Friday, 12 April 2013

Princess Fiona has annual M.O.T.

Well, it's that time of year again when Princess Fiona (my bay) has to visit the garage to have her annual M.O.T. so I booked her in with John at Elmhurst Service Station in Aylesbury. Last year I gave her the once over and she seemed OK so I pumped some air into the washer system and off we went. Unfortunately by the time I got there, the air had escaped and I had to quickly pump more air in before John could pass her. So this year, I replaced some washer tubing and checked the connections on the washer bottle to ensure they were air tight in an attempt to stop the same thing happening again.
On the ramp ready and waiting for her
examination. John was impressed on how
solid she was for a 44 year old bus.

John had a good look underneath to make
sure everything was as it supposed to be.
The only comment he made was that there
was a small hole, about 2cm x 3cm in the
battery tray, and that I should keep an eye
on that. I will get a new battery tray fitted
later this year as I can't be having holes
in Fiona.!

After about 45 minutes, John called me over
and said that the only thing wrong with her
was that the washers didn't work.!!!!!!!!!
Once again out with the foot pump and hey
presto they worked and she passed. I really
do need to get an electric washer kit fitted.
So that is 2 years running that Fiona has passed
with flying colours (except for those damn
washers) which as I said last year is a testament
to the quality of vehicles you get from the House
 of Dub. So thanks yet again Spike and Zoe.

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