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National Street Rod Association (N.S.R.A.) Billing Fun Run 2014, part 2/2

My blog review of the 2014 N.S.R.A. Billing Fun Run continues as my good mate Claude and I wander around the camping area and trade stand area. The show is on from Friday to Sunday and normally Claude and I go on the Sunday, but as there was a VW show on the Sunday we decided to go on the Saturday. However as we arrived we joined a queue of hot rods going into the show and shine field or so we thought. It became apparent as we got near the front of the queue that they were in fact going on a cruise to a secret location, that was organised by the NSRA so we quickly parked up. I suppose there was about a third of the cars that went on the cruise so that still left a lot of quality rods for Claude and I to look at, albeit in the camping area.

To start off this blog entry we have a very low
matt black beetle with a fierce roof chop and
fenderless. This Bug fits into the hot rod scene
really well.

Huge rear wheels with the white wall tyres and
the engine exposed, as close to a rod as a
Volkswagen can get. 

In the same group of cars was this stunning
gloss black oval. Gorgeous white steel wheels
with chrome hub caps compliment the faultless
paint work.

Alongside the black ovel was this beautiful
green and white oval. How nice is this early

It looked just as nice from the front, the paint
was un-believable, almost perfection.

Great mix of trucks, beetles and period cycles. 

OK I admit it, I have no idea what this is... all
I know is I love it. It is such a lovely shape and
that swage line that goes over the roof is so
nice. The split rear window looks cool too.

It had a big BMW motor in the front and I
noticed it had Porsche disc brakes and
callipers so we know it must go and stop well.

This very bright 1927 sedan looked fantastic
as the metal flake paint shone in the summer
sun. With a stock height roof and running with
out any fenders, and being channelled this
sedan looked awesome.

Such a lovely looking rod, it reminded me of
the 'Hot Wheels' cars I used to have as a kid,
I suppose it was the colour scheme and the
overall look. A drilled sun visor on a '27
always looks good and this was no exception.

Looking through the rear window, the sense of
space was incredible. The light that comes
through those stock height windows was amazing.

I think this is a 1939 Ford deluxe coupe in a
lovely Burgundy colour. The chrome wheels
with white wall tyres compliment the paint
really well, as does the chrome grille and

I love the shape of this deluxe coupe from
the rear, the sloping curved bodywork looks

OK, I'm not doing very well here as this is yet
another car that I don't know what it is or rather
what it was originally. It looks like it has so
many bits and pieces from other cars that it's
hard to tell, all I know is, this is a real RAT rod.

From the rear it's even harder to identify, but
I just loved looking at all the accessories.

Even the kids can get in on the fun. This tot rod
looked great. I love the miniature 'Moon' tank
on the front.

A totally standard 1961 Chevrolet Apache 10
in cream with a black roof, well standard apart
from the American racing wheels.

This Chevy is so ugly it's beautiful. Such a
lovely 1960's station wagon.

A nice selection of hot rods around every
corner at Billing Aquadrome.

An old school mate of mine Russell Cook, who
was into hot rods at the same time as me all
those years ago, owns this gorgeous 1927 5
window coupe, with a massive big block Hemi
motor. Russell always liked big motors and he
used to own a Jaguar V12 powered Ford Popular.
Russell moved up North many years ago so I
only get to see him one or twice a year, normally
at some rod run.

Russell has chopped the roof and channelled
the body over the chassis so it sits ultra low.
The rear fender recesses have been filled in
and it has a '34 radiator and grille shell.
Russell was saying he is in talks to buy a 6:71
blower to sit on top of that huge motor.

Tail lights look like something off an old
Cadillac but suit the rear end nicely. Claude is
getting into hot rods and asked Russell how
much it is worth, Russell said he sell for some
thing in the region of £30,000 ($50,000USD)
which is a lot of money, but then this is a lot
of car.

The interior of Russell's coupe is finished to
the same high standard as the outside. The
seats have had to have a recess made due to
the body being channelled over the chassis.
The base of the seat now sits level with the

In the trade section I spotted this 'Radio Flyer'
tri-cycle from the 1950's. If I had young kids
they'd be riding about on things like this, how
cool would that be.

A beautiful 1932 Ford fully fendered roadster
finished is a lovely shade of red.

Another '32 roadster in a more traditional hot
rod guise. Black body with red steels wheels
and white wall tyres.

Such a lovey shape, I must admit I do prefer
roadsters to be fenderelss.

This lovely high top split screen panel van was
parked up. Now that is one straight body as
the reflection shows. Red tinted windows
looked surprisingly good.

This panel van sat really low and with that high
top it looks menacing.

I just love these Airstream trailers. They are
made from aluminium which is polished.
Airstream trailers date from the 1920's -
1974. Now this is quality period accommodation
to tow behind your hot rod.

A really nice looking 1970 early bay. It looks
like a US import with the side markers and
that full length roof rack finished off the
look of this bay.

This Model 'A' pick up was a real RAT rod, I
just love the overall look of this truck. I'm not
sure what those head lights are off but they
suit the pick up nicely.

This fender less '34 5 window looked great
with out fenders and the '54' painted on the
doors. Traditional red painted steel wheels
with white wall tyres compliment the look.

Hot rods of all ages and styles were present
at Billing. The '27 T in the foreground was
really cool with it's bright green body with
flames paint job. I bet that straight through
exhaust sounds good.

Now this '32 5 window looked just about
perfect. Sitting high with big and little wheels
and fender less this beauty caught my eye.

Another '32 5 window, a very similar spec as
the one before but what a difference having
the body channelled over the chassis makes.
This one sits much lower.

You can't look at a yellow '32 5 window without
thinking about John Milners coupe, from the
film 'American Graffitti'. This coupe wasn't
trying to look like Milners, it had it's own 
identity with 'bobbed' rear fenders and matt
black motorcycle front fenders. 

A very nice looking coupe with a colour coded
chassis, which is a refreshing change.

This 1940's Willys looked tough as old nails
as it sat on the trailer. It is a pure race car
through and through. Those massive 15" x
15" rear wheels with slick tyres, that rear
wing on the boot and the parachute are all
there for a reason.

I didn't see what motor it was running but I'm
guessing a big block of some sort. Hopefully
this will be at the NRSA hot hot drags later
in the year so I can see it race.

After spending most of the day at the NSRA
Billing Fun Run, Claude and I decided to head
home. On the way out I followed this lovely
turquoise truck through the site, I could have
followed it all day.

So that was the NSRA Billing Fun Run 2014,
overall a very enjoyable day with plenty of
exceptional hot rods. As I mentioned this event
is on all weekend and one day I'd LIKE to attend
for the whole weekend, unfortunately due to
other shows being on the same weekend
I doubt this will happen. But if you like what
you have seen here, I recommend that you
make a date for this show next year.

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