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Dub Freeze 2016 (part 1 of 2)

This weeks blog is part one of a two part review all about the 'Dub Freeze' VW Show that was held at Bingley Hall, County Show ground, Weston Road in Stafford ST18 9DB over the weekend of 20th - 21st February 2016. The showground was open from 3pm on the Saturday for the hardy campers with plenty of space assured. The on site bar was also open on the Saturday night, which may have helped to keep the cold out for those who camped out on a cold and wet Saturday night in February in the U.K. I knew a few people who camped at the show and they confirmed that it was cold and very wet as it rained for most of the evening / night. Sunday was the main show day with the gates opening at 08.00am. The main show was held inside Bingley Hall with over 100 traders selling all sorts of VW related items. Also in the hall were numerous vehicles on display, there were plenty of food and drink vendors on the site to cater for most tastes and clean toilets. However for me the main attraction was the hundreds upon hundreds of both air-cooled and water cooled Volkswagen's parked within the grounds of Bingley Hall. I have been to this show a couple of times now and have really enjoyed it so I decided to go again this year. Bingley Hall is about a 220 mile return journey from my hometown so I decided to shoot up there in my more economical and quicker T4, rather than take my slower 1969 microbus. The show opened quite early, but I didn't get there until about 10.00am by which time the car park at Bingley Hall was full so I had to park in the overflow car park with hundreds of other Volkswagen's. I was on the lookout for a new quarter light window for my newly painted microbus as the one I have in the passenger door doesn't fit properly and leaks, so with over 100 traders selling new and used parts at the show I was quite confident I would be able to get one.
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As I arrived quite late I had to queue for about
20 minutes to enter the showground, and once
I had paid my £12 ($17 approx) entry fee I made
my way straight inside to find a quarter light
window. This is the view from the upper floor
inside Bingley Hall.

It was quite busy and would only get worse so
I made a bee line for the traders area and the
hunt was on. Luckily I found a very good, straight
quarter light window complete with glass in no
time and paid a reasonable £50 ($70 approx)
for the complete unit, the trader did want £55 but
I got him to knock £5 off.

This 1972 beetle proves that you don't always
need a flashy paint job and fancy chrome wheels
to have a show winner. This bug has a single
colour coat of paint with matching stock wheels
and looks fantastic.

The rear stock wheels have been banded to
give some depth and the bumpers have been
replaced with nerf bars, and apart from being
lowered that's it, simple yet very effective.

This stunning pastel yellow 1975 beetle looked
fantastic with it's immaculate coat of paint and
running on those 'Fuchs' style wheels. The
car cooler was a neat period accessory. 

The rear of this bug looks just as cool with the
deck lid rack complete with water ski's. The all
red rear light lenses look just about perfect
against the pastel yellow body panels. I did like
the rear blind which is another period accessory.

This 1970 bug was super cool, it was lowered
and painted in a gorgeous red. The wheels look
like chrome Porsche 356 wheels and with the
chrome bumpers add just enough bright work
to compliment the gorgeous paint colour. 

This is such a lovely looking car, with it's cool
deck lid rack, rear blind and pop out windows.

This gorgeous 1970 Pirelli green beetle looked 
great with it's narrowed front end. This gorgeous
 bug rides on air suspension that the current 
owner designed and built himself

The rear of the car is equally as nice, with those
pop out windows and stainless bumpers and
that immaculate paint of perfectly straight body. 

The power for this bug comes via a fully detailed
1300 twin port stock motor.

As well as designing the air ride suspension
the owner also designed and built this custom
air tank. This really is a nice touch.

Under the bonnet was this very neat wiring, I
just wish the wiring under my dashboard on my
'69 microbus was half  as neat as this.

The blog so far has all been about beetles,
but when they are as nice as this lovely 1968
bug,and all the others above, then that's fine
 by me. This light olive green bug sat really 
low and was perfectly straight.

The contrasting red painted steel wheels with
white wall tyres suited the car perfectly. The
pop out rear windows were a nice touch that
looked fantastic.

This old split screen also had red painted steel
wheels with white wall tyres which also suited
the bus. It looks like this old splitty also has a
narrowed front beam as those front tyres are
tucked well under the body.

The cool decal on the split screen cab doors
looked authentic.

OK so this lovely bus had a few knocks here
and there, but that just added to it's charm.
This looked like a real good solid bus.

This stunning 1970 early bay finished in Neptune
blue caught my eye. This bus had a stock 1500cc
engine and stock brakes. The Cosmic wheels
are a perfect choice and suit this lowered bay

After I had looked around the traders inside
Bingley Hall, I ventured outside to have a look
at some of the cool Volkswagen's parked up
inside the grounds. The first bus I saw was this
very RAT looking 21 window split screen in red
oxide primer. This wasn't the best looking bus
at Dub Freeze but it was still very desirable.

With it's patina roof and red oxide body this
early split stood out in the car park. 

Another bus in primer was this lovely 1970
early bay crew cab pick up. Again although it
was in primer it did look nice and solid. I did
like the truck style mirrors as they suited the
double cab perfectly.

It's quite rare to see a canvas cover on a crew
cab as they are hard to find, but this one had
one that was covered in what looked moss, that
suited the bus perfectly.

This gorgeous jet black 1971 beetle looked
fantastic parked up outside Bingley Hall. It was
seriously lowered and running on black painted
steel wheels. The single yellow spot light on
the towel rail bumper looked great and was in
stark contrast to the gloss black bodywork.

This is one seriously lowered bug, it also has
a super narrow front beam as this photo
shows. This really is one cool car.

Another gorgeous beetle was this '66 in what
looks like Dove blue. This resto bug looked
stunning and was immaculate. I did like the
overall look of this bug.

The two tone painted steel wheels looked
great against that blue bodywork. I also liked
the U.S. style all red rear light lenses with the
hot rod style blue dots.

Another 1966 beetle at the show was this lovely
jet black beauty. This stock looking bug looked
so straight and clean. I do like the painted steel
wheels with the VW logo hubcaps.

The faultless gloss black paint gives off an
almost perfect reflection from the super straight
body panels. I do like the 'original' look on old
beetles and buses and this is a perfect example.

This photo of the front really shows just how
straight the body is on the '66. The addition
of a single spot light adds to this cars charm.

If you like your single cab split screen pick ups
looking original with lots of patina then this
 early split should appeal to you. Even though
this oozed patina it looked really solid, making
me think it must be an import.

This lovely split looked gorgeous and although
I do like to see a nice shiny bus, I just love to
see early buses with OG paint.

You can see just how solid this single cab is
in this photo. The panels are so straight which
is unusual for a pick up as most were used as
a workhorse and ended up with dented panels.

From one extreme to another in terms of looks
as this 1966 Karmann Ghia shows. This really
was a stunning example of the KG with it's
super straight body and super shiny paintwork.

The two tone paint was stunning as the almost
perfect reflection shows. The 'bra' on the front
to protect the paintwork was a nice addition as
were the 'Cosmic' wheels which suit the overall
look of this gorgeous Karmann.

Another lowered bug at Dub Freeze was this
lovely old oval window. This looked as though
it had the original paint which had some patina.
The super narrow front beam looked fantastic.

I did like these,I'm not sure what they are off, but
they suited this old bug perfectly.

The oval beetle was produced from 1950 - 1959
and the design still looks as good today as it did
way back in the fifties. A neat touch was the 
single red spotlight on the rear bumper.

They were plenty of bugs and buses parked up
within the grounds of Bingley Hall. Here a lovely
1970 mid grey beetle parked up next to a 1968
early bay. What ever model of Volkswagen your
into, you'll find it at Dub Freeze.

The super looking 1974 Porsche 914 was
a collaboration between Volkswagen and
Porsche who together designed this lovely
2 seater mid engined targa top sports car.

In 1974 the engine was increased from 1700cc
to 1800cc with fuel injection. The 914 was
produced from 1970 - 1976.

This gorgeous 1964 Porsche 356 SC looked
fantastic parked up. The 'SC' model had the
slightly larger 96hp engine which was Porsche
introduced in 1964. It also had disc brakes.

Apparently in 1964/65 the Dutch Police used
the 'SC' as their patrol cars, I bet not many
criminals got away from them in their get-

The unmistakable shape of the Porsche 356,
this really is a classic car which just oozes
beauty from every curve.

The owner of this lovely 356 belongs to the
356 registry which must be a pretty exclusive

This single cab split screen pick up has been
given the RAT look and named 'Shitty Splitty'
The bodywork looks as though it had been
rubbed down to bare metal in places and left to
rust, giving the RAT look. The signwriting on top
of the bare metal looked cool.

A better look at the front of the RAT look single
cab. A period looking roof rack, also rusted was
a nice touch as was the single yellow spot light.

A close up of the front end, complete with a RAT
toy, headlight grilles, single yellow spot light and
the obligatory rope around the bumper.

This gorgeous 1967 Porsche 912 was simply
stunning. It looked totally original, which is how
these classic Porsche's should be. The 912
proceeded the 356 and came with either a
1.6l or 2.0l flat six engine.

The classic shape of the Porsche, this shape
is so distinctive that even someone who has no
interest in cars would be able to recognise it.
This gorgeous car finished in Bahama Yellow
was totally immaculate.

This gorgeous split oval beetle looked like it was
a 'barn find'. Although it looked totally original it
did need some TLC. Having said that doesn't
that real patina look good. I don't know much
 about this early bug but I did like it.

Considering it's age, it was remarkably solid.
Yes there were a few things that needed some
TLC but overall it was a nice solid car.

This really was totally original, which is quite
rare in itself. I just hope the owner doesn't
decide to paint this lovely looking bug.

So that was part one of Dub Freeze 2016. Part
two of the blog review will be next Saturday, where
you can see more beetle's,split screen's, bay's,
type 3's and type 25's. So be sure to come back
next week.

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