Thursday, 6 June 2013

Outcast VW Club monthly meet

This months Outcast monthly meet was a well attended affair with the sun actually shining for only about the second time this year!.
Outcast member James, had been threatening
to bring his bay down to a club meet for a few
months now, and tonight he did... and we are
glad he did.

I don't think any of other club members
expected to see such a nice looking bay.

A late bay with a stunning orange pearl paint
job, with matching upholstery and door cards.

Having had a good look around Jame's bay,
we all agreed it was very nice bus, and very
straight and clean.

James, Tim in his T25 and I were the first to
arrive at the Charter Pub.

Late bay, early bay and a T25 enjoying the
early summer sun.

My bay actually looks like it is shining in the
evening sunshine.

Tim came down in his T25 with chocolate
brown paint with cream retro stripes.

Zoe, from The House of Dub came over in
'Donkey' her cool looking '67 beetle.

This is one of those cars that just looks better
the older it gets.

Rear pop-out windows make this bug look
so cool.

Andrew, also from the House of Dub VW club
came over in his recently rebuilt beach buggy.

Andrew has just got buggy back on the road
after an almost 2 year rebuild.

The attention to detail is amazing, this is a
really nice looking buggy.

Lovely interior for a buggy and Andrew's new
rear cover, so now he has some storage

Steve came down to the meeting in his beetle
complete with roof rack and surfboard.

Nice looking bug, I do like accessories on a

Quite early in the evening but the line up
is getting bigger.

Tim's T25, Zoe's blue beetle and Andrew's
beach buggy.

It was nice to see Maria, who came down in
her convertible Golf. Unfortunately her
partner Vince was working.

Matt came along in his blue and white '69 bay.
Just love those over-riders.

Matt's bay always looks clean, it has a nice
coat of paint, that polishes up well.

Outcast club line up is getting bigger...

Spike, from the House of Dub came over
in the company workhorse, a matt green
super low VW pass-rat.

A good line up, even though some of the
regular members couldn't make it.

Andrew leaving the club meet, this should
come with earplugs, not for Andrew, but for
every-one he passes while he's driving this
very loud buggy.

A nice surprise was Kevin, who came down
in his gorgeous beetle.

I think this is a '71, 1303s and in amazing

Kevin has reluctantly put this up for sale, it
has the original floor pan, original heater
channel's and only 2 owners from new!
Kevin has owned this for about 11 years
and looked after it so well.

Interior is as immaculate as the outside, lovely
door cards, I think they were leather seats,
wood rim steering wheel, all this for a mere
£3500 sterling. Bargain!

Zoe leaving the club meet in 'donkey' her
trusty steed which she has owned for... well
forever really.

A picture for future reference, just to prove
that 'Donkey' and Andrew's buggy have
actually attended a meet together, as
normally one or the other is off the road for
different reasons.

So that was the June Outcast VW Club
monthly meet, a big thank you to all that
attended, and remember, we hold the club
meet on the first Thursday of each month
from 7pm at The Charter Pub, Bicester Road,
Aylesbury. Hope to see you all next month.

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