Thursday, 27 June 2013

House of Dub VW Club monthly meet, June.

The House of Dub VW club hold their monthly meet at the Globe Inn, a picturesque pub situated next to the Grand Union Canal in the rural village of Linslade, in Bedfordshire. We have had a few of the House of Dub club members attend our (Outcast VW Club) monthly club meets recently so I thought it would be nice to see if we could get a few of us to cruise the 10 miles or so over to their meet, to show our support.

A few of the outcast members at our usual
meeting place ready for the cruise over to
The House of Dub. The red beetle belongs
to Elliott, who is a H.O.D. member, but came
to Aylesbury just to join the cruise back to
the House of Dub.!

Access to the  Globe Inn is via a small single
track road, which goes over the Grand Union
canel and then you have to drive down the
towpath.. it's not for the faint hearted. 

Kevin was part of our convoy in his green
and cream T4. This is such a nice looking

This is ideal for Kevin and his family to enjoy
the odd day out here and there and even if
they choose to stay over somewhere.

Kevin proudly displays the HOD logo in his

Elliott was also part of our convoy in his super
clean cherry red beetle. This is one of those
cars that always looks so clean.

Great reflections in the deep gloss paint.

A new addition was this single yellow spot
light. This really does set the front off of his
1970 beetle nicely.

Steve and Pauline came over to the HOD for
the first time in their surfer / skater style bug.
Hope you both enjoyed your first visit to the
club meet, and hopefully we'll see you both
again soon.

Loving the surfboards on the roofrack. I'd
like something like that for my bus.

Richard was at the meeting quite early in his
very low, bright red Polo.

This is so low, it must be quite a challenge
to get down the single track road to the pub.

Dan and Simon came along in their equally
low Golf.

This early rat looking rag top beetle belongs
to Steve, and I think I'm right in saying that is
was once the cover car on a VW mag. I just
love those semaphore indicators.

OK, it's a bit ratty looking but that, I think, just
add's to its cool look.

Spike came along in the House of Dub work-
horse vehicle, an army green VW passat which
is of course, lowered.

Andrew came along in his super cool buggy,
which is very loud.

If you look closley at the roll bar you can see
a bracket for a video camera. Andrew made
a short video of his journey to the club meet.
Check out Andrews mini road trip on you tube:


Zoe was there of course in 'Donkey' her '67
two tone beetle.

Such a lovely looking car. Zoe was saying
she was thinking of giving 'Donkey' a full
resto. I can understand why, so it will last
another 46 years, but it just looks so cool
as it is.

Small hand painted touches like this make
 this car, what it is.

A regular at the club meets now is Phil and
his son, Nathan. They came in Phil's lovely
looking beetle named 'Buzz Box'

Nice photo showing how straight Phil's bug
really is. This also has a factory fitted steel

A new face to the meet was Alan, in his super
cool looking early bug. I just love the stance of
this beetle.

I like the colour, the US style bumpers, the
steel wheels.. in fact I like everything about this

I believe this bug requires a little work, but
what '66 bug doesn't?

Another new face to the club meet was Simone
who came in her brilliant white '72 beetle.

Another vehicle that needs some TLC from
Spike at the H.o.D but it was great to see
Simone and her beetle named 'Bea' at the
club meet. Hopefully see you there again.

Yet more new faces at the club were Deborah
and Brendan (AKA the Ampthill mob) who
after 5 years of putting it off, finally decided
to join us. So glad you did guy's.

Deborah's and Bendans '78 late bay in a sort
of sand colour with white top, with pop top and
5 spoke empi wheels.. very nice.

Mark left his bay at home and came down in
his Golf convertible, I don't blame him, it's not
often we get the sun so you have to make the
most of it when we do.!

Very clean, straight and tidy, what more
could you want.

It was definatley beetle night at the House of
Dub club meet this month.

A very good variety of vehicles made it such
a good night, along with the owners of course.

Ash came along later in the evening in his red
T4. It was nice to see Ash who can't always
make it to the club meetings.

Nice shiny front wing Ash, just the rest of the
body to go now.! (only joking mate)

Yet more new faces at the club, this time it
was John who came in his white T4. I had
a quick chat to John who said he was just in
the progress of prepping the body for a
re-spray. Hopefully next month it'll look
completely different.

Preperation is the name of the game, the
better the prep work, the better the paint

John brought his mate Matt along, in his T4.
Another work in progress vehicle, with more
prepping of the bodywork, but it's got to
look worse before it looks better. Hope to see
you both again at the HOD and the Outcast
club meets.

Matt has done a lot of body prepping on his
T4, which I'm sure will look great once it's

A regular at the club meet is Ben and his
lovely white T5. This is such a lovely bus,
which Ben has done a lot of work on.

So that was the House of Dub June monthly
meet. It was definitely Beetle themed this
month, which is great as normally they are
a bit thin on the ground. Overall a great night
with good friends, old and new.. by the way,
a personal apology to Simone and Brendan
and Deborah for not saying hello, but it was
a bit busy and I got caught up. Hopefully
see you all next month to make amends.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Wolfsburg Weed Huggers 'Lazy Day' 2013 part 2 of 2

Part 2 of my 'Lazy Day' show review continues in the show and shine field.

Gavin from 'The Paint Shop Pro's' came over
in his trusted Baja and not only does Gavin
spray a lot of the local VW owners vehicles
but he also made the trophies for the 'lazy
Day' show. Well done mate, they looked
great. Check out Gavin's Face book page:

Another mate of mine, and a Wolfsburg Weed
Hugger member, was Tom who arrived at the
show in his immaculate '66 deluxe Beetle.

This really is a nice looking bug from every

The show was billed as a 'Lazy Day' and
these guy's know just how to chill out on a
sunny Sunday afternoon.

Nice looking split screen in a dark blue over
a very pastel light blue.

This red and white split screen was totally
immaculate, keep it simple, keep it clean and
you'll stand out.

Just love the interior, again finished to a very
high standard. Not your usual camper
interior but a luxurious micro bus setup and
doesn't it look nice.

Very low, very nice late spilt screen finished
in a lovely off white colour.

Interior of this split screen looked nice, it's
interesting to see inside these splits and bay's
even if only to give you some idea's for your
own vehicles interior.

A late bay, riding at what looks like stock
height and finished in a lovely shade of blue. I
sometimes wish my bay was stock height.
(and this clean!)

A '71 bay window in a lovely dark mint green,
complete with 3 bow roof rack and the single
fog light,and slightly lowered. Very nice.

Each bay window had it's own characteristics
and this '71 was no exception. Really nice
looking early pop top bay.

Again a single colour, some shiny bright work
and a set of decent wheels is all you need to
stand out.

I don't normally like seeing 'Bra's' on bay
windows, but this green and white chequered
one looked great against the green and white
paint scheme and painted steel wheels.

Although I'm into VW's these days, my roots
are 100% hot rod. I always like to see some
American muscle cars, hot rods and custom
bikes at a show, and this '68 Ford Mustang
convertible satisfied my craving. It had the
289 cubic inch V8 motor with a 2 barrel
carb and pushing out about 200bhp.  

Another alternate vehicle was this military
based 'Land Rover'. If your thinking where
you would park something like this, my guess
is, anywhere you want.!

T25 crew cab pick up in matt black with the
'Santa Pod Raceway' livery.

Lovely period pedal car on this RAT bug. The
owner said he has to lengthen the toy car
because his young son loves it so much but he
had outgrown it

This gorgeous green and white split screen
was totally immaculate. It had a colour
matched pop top, and was full of all the right

Very clean and very straight, it takes dedication
to keep a bus this clean, so it was no surprise
that it not only won the 'Best Split Screen'
award, but also...

The overall 'best of Show' award as voted for by
the other VW entrants and the public. I have to
say it did deserve both awards. Well done. 

Gorgeous deep red early pop top bay window
with US tail light lenses that match the paint
exactly. Deluxe trim is just enough to break
the paint up.

Neil from 'The House of Dub' VW Club made
the journey from Bedfordshire to the show in
his daily driver, a very low Golf while he
rebuilds his bug.

It's nice to have what I think is an artistic photo
on my blog entry and this reflection in Neil's
window was quite artistic I thought.'The House
of Dub' import bay window buses along with
rust free parts and accessories from the sunny
state of California.
Check out their website:

The show and shine field was ample for
the vehicles to spread out, however later
in the day is was a bit different as more and
more vehicles continued to arrive.

Very nice clean beetle finished in bright red
with red perspex windows which really suit the

A whopping 2109cc type 4 motor crammed
into the back of this bug, something like this
would look so good in my '69 bay.!

Individuality is the name of the game, and this
bug had bags of it.

The twin front shock set up is purely for looks.

See through deck lid with leopard print paint,
and not forgetting the wing extension spacers.

I do like this bug, lovely solid green paint with
the single yellow spot light light and headlight

Sitting down in the weeds, with US tail light
lenses... just about perfect.

Nice clean square back finished in beige and

This was so straight and clean. Not bad for a
40ish year old car.

A lovely '72 beetle finished in a gorgeous
mid blue colour. I do like those wheels, not
sure what make they are, but they suit the
single colour paint scheme perfectly.

A nice coat of paint, a set of wheels, and
some shiny bright work is all you need to have
a gorgeous looking ride.

This rare super cool looking bright red 4 seater
Californian LWB 'GP Superbuggy' arrived later
in the day, it even had a rain cover. This is the
same model of beach buggy that featured in the
James Bond film 'For your eyes only' and you
can't get much cooler than than James Bond.

A nice looking RAT split screen, with it looks
like a slightly narrowed front end, and sitting
down in the weeds. I'm loving that stripped
awning and of course the pair of yellow spot

Inside the bus it wasn't RAT at all, it had a lovely
looking Westfalia interior, that looked very cosy.

The owner of this super clean red '79 Derby
was given the car for free, including over 30
years worth of receipts for works carried out.
The current owner has restored the Derby
using original parts, and the car has only
57,000 miles on the clock. This Derby is
believed to be only 1 of 54 remaining.

Lovely looking gold T25 with the infamous
'No worries' logo on the front and tinted rear
windows, Cool looking bus.

This immaculate mid blue square back was
'just like new'. Everything on the car was just
how it left the factory in 1970.

This was so straight an so clean, how clean
and shiny is the underside of that bonnet.

Water-cooled VW's were also welcome at
the Lazy Day, and alongside the black Golf
convertible was this awesome looking lowered

Super bright yellow bay window. The colour
scheme with colour coded wheels and tinted
windows really make this bay look sleek and

Random photo showing the fastback's,
square back's and a Karmann Ghia parked up.

If like me, you are of a certain age then you
will remember the original 'Space Hopper'
A good fun logo on this late bright orange

So that was the Wolfsburg Weed Huggers 'Lazy Day' show 2013. It was only the club's 2nd show and I have to say what a fantastic show it was. Christian Peck, and all the other Wolfsburg Weed Hugger members, and not forgetting all the other unsung helpers really did themselves proud to create such a well organised show, in which120 vehicles attended, and with around 800 foot visitors. There was a good variety of food and drink stalls, including an ice cream van, plenty for the kids to do to keep them occupied, good toilet facilities and of course The Black Horse pub providing good food and drink, so well done everyone give yourselves a pat on the back. I thoroughly recommend that you all put this show in your diary for next year.