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Volksworld show 2013, final part

This is the 3rd and final instalment of my Volksworld Show 2013 write up. It is billed as the biggest and best indoor air cooled show in the world. The show attracts many European visitors who travel from all over Europe including France, Belgium and Holland to mention just a few, in their air-cooled rides.
I just love the shape of the Razor edge, and
when It's as straight as this one it just looks
even better.

This oval bug was awesome, again it looked
sort of alpine rally spec...I  just loved it.

This is one fine looking car, I would not change
a thing. That is sleet / snow on the running
boards and rear wing, last year at this show we
had temperatures in the high '70's, what a
difference a year makes.

If you paint a car black, it has to be straight
and this Trekker is certainly that.

Such a lovely looking vehicle, considering
what they were originally designed for.

A couple of Trekkers and a hot rod style bug.
A great mix of vehicles, in different styles help
make the Volksworld show so good. 

Another hot rod theme here with the white
scallops over orange on this notch back.

A good variety of different styles of bug's, line
up outside in the club display area.

My best mate Stuart from Aylesbury is currently 
making a home grown turbo system for his '71
bay window, just not quite this big though eh?

Having said that, it would look good sticking
out the back of his bay window.!

A Razor edge, a Karmann Ghia and an early
bug all sitting down in the weeds, and all with
narrowed front beams on display outside 
next to the racecourse.

Very low and a very narrow front beam on this
split screen crew cab pick up.

Gorgeous ruby red oval beetle next to a
pearl white Karmann Ghia. The oval bug was
show standard quality.

A Fridolin, these are as rare as me buying a
drink in the pub. This one was stunning and
finished in a light grey.

This mad looking buggy was parked up near
the food stands. Really neat looking exhaust.

I'm not sure about the design of the front end,
but I reckon it'd still be great fun to drive over
the sand dunes on a sunny day.

This patina'd Karmann is a regular at the
Volksworld show and is finished in a clear gloss
coat of lacquer to stop the patina getting worse
from the great British weather. It's a lovely
looking car.

It seemed as though low was the only way
to go this year. And this very low notch back
 with rear fender skirts and narrowed front
beam was following the trend to the letter.

A very low great looking bug with narrowed
front beam, finished in Matt grey and next to an
early 911 Porsche painted in a lovely orange.

Talking of low, how about this early bay...
Evil Ben's drop shop were displaying their
own handiwork on their bay.

From the front, you can see just how low
this really is. There really is something I like
about a bay sporting yellow headlights, this
one even has yellow spots as well.

A stunning example of a '70's Karmann
Ghia convertible finished in gloss black.

 A Notch back line up. The green one belongs
to a friend of mine, Anthony who is a member
of 'Oxdubz' a VW club based in Oxfordshire.

Anthony's notch, a very nice looking car. I met
Anthony looking around the auto jumble, and
he kindly offered me a sip of his chili vodka
from his hip flask, that certainly warmed me
up, for at least a few hours! Cheers mate.

Just one of the numerous trade stands selling
every conceivable accessory for virtually any
VW ever made.

I had one of these Raleigh Chopper's as a
kid back in the early '70's and they were not to
stable under pedal power with the smaller front
wheel let alone with a small 2 stroke motor
attached and driving the rear wheel.

Satin paint and filled in rear windows really
make this square back stand out.

Another regular at the show is this err...
OK I don't know what it is, but I kind of like it.

It's un-usual and that's it's appeal.

Early bay panel van, sitting low with a full
roof rack and looking just a bit ratty. Very nice
I do like rat looking bay panel vans.

Early bay line up parked up around the
'winners enclosure' at the race course. Maybe
one day I'll get my micro bus in the line up.

Lovely gloss grey Karmann Ghia, looked
lovely and straight parked up in the winners
enclosure of the racecourse.

Karmann Ghia enjoying a brief dry spell, with
some of the early bays in the background.

A very ratty looking crew cab pick up, very

The white split was low, but the red oxide
coloured spilt, took being low to a whole new

From the side you can see just how low this
split screen is. I hope this is riding on air,
otherwise it's going to be a rough and
slow drive home.

This looks to be stock height, but it still looked
so good.

I'm not sure which I prefer.. a rough looking
bus with patina paint and rusty bits or with
 super shiny bright work and gloss paint?

From one extreme to another.. this black over
blue split was definitely shiny.

Un-usual window configuration that I don't
think I've seen before. Rear opening, bottom
opening and front opening side windows on this
split screen. Not sure if this is a standard
design or whether the owner has been
somewhat creative?

If like me you like the rat look, you'll love this.
This just looks so cool.

I don't think this could look much better.

A lovely looking split riding at stock height with
white over a teal colour, I'm sure there's a
proper name for that teal colour, but I don't
know what it is, but I do like it.

I do like anything sign written and this early
split was about as good as it gets.

This US spec late bay is as you would expect,
apart from those gorgeous retro stripes down
the side, don't they look great and the retro
theme continues with the red steel wheels with
white wall tyres.

Beautiful white over blue split screen panel
van, one day...

Lovely looking low Notch back sporting decals
parked up next to the Cool-Flo guys.

Lucky for us the sun wasn't shining on the
Sunday, otherwise we'd all need sunglasses
to look at this super bright orange and black
split. This really was totally immaculate.

It's OK, because years ago the villains would
have had equally slow get-away cars. Very
nice themed bug though.

A company called Brickfield VW specialise
in air-cooled restorations and servicing and
they had this creation on show displaying
their handiwork.

I love the hot-rod themed flames, I had a '59
V8 powered Ford Anglia with similar paint job
many years ago. Pick up looked good as did
the roll cage.

Very rat looking interior on this rat looking
split screen, still looks good though.

Looks lovely from any angle.

This split screen was really nice, single colour
with a turret top and safari screens.

I do like high top buses, and this beauty was
from one of the many European visitors to the

High top buses are like Marmite, you either
love them or hate them. I love them.

Loving the full length roof rack and the spot
lights attached to it. And of course the yellow
bumper mounted spotlight.

This must be shiny corner.. a pair of painted
split screens, one has a pop top, the other is
a tin top but equally as nice as each other.

I spotted these lovely looking wheels on a
bus and thought... now they are very nice.

So that was my visit to the Volksworld Show 2013, although it was a very cold winters
day, but the venue, the vehicles, the people and of course Anthony's chili vodka
helped make it another great show and a lot warmer. If you get the chance next year to attend this show, I thoroughly recommend it, you won't be disappointed. I hope you enjoyed my photos and write up, and please remember to come back soon to my blog to see what's new.

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