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Brighton Breeze 2017 (part 2 of 4)

This weeks blog review is the second of four reviews all about the annual Brighton Breeze VW show, which this year was held on Saturday 7th October 2017 on Maderia Drive in coastal town of Brighton. The Brighton Breeze show is organised by the S.S.V.C. (The Split Screen Van Club) which founded in 1983 by a group of guy's who loved the split screen bus. The S.S.V.C. attend many shows throughout the year, and each year they put on their own show, called The Brighton Breeze. The show is held in the same location every year, along Maderia Drive in Brighton, West Sussex on the south coast of England. Maderia Drive runs East / West from Brighton Pier to Black Rock and is only a stones throw from Brighton's infamous South facing pebble beach. Brighton Breeze is normally held on the first Saturday of October, and this is a show I have attended for many years. Being a south facing beach, if the weather is good, it is really good, however if the weather is bad, then you really are in trouble. Over the years I have experienced 70 degree heat with blazing sunshine (including getting sun burnt) to storm conditions with high winds and almost horizontal rain with freezing temperatures and as it's held in October this shows success really is in the hands of the weather. This year's forecast wasn't good with heavy rain forecast all day but that didn't put me off, as I had arranged to meet up with the Wolfsburg Bus Crew (WBC) at Pease Pottage services, (which is about halfway to Brighton for me) for a club convoy down to the show. The forecast wasn't good but how bad could the weather be!? So early on the Saturday morning I jumped in my 1969 microbus and set off for the southbound services on the A23, but the closer I got to the services the heavier the rain was coming down. The blog review continues as I wander along Maderia Drive looking at all the amazing vehicles.
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This lovely Sierra Yellow high top early bay caught
my eye. I do like these high top buses. This bus
has been lowered and I think it was one of the
many overseas visitors to this one day show.

More early bays lines up along Maderia Drive,
it was good to see so many early bays at the
show and each one was different from the last.

Wolfsburg Bus Crew member Gary went along
to the Breeze in his cool yellow 1986 T25 Doka.

Talking of overseas visitors to the show, this pair
of blue bays had come over from Belgium to be
part of this show. 

The hundreds upon hundreds of Volkswagens
parked up along the entire length of Maderia
Drive made for a very colourful display.

The lovely gloss green and matt grey early split
screen has appeared on my blog several times,
and it's easy to see why. This really is a lovely
looking bus.

Another lovely looking split screen bus was this
grey over white 1962 deluxe. That full length roof
rack finished off the overall look of this cool bus.

Classic Volkswagen buses of all years, colours
and descriptions at the Brighton Breeze show.

I did like the overall look of this black over sealing
wax red early 22 window split screen bus.

Early bays, late bays and split screens lined the
whole length of Maderia Drive in Brighton.

This gorgeous 1957 Dove Blue split screen bus
was so clean and straight. I did like the 'harp'
mirror arms and the gold Empi 5 spoke wheels
on the narrowed front beam.

Those small rear lights on an early split just look
so nice. The full length roof rack was a cool looking
aftermarket accessory that suited the bus.

We've all seen Fire buses at shows, but I doubt
none as nice and straight  as this early split screen 
panel van.

The sign writing (in German) reads 'Feuerwehr'
translates to 'Fire Department' and 'Pulver' means
'Foam' This really was a lovely clean van.

A good mix of all models of Volkswagen is always
guaranteed at the Breeze.

Here is another photo of that super bright green
and white 1964 split that you saw in part 1 of this
blog review.

Another green split but not quite as bright as the
one above, but equally as nice. This 1967 two tone
green buses colours worked really well together.

A fantastic mix of air cooled (and water cooled)
Volkswagens lined the entire length of the sea
front in Brighton.

Old and young (ish) beetles parked up side by
side at the Breeze. An early 1960's grey bug
alongside a relatively new 1970 brown bug.

This gorgeous slammed type 34 Karmann Ghia
was immaculate. These are more commonly known
as the 'RazorEdge' and were produced from 1962
- 1969 and this was Volkswagens most expensive
and luxurious car at the time, and costing almost
twice as much as a Beetle. 

This super clean Ghia looked amazing in that
dark green paint with those polished Porsche
rims. It is believed that only around 2000 of these
cars still exist in the world, which makes this car
very special indeed.

A lovely split screen panel van with the 'Museum
of British Surfing' decals on the side. I wonder
if they managed to get out on the waves...?

This 1966 single cab split screen pick up caught
my eye with it's super low stance and that very
narrow front beam. 

This slammed truck really was so clean, all the
panels were perfectly straight and the blue paint
was flawless, this really was a nice pick up truck.

Another blue split screen pick up truck but this
one has the RAT look. I did like the overall look
of this S/C with it's patina paint. The cyclopes
light looked cool as did the hoops for the canvas
over the pick up bed.

I do like the patina look that is big over here in
the U.K. at the moment. Although this bus has
some surface rust it was actually quite solid.

A cool sticker on the tailgate of the single cab
pick up, although I'm not sure how many drivers
on the road today will know what it means!

This ratty split screen van was another of the
many overseas visitors to the show. 

This white RAT look 1967 split screen looked to
be a good honest bus, what you see is what you
get. I did like the twin yellow spot lights and the
matching yellow headlight glass, not to mention
the full length roof rack with that awesome cycle.

On the other end of the looks scale, this 1964
11 window split stood out with it's dark green
over cream paint. This immaculate bus was
finished to a very high standard. I did like the
Porsche headlight grilles.

A great mix of buses at the Breeze is always
guaranteed, so whatever you're into you'll be
sure to find it at this show.

Down the marina end of the show the line up had
a few gaps, which I haven't seen in previous years,
maybe the bad weather forecast put a few people
off heading to the coast in their pride and joy.

October in the U.K. looking out towards France
across the English Chanel. It looks a bit choppy
out there...

A better look at the sea with Brighton's Pier in
the background. The sea doesn't look that inviting

but in past years I have been on the beach in
shorts getting sun burnt,  this shows success
really is down to the weather.

This 1971 type 3 variant (or Squareback as it was
marketed in the U.S.) was immaculate. It looked as
though this lovely car had recently been restored
as it was so clean and straight. 

Although it was still missing the front and rear
bumpers, this car really did look factory fresh.
The type 3 was produced from 1961 - 1973 but
I doubt they ever looked this clean.

This 1975 beetle caught my eye due to it's low
stance, and the bright orange bodywork. I did
like the look of it's front end with the chrome head
light peaks, re-positioned indicators and nerf bars
instead of the usual bumpers.

The owner of this cool 1969 beach buggy braved
the cold and rain to attend the Breeze. I'm not sure
what type of buggy this is, but it did look nice. The
unusual hardtop provided some protection from
the elements. 

The roof was something I haven't seen before,
the oval rear window and the two porthole side
windows gave this roof an old classic look.

The interior looked like a nice place to sit, even
if it was freezing cold and raining. 

This gorgeous green over white early 1960's
21 window split screen bus was stunning. It's
quite unusual to have the darker colour on top,
but choose the right colour and and it will look 
stunning, as is the case here.

Talking of stunning vehicles, how about this 1971
Karmann Ghia? The perfectly straight body with
it's flawless coat of bright yellow paint (that looked
like it had a hint of gold) was amazing. 

The Ghia's low stance added to this lovely cars
overall look. The colour coded bumpers gave the
Karmann's classic shape a modern look.

Inside the engine bay, the finish was just as high
with the flawless yellow paint and dressed up

This 2 tone 1970 beetle looked really nice with
it's light green and beige body. The beige sides
reminded me of a 'woody'. The colour coded
wheels and bumpers were a nice touch.

Looking at the Karmann from the hub cap of the
gorgeous beetle.

This really was a lovely clean and straight bug
as you can see from this photo. The old skool
roof rack complimented the overall look.

The engine bay and motor were also both treated
to painting and detailing. 

A cool hand painted cartoon on the doghouse
fan shroud. It's small details like this that make
all the difference.

So that was part two all about the Brighton Breeze.
Next week will be part three where you can see,
plenty more bugs, buses and Karmann Ghia's,
plus a whole lot more so be sure to come back
next Saturday.

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