervan in a crisis, at least you can pull
over, have a brew and relax in comfort.! so
it sounds perfectly natural to me. The custom
chrome grill was a present to Lisa and gives
Buttercup a nice and shiny unique front end.

This late bay was really clean and straight, and
the colour (when the sun came out) was just
so bright. Lisa and Joe are finding out that
although yellow is a lovely colour, it does
attract the bugs on the front of this lovely bus.

My 1969 Microbus, washed and polished (!)
and looking good in the sunshine at The Cow
Roast Inn public house.

My 1969 early bay parked up next to Lisa and 
Joe's 1972 late bay.

Another yellow and white late bay also arrived
at the Cow Roast. This lovely bus belonged
to Dennis and Lynn who came along from
their hometown of Hemel Hempstead.
Dennis and Lynn have only recently purchased
the bus and are still finding out all its quirky
little features.

Again this was another very clean and tidy bus
that the new owners seemed pleased with.
They were saying that they owned a Comma
bus many years ago and now the children
have grown up, it seemed a natural progression
onto a Volkswagen camper van.

Sarah and Gareth came along from St. Albans
to the VW meet in their gorgeous 1967 split
screen, named Tigi.This really is a lovely looking 
bus that they hire out for weddings when they are 
not off camping somewhere (which they do quite
frequently) If you fancy having Tigi part of your
big day check out the Tigi facebook page:

This lovely splitty was immaculate, the body was
nice and straight and painted in a gorgeous two
tone Ivory over Bahama blue. This lovely bus
was actually featured in Volkswagen Camper &
Commercial magazine last month. Sarah and
Gareth have a 3 week camping trip planned
which includes 2 weeks touring France in
Tigi, have fun guy's..

The interior of Sarah's gorgeous split screen.
I'm sure Sarah would have opened the door
for me so I could have taken a better photo
if I had just waited until she got back and 
asked her... Doh!

Dan and his partner Pam and their dog came 
along in their lovely 1988 high top T25. This was 
a cool looking bus, and with that high top there 
was just so much room inside it was incredible, 
it must be luxury to have that much space inside.

Josh and his partner, and their dog came along
in his newly acquired 1961 split screen crew

cab pick up. Josh is a member of the House
of Dub VW club based near Leighton Buzzard.

This crew cab is originally from Peru, before
it moved to the sunny west coast of the U.S.A.
there it was used for a number of years by
'Spikes Surf Shack' at Huntington Beach
before being imported to the U.K. The sign
writing on the sides of the crew cab have now
gone but this is still one seriously cool ride.

Speaking to Josh, he was saying that the motor
is an 1841cc, or very close to this cc. It has an
IRS rear suspension and has been lowered all
round. It has also benefited from having an up-
graded 12 volt electrical system fitted.

This lovely bus also has safari screens fitted
which is nice when, (or if) the sun shines here
in the U.K. Since owning the crew cab, Josh
has replaced all the locks and fitted a fire
suppression system. Future plans include a
split charging system to power ancillaries, fit
truck style mirrors and replace all the window
and door rubbers. Looks like Josh will be busy
over the coming months.

Just a few of the air-cooled VW's that attended
the inaugural Volkswagen event held at The

Cow Roast Inn, near Tring in Bucks.

A photo showing a blue sky and the shadows 
from the glorious spring sunshine. This was
taken just after we had had thunder, lightning

and hailstones, but even that didn't dampen
our spirits... just our buses and the car park.

So that was the first Cow Roast VW meeting. I
have been to a lot of VW shows, big and small,
and it's not about how big the meet is, it's all
about the people. This meet was the friendliest
meet I have attended for many years. Apart from
Josh, I didn't know anyone at the meet but after 
only 30 minutes all the owners were chatting to 
each other as though we had known each other
 for years. It really was a pleasant surprise, and 
how a VW meet should be.! Thank you guy's.
I for one enjoyed myself.