Saturday, 8 June 2013

Stonor Park VW show part 2 of 2

Part 2 of my Stonor Park VW show review starts in the show and shine field with the sun still shining on the Oxfordshire countryside.
Lovely early beetle line up, with the light blue
beetle on the end belonging to my mate,
James who is a member of our VW club.

Lovely pastel blue type 3 square back,
complete with blinds in the rear windows.

A good friend of mine Kevin, was at the show
in his lovely green and white T5, although I
never managed to spot him.

The colour of this Karmann may not be to
everyone's taste, but the car is. The Ghia
is such a timeless shape.

This 181 Trekker was immaculate and
keeping with it's roots it was finished in what
looked like a gloss army green colour.

The interior of these Trekkers is at best sparse,
but considering what they were designed for,
they are more than adequate. This one was
finished just as nice on the inside as the outside.

I am partial to a sign written early bay, and I
don't think I have seen this one before. The
sun visor, roof rack full of accessories and
the custom push bike just add to the appeal
of this lovely pop top bay.

If you paint a car black, it has to be straight,
and this early beetle was just that. A really
nice looking bug, nothing flash or fancy just
a straight body and nice paint.

A Saab 96 estate, circa 1966 in bright orange
and lowered with a V4 under the hood.

Stunning looking car that looks so cool with
the narrowed front end and fit's in well at a
VW event.

Camper heaven. This is how all car parks
should look.

A stunning turquoise and white Karmann
Ghia. Again nothing flash was needed to
make this car stand out in the car park.

Not sure why but this 13 window split screen
caught my eye, maybe it's the colour or the
deluxe trim... I'm not sure but I do like it.

The Cool-Flo guys were at the show as usual
in the splits screens and their 'cool flo cooler'
bay window.

Caroline and Matt enjoying a lazy Sunday
afternoon at Stonor Park with their '69
blue and white bay. Nice hat Matthew.!

I spotted this early beetle in the public car
park, It looked like it still had the original paint.

Very nice, OK it was not concourse but it was
a honest and very desirable car.

Again another early beetle spotted in the car
park, this time in a lovely shade of satin green.

OK so it has a rusty bumper, and no centre
caps on the wheels but doesn't it look good.

Just to give an idea to anyone who has not
been to Stonor Park of how big the show is,
This photo is just of the public car park.!
(albeit early in the day)

Driving out of the show I spotted this pair of
bugs. A lovely early Karmann convertible in a
sort of copper colour with matching hood and
a late convertible in bright red.

So that was the Stonor Park show 2013. The
weather was kind to us and the sun shone for
most of the day. This really is one of the 'not
to be missed' shows in the VW calendar. There
is camping on the Saturday night before the
show, but make sure you book.

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