Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Beaconsfield Classic Car and Bike Show.

On Sunday 5th May the Beaconsfield Football Club held their annual charity classic car and bike show. This year they joined forces with Watford Rods, a fairly local Hot rod and custom car club. I had discussed going with friends of mine, Claude and Jean and as the weather looked promising we decided to meet up at the event. 
I arrived before Claude and Jean, and this
was the first car I saw on the entry road to the
show. I just knew it was going to be a good

A super bright yellow 1934, 3 window coupe.
It has a roof chop, bobbed rear fenders with
big and little wheels. It looked similar to a
'Grafitti' coupe.

I got their about lunchtime and the show
ground was full so everyone had to use the
public car park. This lovely early Chevy
step side truck looked somewhat out of place
parked up next to everyday mundane cars.

A nice selection of early pick ups.

Also in the public car park was this early Ford
Popular in pro-street style with massive rear
wheels tucked under the stock body.

A 1932 Ford 5 window with a blown motor.

A 1959 (ish) Ford Popular in bright yellow.

Looking tough from the front with the blower
sticking through the hood.

Another Ford Pop, this time in dark purple.

Massive rear wheels,tinted windows and super
deep paint made this look so good.

Looks like a 1929 Model A pick up with a rag
top. Very nice.

A 1956 Chevrolet step side pick up. No flash
paint, no flash wheels, but doesn't it look good.

This convertible beetle had pearl paint, it went
from light blue to a light mauve. It doesn't
really show in the photo's, but trust me it
was so nice.

1956 Chevrolet 4 door in classic the red and

This looks like a 1960 / 61 Ford Mustang in
pastel yellow.

Stunning 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 4 door.
Lovely deep cherry red with white roof.

A lovely 1959 Ford Thunderbird convertible.

A 1959 Mercury Station Wagon sitting so
low. Love the deep blue over white paint and
the custom wheels.

Early bay in the car park looked sweet.

Another early bay with pop top. There must
have been 1/2 dozen early bays at the show
including mine.. not bad!

1946 Plymouth Coupe special convertible.
This looked original.

Interior of the Plymouth, immaculate.

A lovely 1958 Oldsmobile eighty eight in pink.

This Model A is a regular at the Ace Cafe,
and has been featured on my blog before.
A very nice looking 5 window.

An early 1960's Ford Anglia in pastel yellow
and looking pure hot rod. 

I'm sure this beetle is local to me, I think I
have seen this at the Wolfsburg Weed
Huggers VW Club.

Very clean and very nice theme.

This Ford Popular looked cool in it's retro
1970's style. Loved the red perspex rear
windows and the homemade air scoop.

How cool does this 1929 fully fendered 5
window Model A coupe look?

Finished in what looked like red oxide primer,
just added to it's toughness. Love the
louvres in the deck lid.

How about a street legal speedboat...
I wonder if the owner built this after last year's
horrendously wet summer.!

Looking under the boat, it looked as though it
was built on a Reliant Robin chassis or
something similar. I bet he gets some funny
looks driving down the street.

It's not unusual to see a fully fendered model
A, 3 window coupe with a model B grill shell
but not to have a roof chop, now that is

A mate of mine from the Wolfsburg Weed
Huggers was there in his early bay. It was
nice to catch up with Joe.

A lovely model B roadster in gloss black.

A fully fendered 1932 model B, with very
striking yellow flames over bright red.

A pair of pro street Ford Populars.

Pro street Fordson van looked tough.

A pro street style Henry J with blown motor.

15" x 15" rear wheels under the stock body,
and simple paint scheme made this one of
my favourites t the show.

This was my other favourite. A standard 1928
model A.

Skinny cross ply tyres should make driving
this a hoot.

Super bright orange model B roadster was

Another variation of the model B complete
with 'moon' fuel tank.

1929 Ford pick up with rag top.

This late Ford Anglia had a neat paint job.

1934 Ford looked cool with it's flame paint

My bay, parked up in the public car park.

Really cool looking beetle. I loved those
wheels with the whitewall tyres.

This was my dream bike many years ago as
a spotty teenager, a Yamaha XT500 Enduro.
I never did get to own one, little chance now
as they are getting rare.

I recognise this Kombi, Claude and Jean
stopped off on their way back from Stanford

Claude left his safari screen open so I
couldn't resist taking a photo.

Another lovely looking Model A coupe, with
bobbed rear fenders, colour coded steel
wheels with whitewall tyres, very nice.

This was my view of the drive home as I
followed Claude and Jean, happy days.

That was the 2013 Beaconsfield Classic
car show. It is a cracking little show, but
if you intend on going next year, a word
of advise... get their early because the
show field does get full up.

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