Monday, 3 June 2013

Stonor Park VW Show 2013 part 1 of 2.

Every year the ABVWC (The Association of British VW Clubs ) hold their annual show in the grounds of Stonor Park. Stonor Park is one of England’s oldest manor houses, situated in the most beautiful setting nestled in the Chiltern Hills, in Oxfordshire and has been owned by the same family of the same faith for 850 years.
I met Matt and Caroline in my home town of
Aylesbury, and we drove the 9 miles into
Oxfordshire to meet James and Helen and
their friend Brad and his mate.

A lovely sunny Sunday morning driving to
Stonor Park. James led our small convoy,
With Brad and his mate in Brad's green bug,
followed by Mat and Caroline, and me
playing rear gunner..(for a change!)

Matt's and my bay's parked up in the public
parking area. Sequential number plates,
which Matt heard a few people comment on.

Reflection of Matt's 69 bay in the hubcap of
Bradley's Beetle.

Matthew's and Caroline's bay parked up
next to my bay.

Lovely bright early 1970's orange Karmann
Ghia parked up in the 'For Sale' area.

Really nice looking crew cab split screen pick
up complete with canvas cover / Cyclopes
light on the cab and 'Roo' bars.

A 1965 beetle with sun visor and roof rack in
a lovely ivory white colour with matching steel
wheels... just about perfect.

A rare 1965 Kellison beach buggy with a
flamed paint job. It is believed only around 2500
of these buggies were made in the USA. This
particular buggy has been featured in 'Hot VW's'
magazine published in the U.S. and has been
'placed' in the numerous shows it attended in
the united states.

Lovely grey Porsche speedster and I think I 
am right in saying it is based on a beetle
chassis, but almost everthing else on this car is
original speedster parts.
You really have to look hard to spot this is 
not an original

Having said that, I believe this was an
original 356 coupe.

 An original 1965, 356 Porsche coupe finished
in a lovely chocolate brown.

A pair of Porsche Speedster's, which although
they are not original, they are both extremely
nice looking cars.

Another replica ( I think) was this replica of
a 1958 Porsche type 718 RSK Spyder.

A really nice looking car, which I bet is so
much fun to drive.

Good friends of mine, Claude and Jean went
in Claude's Kombi. Claude and Jean are off
to the USA next week for their annual VW
show in California. Have a great time guy's.

A stunning example of a Karmann Ghia
convertible, which looked totally original.

Such a classic looking interior which looks

Another buggy, this time full of bright work,
including a chrome roll cage, chromed and
polished engine parts and shiny aftermarket

We certainly had the weather this year to
be driving a beach buggy, unlike last year!

Lovely early beetle with deep gloss black

No flashy add-on bits, just an honest early
bug as it's supposed to be.

Parked up in the public car park was this
lovely looking razor edge. The public car park
is vast, and well worth a walk round to spot
some lovely looking VW's.

Best rat split screen must go to this splitty.
How thick is that rope on the roof rack?

A nice line up of rat looking split screens.

If the rat look is not your thing, how about this
for 'bling'.  Amazing amount of chrome and
other polished bits on this late split screen.

Dave and Angela, friends of mine from
Aylesbury took their lovely white over blue
split screen to Stonor Park. Nice to see you
both and thanks again for the window film
Dave, much appreciated.

Another good friend of mine is Joe, who
attended the show in his lovely early bay.
Joe is a member of the 'Wolfsburg weed
huggers' VW club, who are having their
annual 'Lazy Day' show on Sunday 16th
June. Check out the club website for more

An early crew cab split screen, in various
shades of matt brown / beige. Loved it.

This single cab split screen pick up looked
very ratty, and oh so nice.

From the rear it looks even better, love that
original looking canvas cover.

A pair of very low early beetles.

Another member of the Wolfsburg weed
hugger vw club, is Tom, who took his 1966
immaculate beetle. Looking good Tom.


  1. StonOr. Not StonEr. Nice pics though!

  2. Ooops.. Thanks for pointing out my spelling mistake.