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Outcast VW Club monthly meeting, September.

This month's Outcast VW Club monthly meet couldn't have fallen on a better summer's evening, as it was said to be the last day of summer by the forecasters. The weather was glorious sunshine all day and the temperature in the mid 70's. The nice weather meant that everyone who attended the meet could chill out with other VW owners in just a T-shirt while sipping a cold beer and generally socialising.
Kevin came over in his immaculate green
and white T4 named 'The Grinch'.
Kevin is a member of 'OXDUBZ' a VW club
based in Oxfordshire, although Kev can
regularly been seen at other club meets
including the Outcast Club.

The back of Kevin's long wheelbase T4.
The photo's do not do justice to the lovely
colour of this van.

Kevin's nephew, Scott came along in his clean
green Lupo. It's always nice to see both air-
cooled and water cooled VW's at a meet because
as they say, variety is the spice of life.

Very nice reflection in the side of Scott's
Lupo.. just wish my bus had a shine like that.!

Another member of the OXDUBZ VW Club
that came to see us was Nathan, who turned
up in his newly acquired daily driver. 

A very cool looking Passat, riding on air
suspension and with a full leather interior...
and this is his daily driver.!

Passat parked up with the suspension set to
'down in the weeds' mode, as if this wasn't
enough Nathan also has a lovely patina'd
Californian early bay, and a beach buggy!

Almost deemed as regulars now at the Outcast
Club are Elliott and Alanna and of course his
gorgeous 1970 cherry red beetle. Elliott is a
member of 'The House of Dub' VW Club, but
both Elliott and Alanna are more than welcome
anytime at our club meetings.

This is the normal condition of Elliott's bug,
it always seems to be gleaming. I really don't
know how he keeps it so clean.

What do you do if you want to put a decal on
your bug, but don't want to ruin it's looks?
You do what Elliott has done and put it on
the back of the rear bumper, which is also

From one extreme to another, my bay. If you
look closely I'm sure there's a reflection
somewhere in the paint... I've just not found it

My lovely 1969 Californian import, which I
would have had for 2 years in about 4 weeks
 time. Think that's a cause for a celebration?

Steve popped down in his 1970 white Beetle.
Steve is a semi professional photographer
and has been trying to do an impromptu
photo shoot at our club meets for a few months
now, but something always prevents him from
doing so. I guess with the nights drawing in
it'll have to wait until next year now, Steve.

This must be the most pampered bug out
there as Steve never drives it in the rain!
Check out Steve's web page if your looking
into getting a photographer for whatever

Ellie came down to join us in the evening
sunshine in her (trusty) 1995 Golf.

Ellie and her daughter Esmé posing in front
of 'Nitro Nancy'

Whenever I'm out and about, either in my car
or in my bay I always carry some Outcast
Club flyer's to put on any VW's I see. And the
result of my efforts was these guys from
Ivinghoe, a village less than 10 miles from
Aylesbury. I must admit I have forgotten the
name of the owner of this buggy.

Talking to the owner I believe this is 1965(ish)
Volksrod body shell with a long wheelbase. He
has owned the buggy for about 9 years and
when he got it, it had a single roll bar which
he decided to remove, only then did he realise
it was made from exhaust tubing.!

Having removed the old 'roll bar' he has since
fitted a proper steel roll cage. Interior is sparse
as all buggy's are, but when your open to
the elements it's probably for the best.

The buggy owners partner had this lovely
looking 1972 bay window. Believe it or not
the shiny orange paint was actually put on
with a roller by hand, then I guess a lot
of polishing. It was driven not by the buggy
owners partner, but a guy called 'air-cooled
Rob' and between them they have about
11 air cooled vehicles, including, bays /
buggies / beetles and a sand rail.

This really is a nice finish on the paint
considering how simply it was applied.

Another member of 'The House of Dub' VW
club, that made their debut at our club meet
was Phil and his son Nathan. Phil's 1975
red and white beetle looking clean.

Looking immaculate from every angle. Hope
you both enjoyed yourselves at our club meet,
and we hope to see you both again.

Phil has been busy applying decals to his rear
window. The German eagle with the car's name
'Buzz Box' is almost the full width of the window.

Claude came down in his 1960 Kombi, with
his partner Jean, who has recently had
surgery on her foot. Glad to hear your on the
mend Jean.

Claude's split screen always looks good. The
single colour, the stance and the narrowed
front beam make this kombi stand out.

The sign written decals on Claude's bus just
add that finishing touch.

Kevin and his mate came down in Kevin's
1970 Trial themed Bug. I met Kevin for the
first time about 2 weeks ago and it turns out
that he lives less than 5 minutes away from
our club meet so hopefully he and his mate
will become regulars.

Really cool looking bug, nice to see the boot
rack being used.

Another regular at our meets is James and he
came down in his 1980 late bay in bright

This really is a clean looking bay window that
has clocked up some mileage recently.. so it's
reliable as well. James also has a T25.

Regular readers of my blog will know about
my 'Hotrod' past. Back in the 1980's I was
driving around in this 1959 Ford Popular with
a Rover V8 under the hood. I sold the car
to a local guy called Lee, and that was the
last I saw of the car and Lee... until now.

Andy Martin, a member of the Outcast VW
club knew Lee and that he had bought a 1977
late bay. Lee needed some advise and Andy
told him to go and see Stuart Munro, my
best mate, and a few days later Lee and his
bay are at our club meet.!

It was really good to see Lee and his bay
window and to have a good catch up after
about 20-25 years. Is going from hot rods to
VW's a natural progression or just the fact 
that we are becoming more mature?

Stuart and Tim came along in Stuarts 1971
turbo powered bay window. Stuart has recently
re-designed his exhaust system and you can
certainly hear him coming.

If you have got it, flaunt it. Stuart letting his
turbo cool down.

Gavin, from the 'Paint Shop Pro's' came along
in his distinctive Baja with metal flake blue
and white paint scheme.

I do like the unusual, and Gavin's Baja ticks all
the right boxes.

So that was the September Outcast VW Club
monthly meet. Overall a really good night, and
it was good to see some new faces, and some
faces we don't see enough of. Many thanks to
everyone who came along... see you next month?

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