Wednesday, 28 March 2012

House of Dub, March meeting

For those of you who follow my blog, or have just read my previous posts you will know that on the last Wednesday of each month, Zoe and Spike from House of Dub / House Of Dub Imports hold a casual VW get together for the local VW enthusiasts at the Hare and Hounds pub in Ledburn, nr. Leighton Buzzard, LU7 0QB. As the venue is only about 15mins away from where I live, I took my bus along to join in the fun.

Elliot's candy red beetle, from Linslade
looked very clean.

Didn't catch the name of the guy who
owned this buggy but he's from the
'Roundabout VW Club' in Milton Keynes.

The owner was saying he has never seen
another buggy on the road with the same
body shell as his, until he turned up at the
H.O.D meet where one was parked up...
and it was even in a similar shade of blue.!

This ultra clean Mustang rumbled into the
car park.

Immaculate condition, it had new bits
all over including a whole new interior with
new steering wheel.

Nice 289ci motor, engine bay was as clean
as the body.

Zoe took her bug for it's first outing this year,
I think.

Zoe's bug from behind... this is the true
colour away from the coloured halogen
pub lights.

I didn't catch who owned this bug but it looked
good. Marks bay, and Ben's GSXR in
the background.

Early bug certainly looked nice from behind.

This is the other buggy with the same body
shell. (only difference was this one has
flared wheel arches) Don't know who this
belonged to but it was good to see it at
the meet. 

Another member of the 'Roundabout VW Club'
from Milton Keynes.

Very clean...

Zoe and Spike giving the guy who owned
the Mustang the sales pitch, I think he was
interested in buying the sunbleached bus.

Alden turned up in his bay...

Again this is the true colour of Alden's bus..
looking good as usual.
Nice Line up outside the pub.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Volksworld Show 2012 (part 1)

Over the weekend of 24th / 25th March saw the 25th Anniversary of the Volksworld show, at Sandown Park Racecourse in Esher, Surrey. The weather was glorious sunshine all weekend and it showed in the turnout of people both exhibiting and visiting the show. Stuart ( ) and his son and I travelled up in my bus early on the Sunday morning to join in the fun. Some friends from the 'Aylesbury Low Lifes', our local VW club included Darren and Lucy who also went down on the Sunday morning, and Claude ( and his partner Jean who went down the previous day and camped over. I have published some of the 130+ photo's I took at the show, just to wet your appetite and as April looks quite quiet on the VW show front I will post part 2 of the Volksworld show next month. I hope you enjoy the following photos.

The camping area on the far side of the course,
trade stands and show and shine vehicles
near side

Camping area was sold out weeks before
the show

This belonged to one of the many overseas
visitors, it has a turbo charged motor, narrowed
beam and true ratty bodywork.

Looks great from every angle.. loved the
1950's pram on the roof rack.

Just about perfect for this very early bug.

Split oval window.. I was tempted to turn that
starting handle..!

From one extreme to another, this was very trick.

Not built for comfort, but attention to detail was

Which ever angle you look at it you notice
the detail the owner has put into it.

This splitty caught my eye... I do like sign
written buses.

Karmann Ghia was so low... bright work was
shining against the matt finish of the red
oxide primer...stunning.

The sign written body, chequered roof and
narrowed beam were all in the right proportions.

Another very low Karmann, I think this
belonged to the 'Low and Slow' club.

Early beetle with very rare body trim, rear
fender skirts and sunroof.

Spike and Zoe (and other members of House of Dub)
were at the show, this '68 deluxe bay direct
from the states was one of 3 bays they
had up for sale at the show. Check out their website
if you're interested, or just looking for a bus.

The standard of the vehicles on show at the
Volksworld show was amazing.

Very clean, very narrowed, very shiny...
one of the nicest bugs at the show.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Ace cafe VW meet.

The March VW meeting at the Ace Cafe had a good turn out of vehicles, as well as the die hard visitors there were quite a few new VW's I haden't seen before.

This bright orange beetle had a roof chop with canvas sun roof.

It also had early indicators, nerf bars..

Frenched rear lights, hot rod style and...

Super straight body.

This was mad. No body work what-so-ever just netting, not sure I'd like to drive it on the road on a cold March evening, but....

It looked as though it would be great fun up in the sand dunes on the beach!

Not a very good photo, but this was real nice.
Both VW beetles but, oh so different
Lovely Karmann Ghia, although it was a later model it was still very nice.

Very clean and straight..

This single crew cab split is a regular up the Ace.
I do like this...

Very clean split screen camper.
If Carlsberg made campers... probably the best bus in the world.!

Another new bay I hadn't seen before....
It had these green lights under each wheelarch...

Errr.. Umm...

Fair play to this guy.. he was enjoying his crew cab bay
This guy bought these wicked lights off e-bay, they are sealed beam units for a Mini, but a bit of cutting and with the aid of a hammer they fitted perfectly... these would look nice on my bus!!

I do like wide steel wheels with hub caps.. must be my hot rod background.

Darren from Dunstable Dubbers always gets a good spot.. he must get there early
I must have spent 20 minutes reading all the stickers in Darren's windows.

This clean looking bug was parked outside on the road.
Inside the Ace, this is the stage area where they regualry have bands playing.

Good food, tea / coffee and a decent pint... what else do you need?