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Endless Summer VW Show 2017 (part 4 of 4)

This weeks blog review is part 4 of 4 about the 'Endless Summer' VW Show that was held on Sunday 13th August at The War Memorial Park in Basingstoke, Hampshire. The location of the show was only about 54 miles from my hometown, so as it wasn't too far and as the forecast was good I decided to jump in the bus and go and check out this great little show show. The show which was billed as " a great one day family VW event in Hampshire" and was organised by Allan Shepherd who has been part of the VW scene for over 15 years. Allan decided the show could raise money for 2 local charities: Naomi House & Jacks Place and this year they raised a huge £3491.33. Entry to this show was a modest £5.00 ($8 approx) and the money went to the named charities. The location was ideal with easy access and plenty of well kept grass in the memorial park to park all the VW's on. There were numerous clean portable toilets to use, and enough traders selling everything to suit everyone. The shows Marshal's were numerous and unlike some shows I have attended, actually knew what they were doing and when to do it, which made a nice change! and it also helped the shows to run smoothly. The blog continues as I wander around the show.
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This perfectly straight green and white 1967 split
screen panel van ticked all the right boxes for me.
This old panel van was so straight and the paint
was so nice that it stood out amongst all the other

This gorgeous van looked great with those lovely
chrome Radar wheels. You can see just how
straight this old panel van was from this photo.

Another split screen of 1967 vintage was this
stunning red and white bus. The paint, or rather

the reflection in that gorgeous paint was incredible
as you can clearly see.

The interior was just as immaculate as the exterior
and had been restored to an amazing standard.

This great one day show always attracts many
fantastic varieties of Volkswagen, both air cooled
and water cooled. 

This show, with all the room around the vehicles
is a great way to have a good look both outside
and inside the vehicles. Of course the owners
are always happy to talk about their vehicles so
it's a great way to find out how they have done
something that your stuck with on your vehicle.

As I have previously mentioned this show attracts
many show standard quality vehicles, including
this gorgeous 1966 gold beetle.

Another beetle was this, err, I'm not sure what to
call this... a rat rod? Anyway this car certainly
drew plenty of attention for being so radical.

The fenderless satin black body with grey high
lights looked like something you'd expect to see
in the Mad Max films.

The dressed up engine suited the overall look
of this radical rod.

On a hot sunny Sunday afternoon the owner of
this gorgeous white over blue split screen had
the right idea as he'd parked up in the shade
under some trees. This really was a lovely straight
bus as the reflection down the side shows.

This lovely bus wasn't too flashy, it was just a good
clean example of this iconic vehicle. I did like
that blue colour that looked great against the white
upper half of the body.

Talking of good clean examples, how about this
stunning 1963 beetle. This bug has been lowered
slightly to give it the 'just right' ride height. The
perfectly straight body had an almost perfect coat
of paint and those white standard wheels looked
to be the perfect choice to suit this car.

A few of the traders at the show brought along
some supercars as well as some classic air-

cooled VW's to promote their business.

One of the supercars that drew plenty of attention
was this Lamborghini Aventador, in a subtle under-
stated bright yellow colour. This carbon fibre bodied
car has a V12, 396 cubic inch engine that produces
690 BHP. 

With all that power in a super light weight body
the top speed of the Aventador is a mind blowing
220 MPH, so this is the view most of us better
get used to, as it's the view we'll only see as it

disappears into the distance!

From the fastest vehicle to possibly the slowest
at the show was this cool self built trike. I do like
the weird and wonderful creations some of the
owners come up with.

Bay window buses at the Endless Summer VW
show. My 1969 microbus on the left in the fore-
ground was in very good company with many
other lovely buses in the line up.

The organisers had arranged for a band to
play for most of the day to entertain the crowds,
which they certainly did. I didn't catch the name of
the band but they were good and interacted with
the crowds who enjoyed their performance.

This guy was certainly enjoying the band, as I
caught him dancing along to the band on the roof
of his bus!

A gorgeous sunny afternoon, in a lovely location
with an amazing array of quality Volkswagens,
what else could you possibly want for a great
day out with friends.

A great day out, and a show that I always attend
and a show that gets bigger and better year on

The same fantastic variety as seen here in the
split screen line up could also been seen in the
other models of Volkswagens at the show.

Sat watching the band, I looked around and saw
this lovely blue bug. I'm not sure why but I really
liked the look of this gorgeous bug. Maybe it
was the Fuchs style wheels against that lovely
blue paint, or maybe the slammed stance.

Talking of beetles, there was several rows of
bugs, and the various ages along with the looks
was amazing.

This gorgeous mango and white splitty was
stunning. It was obvious just looking at this lovely
bus that no expense has been spared to get it
to this standard.  

The overall finish of this mango bus was amazing
and everything was perfect. The time and expense
it must have taken to get this bus to this high
standard must be immense.

As you would expect the interior was finished to
the same high standard. I don't know what wood
those units are made from but the grain in the
wood looked fantastic.

On the roof of this lovely bus the owners had a
colour coded tandem cycle. On the crossbar
the tandem it had the wording 'Splitty Support

From one extreme to another was this lovely old
split screen panel van. I've seen this van several
times and have photographed it every time. This
really is a lovely looking RAT van.

I'm not sure why I like this van so much, but I think
it's just the overall look that I like.

To finish off this 4 part review of the Endless
Summer VW show, it wasn't just the people that
enjoyed a chilled out relaxing Sunday afternoon.
This cool dog was sat in the shade of the open
elevated roof on a T4 (I think) with it's tail hanging
through the open sun roof.

So that was my 4 part review of the Endless
Summer VW show 2017. Overall another great
relaxed show in a perfect location. If your close
to Basingstoke I strongly suggest that you pop
along to this show next year. If you have missed 
any of the previous reviews you can find them at 
the top left of this page under 'My Blog Archive'.
Next weeks blog review is all about the Brill
Classic Car Show where a couple of friends
and I went along in our buses to have a fun
day at this show so be sure to come back
next Saturday.

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