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Big Bang VW festival 2017 (part 3 of 4)

This weeks blog review is part three of four reviews all about the annual Big Bang VW camper and bus show which was held at the world famous Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire over the weekend of 21st - 23rd April 2016. This huge Volkswagen festival at the home of the FIA European drag racing championships seems to get bigger and better every year and is billed as the friendliest VW show on the U.K calendar, despite the high octane drag racing and two live music arenas. This festival is a laid back affair and very family friendly. The big bang weekend consists of 3 days of non stop action on the drag strip, including (RWYB) Run What You Brung, music and various types of entertainment every day / night, show and shine, fun fair, monster truck display, jet car, and plenty more to keep both adults and the younger children occupied all weekend. The Big Bang VW festival is a local show for me, being only 40 miles away from my hometown of Aylesbury, in Buckinghamshire so it was nice leisurely drive over to Northamptonshire on the Saturday morning. The blog continues as I wander around Santa Pod admiring all the quality Volkswagens.
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To start this weeks blog we have one of the nicest
split screen buses on the VW scene at the moment, 
(that I've seen anyway!) This is a 1958 LHD Swiss 
Army radio communication bus. The gorgeous bright
red paint may look fresh but the bus underwent a
bare metal respray over 4 years ago. It's not only me
who think this bus is nice, as it's already been featured 
in the S.S.V.C. (Split Screen Van Club) club magazine
and also in VW Camper and Commercial magazine.

This bus not only looks gorgeous, it's also very 
solid and has never been welded!. The engine
is a very respectable 1776cc unit with Porsche 944 
disc brakes on all four corners to help stop the bus.
The wheels are Gas Burner replicas although the
owner James, says these are soon to be changed.

Talking of nice split screen buses this 1967 all
white example looked gorgeous. I did like the fact
that it looked original with it's high ride height and
those lovely painted steel wheels with white wall

This imported bus really was so clean and tidy
and the turret top with twin roof racks finished
off the look perfectly. The check curtains also had
a period look about them.

Another 1967 vehicle I spotted was this stunning
dark blue bug. This slammed bug looked lovely
with it's Fuchs style wheels and being so low. How
perfectly straight is that reflection in the drivers 

You can see just how low this bug is from this
angle, the narrowed front beam add to this cars
cool look.

One of my Facebook friends Paul, attended the 
show in his black and flamed 1998 T4, that he 
has christened 'Betty the Bitch' as Paul has a
liking for Betty Boop! The van has an old skool 
hot rod theme with the flame paint job and
 the red painted steel wheels.

Betty the Bitch is so recognisable and often gets
complimentary comments/ Paul painted the bus
himself including the flames.

At these shows you do see some weird and
 wonderful creations and this low rider push bike 
caught my eye. I watched as the owner rode past 
and I have to say it did look hard work peddling 
that bike!

This early 1960's RAT look splitty looked cool
with it's patina paint and having been lowered
so much. The narrow front beam ensure the
front wheels are tucked right under the cab.

This really was cool looking bus that looked just
about right from every angle.

Parked alongside the above split screen was
another RAT look splitty of similar vintage. The
RAT look is still massive over here in the U.K.
and it's easy to see why.

This bus has also been slammed and also has
a narrowed front beam. I did like that very retro
full length roof rack which suited the bus perfectly.

The British RAT look in all it's glory. A pair of
lovely RAT look splits at Big Bang VW show.

As I walked along the row of display vehicles I
noticed another pair of RAT look buses, this time
an early single cab pick up and a late bay.

I do like the single cab split screen especially
when they look this nice. This early SC oozed
patina and looked so much nicer for the fact
that it was riding at what looks like stock height.

I did like the look of this bus and the fact that it
had the hoops and canvas over the bed, which
is quite rare to see. This lovely bus had just the
right amount of patina paint over the Dove blue
(or similar colour) original paint.

The second of the RAT look buses was this 1972
late bay. I did like the patchwork paint and the
painted Maltese cross on the door. The narrowed
 front beam add to this buses low slammed look.

This really was a nice bus, the opening rear screen
looked cool. Although this bus had a ratty look,
it was actually quite solid.

No comment from me needed as the decal on
the rear wheel arch says it all!

This old skool gasser style caddie looked great
with it's black and flamed paint job. This really
did look like an out and out racer.

Looking up into the engine bay, I couldn't see
what motor the caddy had, but suffice to say it
was a V8 of some description.

High riding front end with big and little wheels,
this really looked good and so old skool.

From the side you can see the caddy in all it's
gasser glory. I would have liked to have seen this
run down the 1/4 mile, but if it did run, I missed it.

This stunning all white 1960's Karmann Ghia
looked fantastic in the sunshine. The KG has
been lowered and has what looks like a narrow
front beam.

This really was a lovely straight and clean car,
and the chrome sparkled in the sunshine.

The last vehicle in this weeks blog is this lovely
slammed 1969 early bay crew cab pick up. This
bus really has been slammed and the super narrow
front beam adds to the overall look.

This old bus had what looked like the original
paint which was just starting to show it's age, and
it looked great. The canvas cover over the pick up
bed was a neat sought after accessory.

Next weeks blog will be the fourth and final instalment
on the Big Bang VW show 2017, and you will be
able to see plenty more bugs and buses including
a lovely patina'd beetle with a very unusual feature!
so be sure to come back next Saturday.

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