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Just Kampers Open day 2017 (part 3 of 3)

Welcome to the (slightly shorter than normal) third and final instalment all about the Just Kampers Open Day. My favourite parts supplier for my microbus is 'Just Kampers' based in Odiham in Hampshire over here in the U.K. They are my favourite supplier because the prices are very competitive, the customer service is extremely good with very knowledgeable staff and and any parts ordered are normally in stock and always sent out for next day delivery (and normally with a free small packet of sweets!). The website is also a bonus as it's so easy to navigate and find what you want. Every year Just Kampers hold an open day at the distribution centre with weekend camping available. The open day, which this year was held over the weekend of 17th - 18th June, and attracts hundreds of customers / visitors and most arrive in their prized Volkswagen, of all descriptions, there also traders and caterers on site which all help to make this open day, a great day.! I have been to this event several times in the past, although I have never camped over, so once again I decided to have a drive down into deepest Hampshire to the village of Odiham, which is about 60 miles from my hometown of Aylesbury. On the Saturday morning the sun was shining, and the forecast was good so I put some cool tunes on the stereo and Fiona (my 1969 microbus) and I set off. Just Kampers do not only sell parts and accessories for campers and buses but also Beetle parts, and no end of water cooled parts and accessories, camping gear and even motor insurance. You can check out the the very easy to use Just Kampers website here:  The review continues as I wander around the show.
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Another random photo looking across the back
of an early bug towards the campsite. The amount
of people, and vehicles that camped over for the
weekend was incredible and something I shall
definitely look at doing next year.

A better look at the early bug that I was looking
across in the above photo. This original looking
beetle, although it had a few knocks really did
look solid. 

The baby blue body looked as though it was the
original paint and holding up well. The luggage
rack was cool as were all the period accessories.

Again looking into another part of the camping
area, this time looking across the front of a very

clean lilac and white late bay.

The 1974 lilac and white bay did look so clean
and tidy with it's unusual colour combination.

This 1978 bay was cool with all it's accessories.
The steel mesh sun visor, clear front indicator
lenses, two bow roof rack and roof ladder all
helped to make this bus stand out.

This really was a lovely clean bus. The tube rear
bumper helped this bus to be different from all
the other bays at the show.

This 1969 light blue bug was gorgeous. The pastel
blue colour suited this old bug and made the 
whole car look so crisp and clean. The BRM (I
think) wheels also suited the overall look.

You can see just how clean this old '69 was from
this photo. The car looks to be pretty much stock
and that helped to make it stand out.

This creamy coloured '72 bay looked good with
it's (possibly home made) bull bar / wheel carrier.
Again this bus looked pretty much stock, I did like
the opening 1/4 light windows on the rear side
glass, which would give good ventilation when
sleeping inside. 

This old '72 really did look a good honest bus,
with plenty of character. 

I bet the first thing you noticed about this 1971
white over sky blue bay was those amazing
electric blue tinted windows, as that's the first
thing I noticed whilst walking around the show.

Without the reflection of the clouds you can see
the true colour of the windows. This really was a
lovely clean bay that may have been a Devon
conversion..(?) that had been slightly lowered.

The two bow roof rack over the cab looked cool
as did the chrome air vent grille.

This gorgeous 1966 21 window samba deluxe
was simply stunning. The perfectly straight body
panels gave off an almost perfect reflection as
you can see. 

This old '66 really was immaculate. The chrome
Porsche wheels looked great and matched the
chrome bumpers perfectly. I'm not sure what size
engine this bus had, but judging by that huge
exhaust sticking out under the bumper I'd have
a guess that it isn't a stock 1600cc motor.

The matching interior was finished to the same
high standard as the outside. This bus is so
clean I'd be afraid to use it!

That lovely old green Coca Cola cool box was
a neat accessory that suited the bus perfectly,
as did the green vinyl covered seats.

There were numerous caterers there that catered
for most tastes, including mine! The white and
peppermint green split screen was selling ice
creams and the Airstream trailer in the background
sold burgers and hot dogs etc.

As I sat in the shade to escape the burning sun-
shine I kept looking at the Airstream trailer, I wasn't
sure why until I noticed the 'Ice Cold Beer' sign
then I knew why!!

This lovely old split screen crew cab had had
the rear bed converted into a pizza oven. I didn't
try one of their pizza's but they did look and smell
very nice.

This ratty looking 1970 baja is not what it seems,it
may look like a 'work in progress' or an unfinished
project but this is in fact  'Betty the Baja Bug'. On
16th July this old baja set off on the 'Mongol Rally
2017'. A 20,000 mile trip (10,000 miles each way)
from the U.K. to Mongolia and back again to help 

raise money for 'Claire House Children's Hospice'
and the 'Cool Earth' Charity.

Colin and Heather Maddox are the couple taking
on this crazy adventure. I had a good chat to
Colin and he was saying that there will be no back
up vehicles, no GPS systems, no breakdown cover
and only a limited number of spares, donated by
Just Kampers. 

By now they should be about 3 weeks into their
epic trip and as I write this review, they have
just left K
azakhstan. They have had their fair share
of breakdowns already, but all have been fixed
with the help and assistance of the locals they
met along the way. You can follow their progress
throughout the trip on Facebook, just search for
'Betty Maddox' (their profile pic is of Betty the Baja)

So that was the 4 part review on the Just Kampers
Open Day 2017. Next year I will be camping over
on the Saturday night as I've heard nothing but
good reviews. Next weeks blog review is all about
the Stonor Park VW Expo Show, or as I think it
should be called from now on, The Wolfsburg Bus
Crew's club meet. (all be become apparent next
week) So be sure to come back next Saturday 
to read all about this show.

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