Saturday, 23 February 2013

There's a new bay in town..

Back in September 2012 the House of Dub / House of Dub Imports held an open day with a show and shine, this promised to be very well attended event with VW clubs from numerous counties going, so a few of us from Aylesbury also attended this great one day show.  Among us was Andy Martin and his wife Annelise who came over in Andy's split screen panel van. During the day Andy and Annelise ventured over to where Zoe and Spike (from House of Dub) had displayed their latest delivery of bay windows from the sunny west coast of America, and they spotted a very straight, very solid baby blue and white microbus with deluxe trim. This sighting ignited a small spark in both of their minds as they needed a bigger vehicle to be able to carry all the kids safely.
The rest as they say... is history!
5 months after first seeing this microbus at
the H.o.D. show, and only 1 day after their
first wedding anniversary, the bay was
delivered by Spike to Andy's house, now how
many women can say they got a '71
 microbus as an anniversary present!

House of Dub have very good contacts in
California looking for good quality bay's, and
although this licence plate shows this bay
used to reside in Oregon, it is only the next
state north.

House of Dub sold this as a non-runner to
keep the cost down for Andy, but with Andy's
experience with VW's there is nothing major
that needs doing to it. Both Annelise and
Andy have plans in their heads on how the
bay should look when finished, so between
them both it should look even better than it
does now. It just needs a bit of TLC.

Andy's and Annelise's front garden is starting
to look like a mini VW show. Andy is preparing
his spilt in preparation for a trip to Ninove
in Belgium later this year.

Cool photo, how many of you wished your
front garden looked like this?

Interior is all complete, if a little dirty, with both
microbus rear seats in place which means
Annelise can ferry the kids around safely,
and in style. It will be nice to see this bay
driving around.

Interior just needs cleaning and it's finished,
maybe get the seats recovered at some point,
but that is it... even the headlining is good.

So we have another bay in town, which I'm sure Annelise can't wait to start driving around.
I hope you both have years of fun driving around in her, can't wait for you both to come to our club meet in your own vehicles!... finally a quick shout out to House of Dub, for importing yet another very solid, very straight and reasonably priced bay window.Thanks guy's.

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