Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Keeping warm..

In England it can get really cold, and in winter it can get even colder (!) so I decided to insulate the bus to keep some heat in and also to add some soundproofing to make for a quietier ride.
After removing the side panel this is what I
found, a worn out, crumbling piece of foam about
10mm thick which is not good for insulation or

After a trip to B&Q this thick insulation was
pressed into every crevice

Then covered in foil to help reflect any heat
back into the bus

I did the same for the rear door

Once again the panel recess was insulated and
covered in foil

Da Dah..! when the cover panel is put back it
looks no different, but hopefully I will feel
and hear the difference!

All the panels will be done the same, and
anywhere else that has a recess for cold air
to stay!

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