Thursday, 25 April 2013

House of Dub Monthly VW meet,

Well it looks as though Spring has finally arrived in the UK, OK it's not quite summer just yet but at least it appears as though the rainy season has gone. That can only be good news for the numerous VW shows and club meets that have been planned for this year. One such VW club meet is the House of Dub monthly VW meet. The house of Dub have a new venue for the foreseeable future, and as I have not been to this new location before and as it had been a nice day I decided to venture over to the neighbouring county of Bedfordshire to see some old friends.
The entrance into the Globe Inn, in Linslade
 looked promising.

Canal side bar and restaurant, on a lovely
spring evening what could be a better
location for a club meet.

Ben left his split screen at home and came in
his lovely T5 in brilliant white.

I was very impressed with this T5, I would like
one of these, but that would mean getting rid
of my bay.. and that isn't going to happen.

Ben has already started to modify the interior
to his own taste. He has fitted some white
LED down lights and also this lovely blue LED
strip down the centre of the interior.

Zoe, who runs the House of Dub club came
in her newly acquired convertible Beetle.

A new member who came down for the first
time was Phil and his son Nathan, and their
newly acquired beetle. Nice to meet you Phil,
and Nathan hopefully see you both again.

Phil was saying that he recently bought this
Bug, and was having a few teething problems.
At the moment he said he had a love / hate
relationship with it, don't worry Phil we all have
teething problems.. after all it is a VW.

Phil's bug has a rare factory fitted sunroof...
very nice. Just need some decent weather now.

Andrew came down in his Buggy after an 18
month rebuild. It does look and sound very nice.

Andrew was saying that he was thinking about
getting a tonneau cover in the future, maybe
a wise choice in the UK.

Really nice colour a sort of purple metal flake.

Interior is purely functional.

Lovely looking rear end. When Adrian started
his buggy to leave, the exhaust was so loud it
set off the alarm on Richard's Polo parked
next to him.!

Elliott arrived in his lovely cherry red Beetle,
which looked as clean as always. My bay in
the background, looking not quite as shiny
as Elliot's Bug.

Lovely straight, clean Bug in cherry red.

I do like Elliot's wheels, I think they suit the
style of his Beetle perfectly.

Mark also came down in his lime green T5.
This van seems to appear on my blog more
than my Bay.!

But it's ok, I never get tired on seeing Mark or
his T5. I did hear a rumour that it may be
featured in a magazine soon? Watch this

Richard came in his lowered Polo, I think this
was probably the lowest vehicle at the meet
last night.

This really is a cool looking car.

Another regular at the H.o.D club meets was
Mark who came down in his bay window.

Mark has so many accessories / stickers on
his bay, it would take most of the night to see
everything, but that's what makes this bay
stand out.

Spike came down in the official House of Dub
company car. As you would expect from a guy
that works on VW's all day, this isn't your
average company car!

Lowered as only Spike can do... very low.

Gavin also came down in his new Caddy
which looked really nice.
Sophie arrived after I had left in her VW UP.
Thanks to Zoe for taking a photo and sending
it to me.

So that was the House of Dub club meet, this
was the first time I have been over to their
meet since October last year. It was great to
catch up with old mates and to meet the new
members and their vehicles. See you all next
month guy's.

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