Saturday, 7 February 2015

H.O.D. & Outcast VW Clubs monthly meets.

It's been a busy week this week with 2 local Volkswagen clubs both holding their monthly club meets. The first of these was the House of Dub VW Club monthly meet over at The Boot public house in Soulbury, Bucks LU7 0BT. The House of Dub have changed the day of their monthly meet from the 3rd Wednesday to the 1st Monday of each month. This works out well because another local VW club, The Wolfsburg Weed Huggers also meet on the 3rd Wednesday and it was always frustrating for me to try and decide which one to attend, but now I can do both!. It is still only February and consequently still bitterly cold and dark so the vehicle numbers for all the local club meets is bound to be on the low side, but as the weather improves, and the nights get lighter and warmer the vehicle numbers will without doubt increase once more. The second VW Club meet was the Outcast VW Club who hold their monthly meet at The Charter Pub, on the A41 Bicester Road, Aylesbury HP19 8BE on the first Thursday of each month. Both club meets are from 7pm and everyone is welcome whether you own an air-cooled or water cooled VW.
(apologies for the poor picture quality but as I have mentioned before, I only have a small Panasonic Lumix camera, which works extremely well in daylight, but seems to struggle in dark conditions.)
It looked like it was T25 crew cab night at the
Boot pubic house for the H.O.D club night. Kevin
brought his newly acquired red T25, 

Kevin imported this 1987 beauty straight from
Lithuania from a guy in Milton Keynes. Kevin
then got an M.O.T on it and got it registered only
to realise the 1.6 TD engine was pretty much
shot and needed replacing.

Having realised that the motor needed a lot of
work, Kevin shipped the bus off to Millers Motor
Services in Cornwall, who removed the tired 1.6
TD engine and installed a lively 1.9 TDi motor.

Kevin is more than happy with the new found
power in his crew cab, and wrote on his face
book page, "
first trip in the new TDi engined
T25, a bit over 215 miles, not sure what all the
gears are for any more, top gear pulls from 50
right through to 120 (that is kph mind!) and
still accelerates up hill. Really pleased"

Tony came over to the club meet in his cool
looking 1984 crew cab.

Again this is another lovely looking T25 crew
cab. The gorgeous orange roof with matching
wheels are in stark contrast to the blue body

work but the colours work really well together.

Robyn and Aaron came over, not in their split
screen but in their daily driver a gorgeous bright
red new shape Bug.

Zoe, a founder member of the H.O.D Club came
along in her daily driver. (Gabby the Cabby) !
Her '67 Bug is currently off the road and in the
workshop, needing some much needed attention
 to the trans tunnel.

A nice pair of bugs side by side. These new
Beetles always look as though they are smiling.

My 1969 microbus parked up under the pub car
park flood lights, hence the better quality picture.

I do like those Porsche 356 replica's, even if
they do have a good thick coat of grease all over
them to protect them from the salt they put on the
roads to stop them from freezing.

So that was the H.O.D. monthly meet, as I said
earlier, the numbers were down compared to
normal but that is purely down to the weather.
There were a few other members that arrived
in their daily drivers after I left the venue. This
was an enjoyable evening and it was nice to
catch up with some old friends.

Gary came along to the Outcast VW Club's
monthly meet in his lovely high 1971 Bay.

Gary has owned this for a while now and has
been to numerous shows and venues with his

Gary's stock height bay window from the side.
I know most people drop their bays by at least
a couple of splines, but I quite like the look of a
stock height bus.

A nice photo showing the height difference
between Gary's and my Bay.

A better photo showing the difference. A lot of
people may think my stance looks better but I'd
bet Gary has a more comfortable ride than I do.
It's not that practical having a lowered bus, and

I could quite easily have a stock height bus to
ride around in.

My '69 parked up in the Charter Pub car park.
It's only about 8.30pm and you can see my
windscreen starting to freeze up already. It was
really iced up when I left later in the evening both

on the outside and on the inside.!

Gary's crossover bay and my early bay showing
off their rear ends.  My bus has provisionally been
booked for a re-spray later this year so hopefully
my bay will be as clean as Gary's soon.

Stuart and Tim came down in Stuarts 1970
Beetle. This is Stuarts daily driver, but he also
owns a 1971 tin top early bay.

Sam drove his trail 1969 Bug to the club meet.
Sam and his dad, Kevin frequently go off road
trialling and I have said that a friend and I will
tag along one day in my bus to provide morale

support and the tea and bacon sandwiches.

Kevin came along in the crew cab that was at
the House of Dub monthly meet earlier in the

This is a really nice looking crew cab. I think
Kevin is still getting used to the fact that this bus
is left hand drive, but I'm sure it'll be second
nature to drive in no time.

The Outcast VW Club monthly line up. When
you consider it's only February, and with the
temperature only just above freezing, the line up
of air cooled vehicles was very impressive.
Louise was home from University so came along
in her 1974 beige Beetle, named Brum with the
painted chequered front.
Louise brought along her parents Dave and
Angela who own a lovely split screen, which is
currently tucked up in the garage. This is not
Brums' best side, but it does the show recent
work carried out.

Later in the evening some guy's who work on
motorway maintenance turned up in their LT35

So that was the February Outcast VW club

monthly meet. Overall a very enjoyable
evening with some good friends and some
very cool (or should that be cold) vehicles.!
Oh and by the way, the LT35 belongs to
Simon and Amanda who use it as their
new 'Cushty n Retro' company vehicle

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