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Wolfsburg Bus Crew - 2nd Anniversary Party (part 3 of 3)

Firstly I would to wish all my readers wherever you are in the world, a very Happy New Year. This weeks blog review is the third and final review all about the Wolfsburg Bus Crew's 2nd Birthday Bash that was held at the world famous Ace Cafe in London on Sunday 3rd September. So what is the WBC all about? Well it's best if I let Rich Coxhill (who runs the WBC) tell you in his own words. The following text is taken from the WBC Facebook page: 
The Wolfsburg Bus Crew is a club based in London & the midlands (but with members worldwide) for owners of Volkswagen split screens, bay windows &T25's. Even though we are based in London and the midlands we have members who live all over the U.K. as well as all over the world. Your bus doesn't have to be a show winner or completely mint to be part of the Wolfsburg Bus Crew, it you love your bus, then we love your bus! We have monthly meets, club stands, various runs, camping trips and discounts from VW parts companies as well as many other things.Thanks for your support and let's keep these beautiful machines on the road!. Well said Rich!. 
I have been a member of the WBC for about a year or so, and it's a fantastic club, and as I missed the first anniversary bash because I didn't know about it, I was determined that I wasn't going to miss the 2nd anniversary bash. As I mentioned earlier the hard work of running this successful club is done by Rich who never seems to stop promoting the club, getting discounts from VW suppliers for club members, organising club meets at various shows throughout the year, arranging the production and distribution of the club stickers and this year has even organised a calendar to be produced featuring 12 lucky members rides to appear in the calendar with all the proceeds of £226 have, as I write this review, just been donated to the charity Age U.K. If you want to join the WBC, and why wouldn't you?, you can do so by going to their facebook page:  
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This lovely 1965 walkthrough split screen panel 
van belongs to Robin. Robin has owned the van 
for about 4 years after buying it off E-Bay without 
seeing it, but it was a walk through model which 
Robin wanted so the condition didn't really matter. 
This slammed van is able to sit this low because 
the steering box has been raised with a
 shortened steering column all linked to an 
adjustable front beam with drop spindles.

The bus needed all the usual repairs to the lower
body, sills, rear corners etc. Once all the body
repairs were complete the bus was painted in
the Porsche Brumos racing colours as this is
where Robin works. the van has a 1600TP
motor with a beetle IRS and gearbox. The van
also has a dual circuit braking system with disc
brakes and a servo. The wheels are Porsche
356 reproduction items with original hub caps.

This immaculate 1973 white over orange bay is
owned by Luke. This high riding late bay looked
great parked up at the Ace. I do like bay's at
stock height. Luke has only owned this bus since
April this year and he describes it as an ongoing

The engine is a 1600cc unit with twin carbs. The
interior is partially finished and will continue to
improve as and when Luke gets the time.

Fiona attended the bash in her gorgeous 1963
split screen bus. This bus was originally from
Oregon, U.S.A. and Fiona has had him for just
over 5 years. Yes, she's adamant the bus is male
as vehicles are normally female. Fiona calls her
bus 'Yucky Doo Dah' and no-one is ever allowed
to drive him.  

Power comes from a 1914cc all steel turbo engine
although the turbo isn't on the engine at the moment
as the bus still has the original drum brakes fitted.
The bus still has the reduction boxes fitted but will
still cruise at 60 MPH. This bus is Fiona's daily
driver and she says it's the best vehicle she's
ever owned.

Just some nice sign writing on the tail gate of
Fiona's gorgeous 1963 split screen bus.

An exceptional turn out of WBC members in
their buses came to the Ace Cafe to celebrate
the 2nd anniversary of the club.

Fiona's '63 splitty in the foreground of this photo
with other WBC members buses in the background
at the Ace Cafe, London. It doesn't look that busy

from this photo, but I'm guessing most of the WBC
members were inside getting some food.

More WBC members buses at the Ace Cafe,
the sheer numbers of members that attended
this great event provided a great diversity of
buses of all models and all years.

Robin's '65 walkthrough panel van flanked by
Luke's '73 late bay and the mango and white
split screen (owner unknown).

Chris is the lucky owner of this stunning 1979 high
 top bay that was gorgeous. The overall finish was
amazing, the body was so straight and clean and
that bright orange paint was almost perfect. 

You can see just how clean this bay really is from
this photo. The engine is a 2.0 litre auto, which is
quite rare apparently. Chris has had the bus for 11
years and describes the bus as a rolling resto!
Aren't they all Chris?! Future plans include getting
the bus to sit just a bit lower to improve the ride,
although it's not going to be slammed.

The interior was just as nice as the outside.
Again the attention to detail was amazing. This

very smart and functional interior certainly drew
plenty of compliments throughout the evening.

A couple of gorgeous blue buses, Rich's 1972
Westfalia and Joe's 1971 deluxe both these
buses featured in part 2 of this 3 part review.

And now a couple of beige buses, Paul's 1967
SO42 Westfalia and Dave's 1969 single cab
pick up. Again both these buses in last weeks

As promised, here are just some of the girls from
London's most exciting burlesque dance troupe, 
'The Folly Mixtures', who have been entertaining 
audiences worldwide for the past 5 years. You can 
find out more about these beauties at their website:

The girls certainly went down well at the event,
this was 
certainly not your average night at The
 Ace Cafe! Normally the Ace is full of big hairy
leather clad tattooed bikers.

Oops, how did this photo get onto the blog...!
The Folly Mixtures taking time out for a selfie 
the photographer. This close up photo was just 
trying to show the detail on the girls costumes..
,.... honestly.!

Look who I found in the 'Ace', it's only John and
Amanda. John is responsible for organising the
'Run the Ring' the charity VW cruise around the
M25 motorway, which I have taken part in for the
last two years, and plan to again this year. John
had brought along some of this years (2017) 
'RTR' window stickers and even gave me couple 
for my bus. There will be a blog review about this 
amazing event in the coming weeks.

Just one of the many Wolfsburg Bus Crew window
stickers members can purchase from the WBC

web site. This sparkly one I think was a limited 
edition, but it looked great.

As dusk fell over the Ace Cafe, and the lights
came on most of the members headed inside
to get some delicious hot food.. and a drink of

My bus, along with some awesome buses parked
up outside the Ace Cafe, London.

My 1969 microbus outside the Ace Cafe at
twilight, the velvet green paint looks really dark

under the artificial lights.

It's time to present the winners of the evening.
Winner of Best T25 was Davyd's 1991 slammed
T25 (featured in part 2 of this review)

Arron collecting the best T25 award on behalf
on Davyd, I bet Davyd wishes he had gone now

as he could have been standing next to all these
gorgeous girls!!

The Best Bay went to this stunning 1979 orange
late bay belonging to Chris. (as seen in this review)

Chris getting a cheeky cuddle while collecting
his award for best bay.

Best split screen award went to this gorgeous
1967 double cab owned by Greg and Stephanie

(as featured in part 2 of this review)

Greg collecting his trophy surrounded by the
gorgeous Folly Mixtures.

Robin's '65 walkthrough panel van that won the
Best Bus overall award on the evening with the
Folly Mixtures. (as seen in this review)

Robin collecting his trophy and getting a photo
to remember. Well done to all the winners on the

night, it must have been difficult to choose the
winners as there were so many cool buses in
attendance. Thanks to everyone who attended
this birthday bash, and I'll see you all again for
next years bash!

So that was the Wolfsburg Bus Crew's 2nd
Birthday bash at the Ace Cafe, London. Overall
a fantastic evening was had by all, and a well done
must go to Rich and all the people that helped him
organise this great event. A fantastic effort by all of you,
and don't forget to join the WBC if you haven't done
so already. Also a big thanks to all the WBC members
who submitted info on their bus, and thanks again to
Rich for all his help in producing this 3 part review.
Next week's blog review is all about the Chearsley 
Classic Car Show, where I and a few mates took 
our buses along and put on a very visual display
just to show the classic car folk how the VW crew
 do things! So be sure to come back next Saturday.

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