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WBC Milton Keynes Division Fun Day 2018 (part 1 of 2)

This weeks blog is a two part review all about the Wolfsburg Bus Crew's 'Milton Keynes and surrounding area's' branch meet up at Irchester Country Park, in Northamptonshire on 22nd April 2018. Unless you've been living under a stone for the last couple of years you must have heard of the Wolfsburg Bus Crew. The WBC started by Rich Coxhill as a London based VW club for local Split, bay and T25 owners, but the WBC now has a midland branch and also a Milton Keynes and surrounding area's branch. Milton Keynes WBC members James and Ken organised the whole fun day and I have to say what a fantastic day it was. The last minute change of venue was probably for the best as the country park is an ideal location for a Volkswagen meet. Both Ken and James put a lot of hard work in to organise the event, advertise it, generate interest and find a new location at short notice due to the original location being flooded! Ken and his good wife provided bacon rolls and cups of tea to all WBC members which I can vouch for were both very nice!! I arrived quite early with my two dogs and as the sun was shining the constant flow of cool Volkswagen buses kept arriving with a total of 21 buses arriving in total.

This stunning 1978 Westfalia Berlin is the pride 
and joy of Julie who has owned this gorgeous
bus for about a year or so. This bus really is so 
clean and tidy.

Julie has christened her bus 'Jolene' and it has
a 2.0 type 4 engine with an automatic gearbox.
Julie has recently added those lovely retro curtains
which happen to be the same as mine, and they
suit Jolene perfectly. Julie and her partner use the
bus as much as possible to go camping.

My velvet green 1969 Microbus looking nice and
shiny in the sunshine. The exterior has had a new
coat of paint since coming over from Sacramento
back around 2010. The wheels and the engine are
still the same and I have no plans to change either.

When it came over from the U.S. the green only
went up to the belt line, but I'm glad I decided to
have the green up to the gutters as I think it looks
so much better.

Ken, (who along with James organised this
event) owns this RATTY '64 imported 11 window
bus that was originally used to carry parishioners
to church on a Sunday.

Gone are the rows of seats in Ken's bus, who he's
named 'The Moses Bus' for obvious reasons. Now
there is a bright jazzy interior with cartoon strip
covered panels and a rock and roll bed.

This is the fantastic trophy that was made by
Richard Homewood of 'N2 Engineering' for the 

winner of best vehicle on the day as voted for by 
all the WBC members that attended this great 
day out.

James and his family was there in his stunning
1958 LHD ex-Swiss Army radio communication
bus. This gorgeous bus has been resprayed in
the anniversary Ducati red with hand painted
Ducati decals on the doors, why Ducati red? it's
because all the original radio equipment in the
bus was made by Ducati.

The 'Duke' as it's been christened not only looks
great, it also goes and stops pretty well thanks
to a 1776cc engine with electronic ignition, deep
sump, external oil filter and genuine Webber 44
idf carbs. The Duke also has Porsche 944 disc
brakes all round.

This awesome looking imported '68 looked good
with it's slammed stance and the real patina the
bus got whilst in North Carolina. Jai is the lucky
owner who has just finished a restoration on his
bus, it's nice to see he has left the original patina'd

paint and not re-sprayed it.

Jai's bus has a 1776cc engine which pushes
the bus along nicely. It's low stance is thanks to
the chassis having been notched and has a 2"
narrowed beam from Creative Engineering.
Jai was on on honeymoon last week having just
got married in the bus, which they intend to keep
in the family for many years (and adventures) to
come. Congratulations to both of you.

Nichola and Spencer are the proud owners of
this stunning 1972 Danbury. Both Nichola and
Spencer have always been into the Beetle, but
about a year ago they bought 'Molly Mabel' and
have never looked back.

The interior of Molly Mabel really is very nice, I
do like that fold down buddy seat. 

Molly Mabel has a 1500cc single port engine,
which after driving their 1600cc twin port beetle
seems pretty slow but that doesn't stop either of
the getting the bus out for any occasion, even
it's just to pop to the shops.

This beast of a van belongs to Graham, it may
look like a normal sign written split screen van
but Graham's van has a 3.2 Porsche Carrera
sport engine with a 5 speed gearbox. The rear
beam is also from  Porsche. 

The van also has Porsche 911 disc brakes and
twin 8" remote servo dual circuit brakes. With all
these Porsche goodies the bus is good for around
230 BHP and yes it sounds awesome.

This lovely 1978 Beryl green and white Westfalia 
belongs to Alistair who is relatively new to the bus 
scene, in fact this is his first bus, and what a lovely 
bus it is. 

The bus was imported from the sunny state of
California back in 2015 and since then it has had
a full back to metal respray. Alistair has also
lowered the bus by 2" and added a lovely set of
alloy wheels.

This lovely 1988 T25 belongs to Pete who turned
up with Alistair. This cool bus is a 1.6 turbo diesel
Pete has owned his bus for a number of years
and still has a few changes in mind, one of them
being changing the low profile tyres on the 17"
rims for something with more sidewall for a more
comfortable ride. Pete and Alistair (above) are
heading off to Hockenheim later this year to watch
the German grand prix, have a great time guys.

Robin owns this lovely 'Brumos Racing' split
screen van which was so original when Robin

purchased it still had the original 5 wheels which 
probably still have the original air in them! Robin
bought the bus off the Internet without viewing it
as he wanted a walk through model so badly.

Robin's van has a 1600cc twin port motor with
 a beetle IRS and gearbox. The bus sits this low
thanks to an adjustable front beam, a raised
steering box and shortened column. Robin now
runs Porsche 356 reproduction wheels which
suit the van perfectly.

This gorgeous 69/70 Australian import single
cab is owned by Dave. This SC was brought over
to the U.K in 2017 and is Dave's daily driver,
replacing his T5. Dave bought the SC from a guy
in Cornwall, which meant Dave had over an 18 
hour drive home!!!

Dave has fitted new wheel bearings all round,
rebuilt the carb and fitted a Trafficox shifter which
Dave thinks is awesome and custom window
winders. On the way out of the Stonor Park show
last weekend, two elderly folk in a Saab said to
Dave that the SC is a 'wreck and should be
scrapped'.. there's no accounting for taste eh.!

This gorgeous '67 RHD 11 window sliding door
microbus belongs to not only a WBC member
but also a friend of mine, Susie. Susie's bus
named 'Lulu' was originally shipped from Germany
to Thailand to be a taxi for a hotel, hence the
factory fitted sliding door.

Susie's family found the bus derelict in Thailand
back in 2012, so they imported it and restored
it into what you see here. Lulu is Susie's daily
driver and she uses it regularly for camping trips
and days out.

This immaculate '64 German bus belongs to Si,
it was exported from Germany to California where
it spent the next 45 years of it's life before being
imported to the U.K.

The gorgeous interior has been re trimmed by
Kens Customs who have made an excellent
job in that brown vinyl.

Si's bus has been lowered using a notched
chassis and tubbed out with a narrowed beam
on the front. 

This lovely retro looking '68 bus was imported
from Oklahoma around four years ago, and is
owned by Luke. Those really cool retro stripes
were painted by Luke and look awesome.

This bus has been on the road for about a year
and is mostly original and makes for a great
family vehicle.

This really is such a cool looking bus. OK it's not
perfectly straight but each of the small dents tells
an interesting story and it would be a shame to
get rid of all that history.

So that was the first instalment all about the WBC
M.K. divisions meet. Next week will be the second
instalment where you can see plenty more quality
buses including probably the best looking split 
screen single cab I've seen, so be sure to come
back next Saturday.

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