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Chiltern Hills Classic Car Rally, part 1

The Chiltern Hills Vintage Vehicle Rally is organised by The Game Club to raise money for local good causes. The Rally is a well established annual event which enables the owners of classic and vintage vehicles to gather together in the Buckinghamshire countryside.
The Rally takes place on the third Sunday of May annually, between 10 am and 5 pm.
The site is situated at Weedon Park, Weedon Hill, near Aylesbury. HP22 4NN. I have been to this show a number of times over the years and it really is a good day out. The rally last year attracted over 1000 entrants of
classic cars / lorries / steam engines / military vehicles and motorcycles of all ages. There is also a big auto jumble where you can find even the most hard-to-find parts. As the showground is located just a few miles outside Aylesbury I decided to have a drive over.

Although the show ground was only 2 miles
from my home, I passed 2 broken down classic
cars. One of those unlucky cars was a pink and
white PA Cresta.

Once parked up in the show ground I spotted
this lovely 1966 split screen. I had a good chat
with the owner, a nice guy who told me all about
the bus.

The owner had done a lot of work, but he said
he still had loads to do, sounds familiar eh?

On the other side of the show ground I saw
this yellow late bay, complete with 'eye-
lashes' over the headlights.

Classic cars is the name of the game at this
show and the Ford Mexico line up had some
quality Mexico's on show. This is just 3 of the
groups line up.

This gorgeous 1960 Chevrolet Impala in
turquoise was stunning.

Such a lovely looking classic, I especially the
turquoise tinted windows.

This lovely 1964 Ford Econoline looked great
in an aftermarket green colour with tinted

These really are nice looking buses. I do like
the pop top roof.

A 1929 Ford roadster in the classic hot rod
combination of gloss black bodywork with 
red steel wheels.

OK it doesn't have an original '29 dashboard
but it still looked good.

Rear wheels had chrome hubcaps with
beauty rings. I do like those teardrop rear
lights and the rumble seat. That is one good
paint job, the reflection is amazing.

This gorgeous 1959 GMC step side pick up
had a 350ci V8 under the hood.

This lovely red truck not only looked good, it
sounded good too.

This 1966 pastel blue Mercury Montery had a
hot rod / race look and with a 390ci motor
under the hood, I bet it's performance lived
up to it's image.

This is, or rather it stared out as a Citroen of
some form, but after having extensive body
modifications it looks more like a 1950's
led sled.

Ever wondered what would happen if one
of the 'Transformers' met 'Batman'? It is riding
on hydraulic suspension which allows it to sit
on the ground when parked up.

Interior looks futuristic yet old style hot rod.

A lovely bright 'Roman' red 1962 Chevrolet
Corvette roadster. It had the classic 327ci
V8 engine which produces about 360bhp and
it had the Rochester mechanical fuel injection
system which with a standard carb returns
about 12mpg.

Talk about an overdose of red. Almost
everything in the interior was red and on a
sunny day the glare was overpowering.

This 1958 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight looked
stunning in it's gloss black paint.

A typical 1950's American car with fins and
lots of chrome work and tail lights which are
a work of art.

Sir David Brown made his money producing
tractors before the second world war. In 1947
he purchased the Aston Martin car company
for £20,500 and the rest, as they say, is
history. This early 1950's racing car was one
of his early creations.

An un-usual roof configuration on this bright
yellow T25.

A pink late bay with pop top. It's always good
to see other VW's at a show.

This Yamaha XT500 Enduro was my dream
motorcycle as a kid, and I have to say I'd
still like one today.

This mid 1960's Triumph TR5 had race some
serious race pedigree, the numbered doors
and big spotlights give some indication of it's

This car entered the 1962 Alpine Rally and
finished 4th overall, and first in it's class, coupe
de alps. It still has the timing clocks on the
glove box. The big dial in front of the driver
is a rev counter, while the speedo is in front
of the co-driver, also on the glove box.

The Chiltern Hills show also featured a military
section and this combo made me smile with
the dummy on the back of the trailer.

 A very rare 1966 Vauxhall PA Cresta estate
in light blue.

Interior design looked like pure nostalgia of
1950's Americana, With the column gear
change and front bench seat.

Not quite as rare, is the saloon version.

Ford Corsair has had a make over with purple
paint, chrome 5 spoke wheels with white wall

The bodywork was basically standard but
looked different due to the colour, I think.

A mark 1 Jaguar 3.4ltr 'S' in British Racing
green. These mk1's were produced from
1955 - 1959

A lovely series 2 E-type Jaguar finished in
a mustard colour.The series 2 was produced
from 1968 - 1971.

Inside the classic E-type. This car had the
automatic transmission hooked up to the
4.2ltr engine.

You can tell this is a series 2 due to the open
headlights. The series 1 had glass covers
over the headlights.

A lovely MK1 Lotus Cortina. This car featured
the 1600cc Lotus engine. Lotus also changed
the suspension and braking system.

A gorgeous 1954 Chevrolet Bel-Air 4 door
sedan in baby blue with a white roof.

Such a lovely looking car, these were made,
in different guises from 1950  - 1954.

This Ford Transit camper van from the early
1970's looked pretty much original apart from
maybe the red and white pop top canvas.

This Transit may be over 40 years old but the
interior has had a makeover and looked really
good with plenty of storage space.

I couldn't do a blog write up without posting
a picture of my bay. I'm not sure I was parked
in the correct place, but hey does it really

A lovely looking Lotus Elan +2 from around
1967 finished in orange. The +2 model had
a longer wheelbase and 2 rear seats.

This tough looking 1966 Oldsmobile 442 in
bright orange with a black stripe stood out
in the sunshine.

I did like this 1966 Ford Galaxie in grey with
wide steel wheels painted black and white wall

This car certainly made it's presence felt with
that lovely massive rear end.

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