Saturday, 6 December 2014

Outcast VW Club monthly meet.

This months Outcast VW club meet was as usual, held on the first Thursday of the month at the Charter Bar and Restaurant on the Bicester Road, in Aylesbury from 7.00pm. Considering the weather has taken a turn for the worst, with the temperature dropping quite substantially I wasn't sure how many club members would turn up, but I had no need to doubt the loyalty of the Outcast members.

Gary braved the poor weather and came over
to our club meet in his lovely 1971 crossover 
bay window.

Gary and his family have clocked up some
serious mileage in the short time they have
owned their bus.

Sitting as they should, at stock height. Having
a bus lowered looks better but it does effect
the practicality of the bus.

Kevin came along in his wife's 1990 Mk2 GTI

This is normally such an immaculate car, that
I think Kevin must have taken the short cut
across the fields to get here tonight. I think
Kev could be car washing at the weekend. !

Simon and Amanda came along in Simon's
1997 T4, Simon was showing off his new head
light clusters, captains seats and interior light,
small changes that make all the difference.

This bus is also Simon and Amanda's work
vehicle for their company 'Cushty n retro'.

Sam and his Dad Kevin, came along in Sam's
1969 off road Beetle.

I do like the look of Sam's Bug, and when
Kevin also brings his off road trial Beetle along
to the club meet, they just add more variety to
our members quality vehicle line up.

Stuart left his 1970 Beetle at home and came
along in his 1671cc turbo powered 1971 Bay.

It looks as though Stuart is getting his early
bay ready for a new coat of paint.

My 1969 Bay window, minus the roof rack
which I have taken off for the winter, to try to
protect the wood slats from the harsh British

The rear end of my bay, I recently had the rear
window rubber seal replaced as the old one
was leaking. It was surprising just how much
water can get in from such a small leak.

Mindy and Lee came along to their first club
meet in Mindy's 1966 Beetle.

This is a really nice looking Bug, that has just
undergone a complete rebuild with work from
our own resident VW mechanic, Stuart from
Oil Droppers.

Claude and his partner Jean came along in
Claude's daily driver as he has just dropped
his 1960 split screen kombi off at  the 'Paint
Shop Pro's' to get some of the bodywork
imperfections touched up. 

So that was the December Outcast monthly
club meet, It was as usual a good turn out
of club members, especially those who came
in their prized air cooled vee dubs as it was
a cold, wet and dark evening. There were
also a few members who turned up but I
didn't get a photo of their daily drivers,
including, Dave and Angela and Gavin.

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