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Volksworld Show 2017 (part 4 of 4)

Welcome to part four of four instalments all about The Volksworld Show 2017 that was held over the weekend of 25th  - 26th March with the Volksworld Show at Sandown Park Racecourse, in Esher, Surrey KT10 9AJ. This annual show is organised by the Volksworld magazine ( it attracts entrants and visitors not only from the U.K. but also across the whole of Europe, and the U.S.A. Due to the excellent venue this show boasts two floors of top quality show cars, plus hundreds more quality vehicles on display outside in the show and shine arena and at the club stands, and you will even find plenty of quality Volkswagen's of all descriptions in the public car park. There are numerous traders selling everything Volkswagen, from curtains and cushions to wipers and wheels, and yet a another floor dedicated to an auto jumble, which is a good place to source those hard to find original items. There are numerous catering vendors where you can get some hot food and hot / cold drinks, but beware they are expensive (£5 for a bacon bap !). There is also an provision available for overnight camping for the hard core campers who want to spend all weekend at the show. Visitor numbers at the show each day run into the thousands and the day visitor car park gets full up very quickly so I decided to get an early start to ensure a good parking spot. I normally visit this show on the Sunday but this year due to other commitments I went down on the Saturday and the traffic was terrible once I got into Esher But I eventually made it to the show and only just got into the car park! The traffic on the Sunday, based on past experience is far less and therefore easier to get to the show. It was the first run out this year for my 1969 microbus and a nice 100 mile round trip, and I have to say the bus ran perfectly. The review continues as I wander around admiring all the top quality Volkswagens on display.
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To kick this weeks blog off we have a gorgeous
Neptune blue and white 1971 steel sunroof
deluxe early bay belonging to my mate Joe. This
really is a nice bus that Joe has spent many hours
getting it to look this nice.

This bus is so straight and solid and the paint
reflects that. The bus had been lowered a few
inches all round and running on 15" Enkei slot
mags. Joe is a member of the Wolfsburg Weed
Huggers VW club and also like me a member of

the Wolfsburg Bus Crew VW club on Facebook.

The motor in Joe's bus is a 1776cc twin port with
twin Dellorto DRLA 36 carbs and a Bug-Tech
big John shifter. Inside this lovely bus Joe has a
part built interior but as with all of our buses, has
yet to be finished.

This slammed 1963 pastel yellow beetle looked
great in the sunshine. The colour was a perfect
choice to make this old bug stand out. The Fuchs
style wheels were another perfect choice.

The sheer number and quality of the vehicles on
display in the club stands section was amazing.

This radical Volksrod type thing caught not only
my eye but also those of almost everyone who
walked past it. This chopped, channelled and
sectioned bug certainly stood out. 

This bug had had some serious bodywork mods,
and whether you like it or loathe it, you have to
admit the amount of work that has gone into this
so far is amazing. I hope this radical bug gets
finished as I'd love to see the final outcome.

There is still a long way to go but this car looks
so promising.

I love the old hot rod style wire wheels and the
appearance of the rear end with the heavily
modified deck lid.

I'm not sure what the hinges are for.. which is just
another reason why I hope this cool bug gets

A beetle that was finished was this gorgeous
early turquoise slammed bug. This bug pushed
all the right buttons, I loved the colour, the stance,
the contrasting white steel wheels and the roof
rack crammed full of period accessories.

Yes the mango and white split screen was very
nice, but it was the cardboard cut out of the pin
up girl that caught my eye!

This 1988 T25 panel van looked fantastic in it's
'Gulf' racing colours paint scheme. I did like the
front spoiler that helped the overall look of this
super cool looking van.

This 1974 181 Trekker looked great in it's all
black colour scheme. This humble military based
car looked so cool from being slammed and from
being all one colour.

These 181 Trekkers were produced from 1968
- 1983 and only about 90,000 were for civilian
use so they are somewhat rare and when they
look this nice, they are also very desirable.

The interiors are sparse, thanks to it's military
background but that doesn't matter on bit. I did
like the monster tacho mounted on the dashboard.

The diversity of vehicles on display at the show
was amazing. Whatever your into, you'll be sure
to find it at the Volksworld show.

How low can your beetle go? well not much lower
than this that's for sure. This bright red bug looked
gorgeous in the sunshine.

This gorgeous bug was sat on the grass thanks
to it's air ride suspension. The narrowed front
beam and the 5 spoke wheels complete the
cool look of this lovely bug.

The attention to detail was amazing. I did like the
quilted carpet / spare wheel cover in that gorgeous
tan colour. I also liked the chromed air tank for the
air ride suspension.

This really was a nice looking car, and certainly
good enough to be on show inside the venue.
This bug was so straight and clean it was amazing.

This mad creation looked really cool, although
I bet it's difficult to ride.

Everywhere you looked in the outside display
area there were rows upon rows of classic VW's
of all descriptions.

This lovely looking 1966 11 window split screen
was tucked away in a corner of the show, but I
found it! This really was a nice bus, I did like the
narrowed front beam and the low stance and not
to mention the rusty towel rail bumpers and the
steel screen visor.

This wicked looking 1967 Volksrod drew plenty
of attention from the public. The first thing you see
is the 1930's Model 'A' front beam axle mounted
to a custom made framehead adaptor. It has a
stock beetle steering box mounted sideways
for cowl steering.

A close up of the model 'A' drilled front beam and
the custom built frame head adaptor. This old bug
also has hot rod headlights.

The body has been sectioned over the chassis
by 6" giving the low stance.the gearbox has also
been raised by 3.5"

Power for this Volksrod comes from a 1700cc
type 4 motor with a lightened and balanced
bottom end.The motor also has twin Kadron
carbs and twin  Cannon exhaust. This isn't a
real split window but has a hand fabricated split
rear window.

Due to the low stance and the positioning of the
steering box the steering column comes out
through the speedometer hole. A Hurst shifter and
custom quilted seats, door cards and wheel tub
finish off the interior.

This 1972 Volksrod was another fantastically
looking creation. The chopped roof looked great
and the lack of paint on the body made this car
stand out.

The exposed 1641cc engine looked good as did
the replica BRM front wheels and the banded
rear wheels.

This lovely custom Volksrod had these what look
like Frankenstein stitches welded over the body
and they looked great. 

A better look at the chopped roof and the custom
built in visor, and more of those 'stitches' across
the roof section. The hot rod peep mirrors were
a nice touch.

A unique chain link bracket welded to the car to
hold what looks like a remote oil filter.

This fantastic old skool LDV GP beach buggy
was pure retro. The standard suspension has
adjustable Spax shocks all round and those
lovely 5" x 15" Wolfrace front wheels and the
10" x 15" Cobra slot mags add to the retro
look of this cool buggy.

A fantastic paint job with the cool retro stripes.
The KC spot lights and twin air horns finished
off the overall look of this buggy.

The standard 1500cc single port engine is more
than enough to have fun is this radical buggy. The
rear arches have been widened to cover the huge
cobra slot mags and there are guard rails around
the pick up bed.

Another buggy on display was the bright lime
green 1971 SWB Sidewinder bodied buggy.
This buggy also ran on old skool Wolfrace slot

The fully built and highly detailed 1776cc engine
looked amazing. The buggy had the 'Red 9 design'
EZ-rider independent front suspension with gas
coil overs and stock beetle rear suspension.

This stunning white over turquoise split screen
panel van looked amazing. It was so clean and
so straight. The stock ride height was a nice
change and suited this van.

If your spending the weekend away at a VW show
this is the van you want parked up next to you!
Named the 'Kombi Keg' this bus had beer pump
handles down the side.

I just loved this 1967 23 window samba split
screen bus with it's hippie paint job. The unique
multi coloured graffiti paint job looked awesome.

This gorgeous bus had been lowered by using
adjusters and rolls along on Airevo 17" alloys.
Power comes from a 1835cc engine with twin
carbs and it has stock drum brakes all round.

This lovely 1955 yellow oval window bug caught
my eye with it's custom satin finish paint and the
contrasting black of the wheels. The wheels are
JK repro Fumagalis items.

This car sits this low thanks to a 4" narrowed
front beam and has been lowered 1 spline on the
rear. Brakes are stock drums all round and uses
a gin bottle as a fluid reservoir. The motor is also
stock, it's just converted to 12 volt.

Another stock looking beetle was this lovely 1958
bug. The cream coloured steel wheels looked
great against the black body and apart from being
lowered everything else is pretty much standard,
including the original 1200cc engine.

The interior of the '58 looked fantastic. It has been
re-trimmed in a slate grey material by Bernard
Newbury, a very well known VW upholsterer here in
the U.K. and it looked gorgeous.

A fantastic display of oval window bugs inside
the lower hall at the Volksworld show.

This 1967 split screen looked fantastic. It's an
original Australian 11 window high level vent bus
with deluxe belt trim. The bus has a lovely stance
thanks to having the flipped spindles and adjustable
spring plates. The stock 1600cc motor has twin
Webber carbs and mated to a 1300cc beetle

Inside the reconditioned interior it was amazing.
The seats and door cards had all been re-trimmed
in green nappa leather with cream piping, and the
leather bound Wilton wool carpet looked so nice.

This stock 1954 RHD oval sunroof beetle looked
great with it's drag / street style look. The front has
been lowered thanks to adjusters in the king and
link pin beam. The rear has been converted to an
IRS. Wheels are Erco spun aluminium items that
suited the car. Power for this race car comes from
a 2332cc motor with twin 48 IDA carbs.

So that was my 4 part review on the Volksworld Show
2017. If you missed any of the reviews for this show
you can find them at the top left of this page under
'My Blog Archive'. In fact I took so many photo's I
think I have enough for maybe another 2 reviews
of this show that I may keep in case I have a quite
few weeks! Next weeks blog is all about Big Bang
VW show that was held at Santa Pod Raceway.
So be sure to come back next Saturday.

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