Friday, 30 November 2012

Outcast / House of Dub club meet

This month's Outcast club meet was a joint affair with the House of Dub VW Club due to their normal venue being closed for refurbishment. Zoe from House of Dub, posted a message on the Outcast face book page asking if would mind bringing our club meet forward a week so that we could share our venue with them and have a joint club meet, and as Zoe and the other House of Dub members are good friends of ours we agreed. It was a bitterly cold evening with the temperature just above freezing early in the evening, and due to get much colder but that didn't stop the hard core vee dubbers from driving over to Aylesbury. Despite the freezing conditions we had VW owners from 3 different counties, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire and of course Buckinghamshire and had around 17 vehicles in the car park!
Mark came over in his grey and white bay
window later in the evening.

Mark must have every conceivable accessory
known to any vee dubber...

Mark's bay has been off the road for quite a
while, so it's nice to see it back where it
should be.. on the road and attending club

View of one side of the pub car park.

Bod came over in his uber cool lime greenT5,
followed by Darren in his Silver T5. (sorry
Darren I didn't a photo of your ride)

Adrian left his fire truck at home and came
over from the other side of Oxford 
in his Bug. Well done mate, nice to see you.

Adrian's bug, looking it's age..!

Adrian's and Zoe's beetles parked up.

Zoe's '67 Beetle back on the road after
a short time in the workshop after someone
pulled out in front of her causing damage to
the nearside front end ...

but when you and your partner Spike, run and
own a VW workshop and import vehicles it
doesn't take long before 'Donkey' is looking
as good as new. Zoe has owned this bug
almost all her life so it was the only option to
get it repaired.
Check out the HOD website:

Simon came over in hisT4, with cool graphics
on the bonnet and strobe lights in the grill.
(sorry about the poor quality of this photo,
I must have been shivering..!)

Simon's T4.

 Tony from the House of Dub, came down in
his Vento having left his super clean T25
at home.

Amanda followed her partner Simon over in her 
Golf, which is super clean with multi coloured
strobe lights in the grill.

Richard and his partner braved the cold and
came over in his newly acquired GTi Polo.

Yes it may be freezing, but that doesn't stop
the hard core vee dubbers standing in a pub
car park having fun.

My '69 bay parked up and just starting to
freeze over...

Claude's brought his 1960 Kombi, it's quite
early in the evening and the frost is already
on the windscreen... soon to turn to ice.
Check out Claude's VW blog:

Tony from Oxdubz came over to meet us for
the first time in his nice red and whiteT25.
Nice to meet you mate, see you again soon.

Interior of Tony's T25.. very homely.

No mistaking what VW club Tony belongs to.

Tim came over with Tony in his lovely straight
chocolate brown T25 with cool white retro
stripe. This is the man you need to speak to
if you need any exhaust work.

Ellie managed to sneak out for a few hours
and brought 'Nitro Nacy', her '96 Golf.

Stuart managed to get his '71 bay started
and joined the line up.
Check out Stuarts VW related blog:

Matt and Caroline also braved the elements
and came in their '69 bay.

Matt and Caroline's bay... how does he keep
those wheels so clean..?

VW evening at The Charter.

Nice to see so many people attend the club
meet, with a good variety of vehicles.

Outcast / House of Dub VW meet.
(thanks to Claude for this photo)

The temperature was slowly dropping
all night and by the time Zoe left for
home it was well below freezing and she
had to clear ice from the outside and
inside of her bug. This is Zoe's view
on the way home, and yes that is ice on the
window rubber.. on the inside!

That was the Outcast and House of Dub joint VW club meet.
Yes the weather did it's best to put us off, but even freezing
conditions didn't deter us. It was a good evening with great friends
new and old. Thanks to everyone who attended and made it such
a good evening, I suggest maybe in the spring, the Outcast club
could venture into Bedfordshire and join the HoD club at their venue..?


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