Tuesday, 6 September 2011

My 1969 US bay import

When I was looking for a bay window I had two criteria in mind, #1 I wanted a solid bus without too much rust and #2 it had to be reliable. When I saw this import from House of Dub and HOD Imports(http://www.houseofdub.co.uk/Welcome.html )  I knew she was the one. Zoe and Spike,the owners of House of Dub and HOD Imports are friends of mine, they told me that the bus came from Sacramento, California so I knew she would be relatively rust free being from a 'dry' state, I also knew that Spike was letting Zoe use the bus to commute to her day job and back so I knew the bus would be also be reliable. (don't forget to check out my blog archive pages from the menu on the left)

Sitting high and proud, just as she was imported.

Just love the rusty bumper..
Not very pretty but functional
HOD Imports even threw in a new headlining as
part of the deal

Microbus interior complete with sun bleached seats!

This is what I mean about being solid..

Quite a straight body under the dodgy orange-
peel effect paint

OK, her distinctive 'Princess Fiona'
ear's.. in California it's HOT, you
need to get as much air in as possible,
hence the extended vents and cut outs

Mmmm, so comfortable.....

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  1. Nice Bus needs a chequered Front on it then it will really stand out !!!!! :-)