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The Outcast VW Club monthly meet.

As the Volkswagen show season still hasn't really started yet here in the U.K. there isn't a show review to write about so this weeks blog review is all about the monthly meet of the Outcast VW Club. The Outcast VW club was started back in 2012 with just 3 members and the club members has grown steadily since then and we regularly have 15 / 20 Volkswagen's turn up for the club meets in the summer months. The Outcast VW Club is based in Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire and they hold monthly meets on the first Thursday of each month throughout the year at the Charter Pub, on the A41 Bicester Road in Aylesbury from 7pm. This is a chance for club members to catch up with each other and ask technical questions on both air cooled and water cooled matters, arrange outings and convoys to VW shows or just have a chat about general things. The atmosphere is always friendly and we always welcome new members. So how do you become a member? It's simple, you just turn up in your Volkswagen (whether air or water cooled) on a club night have a chat to all the other members, and have a good evening and that's it.
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Stuart and his son Tim came along in his 1970
green beetle. This is Stuart's daily driver but he
also owns a 1971 early bay. Working on both
the bus and the bug is a bit of a "busmans
holiday" as Stuart owns a Volkswagen repair
shop, yet he never seems to get to work on his
own vehicles as he's always too busy.

A slightly blurred photo of Stu's bug. The cool
looking period roof rack is a nice accessory.

Amanda and her partner Simon popped down
to the club meet in Amanda's new style beetle.
Amanda was saying she has big plans for this
unassuming 2004 bug, which included a hot
rod look paint job.

I hope Amanda sticks to her plans for this car
as the idea she had would look wicked. Both
Amanda and Simon are true VW fans, as they
both have 2 VW's. Amanda has this bug and a
mk3/4 golf, while Simon has a T4 and a LT35 

(the one that has the heavy duty suspension,
 apparently!?) that he uses a daily work vehicle.

John was early to arrive at the club meet in his
1960 mango and white split screen. This bus
really is an immaculate bus and no expense
has been spared in getting this bus to a show
standard finish.

John's bus has perfectly straight body panels
and the paint is flawless. The twin yellow spot
lights mounted on the colour coded towel rail
bumper look great. 

The lights in the car park make John's bus look
more lime green rather than the gorgeous
mango colour it really is, but even so it still
looks great. You can just see how straight the
 sides of this old splitty really are in this photo.

I do like this photo of the trio of buses parked
up in the Charter pub car park.

My freshly painted 1969 microbus. I haven't
got used to looking at my bus and seeing a
nice shiny bus, as she was very RAT looking
for many years.

The new colour choice velvet green, the belt trim
 and painted bumpers all help to make my bus
 very different (and so much better) from how
she used to look. 

My 1969 microbus parked alongside Colin's
red 1970 early bay. Both buses are U.S.
 imports and both looked stunning parked up.

Colin's bay is his daily driver, come rain or
shine throughout they year.This is a testament
on the reliability of his bus. The newly painted
chequered painted roof looks so cool as do
the truck style mirrors which provide so much
better vision from the original standard items.

Colin and his family use the bus as much as
possible and seem to go everywhere in it.
Colin's bus also has the belt trim which I think
just finishes off an early bay. Colin's trim is
original and mine is a reproduction item, but
they still look the same from a distance as the 

original belt trim seems to fit so much better.

Colin's '70 and my '69 parked up at the Charter
pub in Aylesbury. This photo looks as though
it was a nice evening for a club meet, but as
it's early March it was very cold and still gets
very dark early in the evening.

Sam and his partner Amy came along to the
club meet in his awesome looking Baja. This
very distinctive baja gets noticed every where
it goes, and always gets positive comments
from both the public and other VW owners.

The cool LED rear lights are a nice touch which
suit the cars look, as do those huge rear tyre's
which should provide plenty of traction when
this baja goes 'off road'

In typical baja style the engine is exposed and
gives the car a tough look. Those bobbed rear

wings not only provide plenty of ground clearance
but also help in the looks department.

As you would expect the baja sits high to give
plenty of ground clearance, The professionally
painted bodywork looks awesome and makes
this little baja really stand out from the others.

(just a shame about the parking Sam!!) 

A close up of the blue sparkling paint with
matching blue pinstripes around the main
blue sections. This really is a cool looking

Sam has the baja up for sale, it needs
a small amount of TLC, (but then again what
air-cooled VW doesn't !) If you fancy owning
this fantastic looking baja give Sam a call on
the above number and make him an offer and

tell him you saw the advert on the 
 'my1969vwmicrobus' blog.

We had a new visitor arrive this month, I think
his name was Andy and he had this very clean
T5 in white with tinted windows.

I didn't really have time to find out much about
him or his T5, but he was invited down by
another club member. I do like these T5's.

Looking along a line of buses at the Outcast VW
clubs monthly meet. Colin's red early bay in the
foreground, my velvet green bay in the middle
and John's 1960 mango split screen.

And now from the other end of the line.! The
camera flash makes the mango paint look 
much lighter than it really is on John's gorgeous
1960 split screen.

My 1969 VW microbus all painted and shiny at
the Outcast VW club monthly meet.

Colin's early bay and Sam's very distinctive '75
baja. Even though the attendance was low this
month we still had a good diversity of VW's.

It was a small turnout this month, but I think
that's because it was cold and dark. I'm sure
the attendance will pick up once the clocks go
forward an hour and we start having lighter and
warmer evenings.

So that was the March Outcast VW Club monthly
meet. Not the best attendance we have had at
a club meet, but still very enjoyable with some
good friends. The VW season kicks off in earnest
in a few weeks with Dub Aid over the weekend of
18th - 20 March and then the real season opener
for me, the Volksworld show over the weekend of
1st - 3rd April. I can't wait for the show season to 
start again as it seems like it's been a long cold 
Volkswagen-less winter.

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