Thursday, 2 May 2013

Outcast VW Club monthly meet

This month's Outcast VW club monthly meet was actually held in sunshine for the first time this year.. a nice change after a long cold winter and we had two new vehicles attend our meet. 
The first of the members was Kelly- marie and
her partner Mark who came down in their
lovely white over blue late bay. Mark mentioned
he was having a few problems with how his
bay was running, and it wasn't long before
all the other club members were gathered at
the rear of Mark's bay giving advise and
offering assistance. Now that is what being in
a club is all about.

This bay, named 'Chelsea' by their daughter
really is a nice looking bus.

The interior is just as nice, I do like those blue
and white striped tuck and roll seats.

Andy came down in his split screen panel van,
Always nice to see Andy even if he can't stay
for long due to family commitments.

Andy's van parked in the sun... trying to dry
the freshly painted bumper I think.!

It must be nice to have safari screens and an
opening rear window on a warm spring

Claude came in his spilt screen kombi, Claude
has been designing and sorting out the club
window stickers, which should hopefully be
ready soon.

Claude's kombi with the distinctive bra and
single red light.

My micro bus, enjoying the evening spring sun.

Club line up, early in the evening. (left to right)
Kelly - marie and Marks bay, Andy's panel
van, Claude's kombi and my bay.

James and Helen arrived a bit later in the
evening in Jame's award winning beetle.

James's bug from behind. I just love that rear

As a birthday present Helen, James's partner
bought him this lovely original toolbox that fits
inside the spare wheel... how cool is that.
I don't often get all arty, but I thought this would
make for a good photo. Kelly - marie and Marks
bay reflection in Jame's hub cap.

House of Dub boss, Zoe came over with her
daughter Maddie in Zoe's new convertible
beetle. It must be almost summer as Zoe
has the top down.

Tim popped in on his way home in his retro
T25, having just been mountain biking.
New accessories on Tim's bus include the
eye brows and big yellow spots.

This bus has everything, not only the kitchen
sink but also a quality mountain bike.

This is better, the club line up is starting to
fill up now.

The second new member was Steve in his
beetle. I met Steve at a car boot sale, we got
chatting and I found out he was into VW's so
I invited him down to our club meet.

Having just sold his T25, Steve came down
in his beetle. Steve mentioned to me that his
carb was playing up, so I introduced him to
James and James offered some very helpful
advise which will hopefully sort out the
troublesome carb problem.
Hot-rod themed stickers on the rear windows
of Steve's bug.

Mark, from the House of Dub VW Club came
over in his convertible, having left his bay
at home.

Another convertible with the roof down... so
it must be true, it really is spring.!

Gavin and his dad, from Paint Shop Pro's
came in Gavin's loud Baja. I'm sure this Baja
gets bigger every time I see it, it looks as
though almost as big as Tim's T25.

Baja from the front... that really is some
ground clearance Gavin has there.

A late comer to the meet due to work
commitments was Ben, also from the House
of Dub VW Club. Always good to see Ben
and his lovely T5.

That was the May club meet, good as always
to see all the members, old and new, and
their vehicles.I know that some regular members
couldn't make it for various reasons, but that's
OK guy's, there is always next month.

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