Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Ace Cafe VW meet.

On the 3rd Tuesday of each month the world famous Ace Cafe hold a VW aircooled and T4/T25 night. As the 'Ace' is only about 45 minutes from our home town we normally take a drive up there. The Aylesbury convoy of aircooled VW's has been as large as 6-7 vehicles including bug's / bays and splits, but unfortunately last night it was only my mate Stuart in his bug... I was going to take my bus but on the way to meet Stuart it started to drizzle, then and only then, did I realize my wipers had packed up.! So I hitched a ride in the bug with Stuart and Tim (which also had wiper failure on the way up, but we managed to fix this..) Check out the pic's below.. I bet you're gonna wish you were there!! Why not also check out the Ace Cafe website

A good variety of aircooled VW's in front of
the cafe.

Darren's white bay and Roberts blue T25, both
from the Dunstable Dubers, were at the Ace
as usual.

Fuzzy picture, I was going for an action shot..!

Early Porsche turned up..well you wouldn't turn
him away would you?
This picture just doesn't do it justice

Very clean and straight early bay in the
Ace corner 

Nice front....
And a nice behind
Stuarts yellow bug, not showing it's best side 
in the beetle line up
I do have a soft spot for panel vans... although
this was a late bay it still got my attention as it
sat nice 'n high
This early bug was sweet...
No matter which angle you looked at it

The chequered front.. Stuarts trademark !!
This fastback looked cool amongst the bugs

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