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Brill Village Classic Car Show (part 2 of 2)

Apologies for posting the blog later than usual toady but I had to leave early this morning as I was heading down to the Brighton Breeze VW SHow. Anyway this weeks blog is part two of a two part review all about the 13th annual 'Brill Festival 2016' which included a classic car meeting. Brill village is nestled deep in the Buckinghamshire countryside and only a short distance from the Oxfordshire border. Brill village is only about 15 miles from my hometown, so for me its a nice and local show. I have attended this show for the past 4/5 years and it's always been a good little show that gets better every year. Brill is probably most famous for it's windmill that has timbers dating back to 1685, and that has just been restored. The Brill festival is a two day event that was this year held over the weekend of 27th - 28th August and featured a beer festival, a food fair, classic car show, and a talent show entitled 'Brill's got strictly and factor talent' there is also plenty for the children to do and see. There was also live music from 'The Dung Beatles' in the marquee in the evening. The classic car show, on the Sunday always attracts a vast array of old classic cars, including the odd Volkswagen or two. As with most weekends in the U.K there are numerous events to go to and as most of my friends were at other (VW related) shows, I headed over to Brill with only my faithful Boobie dog for company. The review continues as Boobie dog and I wander around the show.
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The Ford Consul Capri has always been a 
favourite classic car of mine due to it's lovely
styling. The Consul Capri was only produced
from 1961 - 1964 so you don't see that many 
of them around.

The flowing body lines were loosely based on
the Ford Galaxie and Ford Thunderbird. This
car began with a 1300cc engine but it was very
under powered so a 1498cc was introduced in

Personally I love the shape of these Consul
Capri's, but sales were poor against the ever
popular Ford Cortina. This car was also
expensive, it would have cost over £900 from
new which back in the early sixties was a lot!

This lovely sun bleached Morris Minor pick up
comes from all the way Australia, hence the cool
looking sun bleached paint. Morris Motors
produced the Minor from 1948 - 1971.

This early 1950's truck known as the Morris
quarter ton pick up, had a top speed of about
62 MPH. I have seen this pick up at several
local shows and think it looks really cool.

What a nice way to spend a sunny (for now
anyway) afternoon. I like the fact that classic
car owners use every show as an excuse to
have a picnic.

As you walked by the owners you could them
saying thing s like " Oh yes, 1953 they changed
the washers from brass to steel"  or " In August
1948 the thread on the bolts were 3/8" longer."
The things these passionate owners don't know
about their cars isn't worth knowing.

This lovely 1983 T25 was immaculate. The all
white body was so clean and straight. The ride 
height with those chrome wheels and the white
wall tyres looked fantastic.

The interior of this lovely bus was very clean
with a basic camping / day van interior.

You can see just how clean this old '83 really
is. The tinted windows looked good against the
white body panels. I do like the T25's and this
one was exceptionally nice.

It's not unusual to see steam engines at most
classic car meetings here in the U.K. and the
Brill show was no different. This restored old
traction engine was hooked up to a trailer that
carried the public round the show.

I spotted this pair of American Muscle cars
parked up at the far end of the showground.
A lovely dark blue 1970 mustang convertible, 
and a sky blue and white 1965 (ish) Mercury 

This lovely '70 convertible looked gorgeous
in it's flawless blue paint with those custom
wheels. The 1970 model had several body
changes compared to earlier models which
included the single headlights rather than
dual headlights.

There is mistaking the rear end of a Mustang
with those triple red rear lights. Also in 1970
the mustang had a new 351 cubic inch V8
engine with either 2 or 4 carbs.

The interior is pure 1970's Americana, and I love
it. The interior wasn't the cleanest I have seen,
but it was all complete and that's the main thing.

This tough looking Mercury is part of the 6th
generation of the Monterey an by far the best
looking (in my opinion). This body style was
produced from 1965 - 1968 and has a real
tough race look to it.

The '65 Monterey had the 410 cubic inch V8
6.7 litre engine. This cool car had some race
decals that made this beast look even tougher.

From the side profile you can see just how
tough looking this car really is. I did like this
old race car.

Above the doors the old '65 had some cool
sign writing, which I presume is the driver.

On the hood the huge decals denote this car
has a 309 cubic inch motor, the engine must
have been changed at some point. 

By mid afternoon we had a rain shower so I
made my way back to the bus and put the kettle
on for a cup of tea. Boobie dog waited patiently
as I drank my tea as we waited for the rain to stop.

The MK2 Ford  Consul was produced from
1956 - 1962 and took it's body styling from
the Ford Thunderbird and Fairlane. This
gorgeous convertible Consul looked great
in it's bright red paint.

The convertible models were actually produced
by 'Car Bodies' a company based in Coventry.
This lovely example was in amazing condition.

I spotted this blue 1972 Beetle parked up in
the public car park, not sure why the owner
didn't park it in the show? This old bug looked
good with it's bonnet bra and with the headlight
peaks and single yellow spot light.

The aftermarket exhaust looked good as did
the rear wing covered in what looked like old
magazines. This Bug had a For Sale notice
in the window, the owner was asking £2500.

A close of the rear wing, I'm not how the owner
achieved this effect but it looked cool.

As the rain got worse as the afternoon went on 
I decided to leave Boobie dog in the bus, while
I had a last wander around the show just in case
I missed something interesting but you can tell
she wasn't very impressed with me doing that!

So that was a brief 2 part review of the Brill
Village festival 2016. Overall it was, as usual
a good day out. There was plenty of classic cars,
a beer tent, stalls and entertainment all day and
night. If you local to the village I suggest you
visit this show at least once, you might be
surprised just how good it is.

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