Friday, 5 April 2013

April Outcast VW Club meet

The month of March was the coldest for 50 years, with temperatures colder than November, December, January and February, and April has started off in a similar fashion so to hold a club meet in such harsh conditions could be considered somewhat optimistic. But the regulars of the Outcast club were not put off by a bit of cold weather.
Club line up early in the evening.

(L to R) Claude's Golf GTI, Adrians Beetle,
Tim's T25, James's T25, my Bay, Helen's
Beetle and Bradley's Beetle.

A new visitor to the club meet was this lovely
green Mexican bug. It belongs to a guy
called Bradley, a relative of Helen who owns
the yellow and white bug. Hope to see you
again mate.

Apparently this '75 bug has spent most of it's
short life in sunny South Africa, so it's almost
rust free. I love those Porsche 356 replica
banded chrome steel wheels with domed

Very clean and very straight, good shot of
those banded steels, which are the same as
mine on my bay, except I don't think mine are
as wide.

Bradley's Bug alongside Helen's Bug. It's nice
the clocks have now gone forward an hour,
 giving us lighter evenings as it means I can
get better photo's of our members vehicles.

Helen and James made the 20 mile round
trip to the club meet in Helen's Bug.

Helen's bug, looking really clean as usual.

My '69 bay parked up. I'll soon be fitting a
birch ply headlining, which should be fun!
Watch this space to see how I get on.
Why is it, you never get tired of looking at your
own vehicle? I love this photo of the rear end
of my bay.

James, who is becoming a regular at our club
meets came in his high top T25, with the 01
decal from the 'Dukes of Hazzard' on the doors
and sporting mag wheels.

Looking round this tonight, I noticed he had a
propex heater system fitted and although 
James said it didn't work properly as it only
blew out cold air, I'd love a propex heater for
my bay, maybe one day.

Tim came along in his lovely straight T25.
Recent work Tim has done includes: making
and fitting a new tailpipe from scratch and he
has now finished off the headlining.

Tim's T25 sporting a cycle rack after a recent
family day out with the bikes.

Adrian made the 60 mile round trip in his cool
looking bug, even though he ran out of petrol
less than 1/2 mile from the club meet venue..

... but to be honest it wasn't Adrians fault as
the bug has a faulty petrol gauge at the
moment. Glad you made it in the end mate.

Stuart had to come in his company car, as his
'71 bay is currently in his workshop. Stuart
is designing and making a home grown turbo
system for his bay. I'm going to try and do
a write up with photo's showing his work later...

Claude had to leave his 1960 Split Screen
Kombi at home due to having an oil leak on
an oil hose.

So that was the April Outcast VW Club Meeting,
On reflection quite a good turn out considering
how cold it has been recently. Daytime temperatures
have rarely been above 2 / 3 degress so to see so many
willing to drive their air-cooled VW's at night when it's
much colder is testament to some dedicated club
members. Quick shout out to Liza and Darren who
suprised us by joining us, hope to see you both
again soon.


  1. Many beautiful car/buses/campervans on your page :-)

    1. Thanks for your comment Villblomsten, and I agree! Are you local to us? your more than welcome to join us anytime. Dave.