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Camperjam 2013 (part 1 of 2)

Camperjam is a VW Festival which is held in Weston Park, Weston-under-lizard, Shropshire. Weston Park is a 17th century country home set in over 1000 acres of parkland and woodlands. I think Camperjam must be in the top 10 of VW events to go to in the UK, and this years show was attended by over 30,000 visitors throughout the 3 day weekend. I had arranged to go with some friends from the House of Dub VW Club, who travelled up on the Friday but due to a health problem I had go up on the Saturday morning.
On the entrance to Camperjam the Marshall's
have to check your tickets, but they are very
efficient and the queue moved quick quickly.
The variety of vehicles at Camperjam was
immense and no matter what sort of VW you
like, it will be there.

I arrived on the Saturday morning and the
House of Dub crew had made camp with all
the buses in a circle and erected the awnings
in the middle. Zoe, Alden and Jake just
relaxing in the scorching morning sun.

This was the first outing for my new Khyam
driveaway compact 200 awning. This is an
ideal size for a single person or even a couple
and it gives you so much more living space.

This late split screen high top panel van was
brought to the show as a 'work in progress'
and I was impressed with what they have done
so far. This could be a future show winner if
they continue at the same high standard of

Just a few of the 'early bay' line up. I did like
the blue single cab pick up in the foreground.
maybe one year I'll enter my early bay in the
line up.?

A really nice looking early split with full length
roof rack. Small details like the off white stripe,
chrome bumpers and the small chrome spots
make this bus stand out.

Walking through one of the many camping
area's I spotted this pink and white fast back
parked up next to the olive green late bay
with pop top.

How shiny is the paint on this green and white
split screen. Stock height and painted steel
wheels add to the overall look.

An early barn door split screen, very nice but
have you noticed the exhausts exiting through
the bumper? I didn't find out what motor this
bus was running, so I'm not sure if this is a
cosmetic design or for a specific reason due
 the engine.

Trailers are readily available made from a
bay window,but this one is home made, and
not a bad job with colour matched paint to the
owners bus.

This late split screen caught my eye, not only
because it has a full length roof rack and a
single yellow spot light, but because of the
semi polished aluminium sun visor.

A RAT looking crew cab split screen pick up
trying to find some shade.

This '79 automatic Passat CL was riding on
hydraulic suspension and amazing wire

Stock height buses may be making a come-
back and this one will be at the front of the

More variety of vehicles, this time a low red
square back and a white over baby blue early

I do like this photo, look at the reflection in
paint work, how straight is this bus? not a
ripple to be seen anywhere.

Really bright day glow orange beach buggy.
This photo does not really show just how
bright this actually was.

In the 'For Sale' area I spotted what looked
like a totally original late bay, well OK, I'm
not sure if the chrome spare wheel cover was
standard, but apart from that..

This 11 window split screen was gorgeous.
Such a nice colour, very clean with polished
bright work.

The immaculate standard continued into the

Another vehicle in the 'For Sale' area was this
white over dark green splitty. It was really
clean, and probably worth the £18,000
asking price.

Not quite sure about this T5, the owner had
covered every inch in what looks like astro
turf, (fake grass) The number plate surround,
the grill, wheels and side step were all painted
in  fake wood effect.

The quarter light was also painted wood

Another very straight bus was this white over
red 11 window. Again look at the reflection,
not a ripple in sight.

On the other end of the shiny scale, but
equally as nice in my eyes, was this very RAT
looking split panel van. The patina look just
adds to it's charm.

How low can you go.. this pop top split screen
was very low, but looked lovely.

Split screens, whether a bus or a panel van
with a cyclopes light on, gets my vote. I just
love them.

Another RAT looking splitty, with an after-
market (I think) mesh sun visor and sign
written on the cab doors. 

On the other side of this RAT split was this
really nice air brushed portrait of a woman.

The Syncro area was full of go-anywhere
VW's. These must be great fun taking them
off somewhere where it muddy and has some
steep hill's.

I like the look of the orange panel van. I think
there was an off road course somewhere on
the site that the Syncro's could use.

I do like these high top split screens, they
just look so cool.

Remember the other very straight buses,
well this early bay, puts the other two to
shame. The body work is so straight, look at
the panels on the cab door and below the side

An unusual trailer choice on the late bay.
The rear half of a beetle with matching paint
and colour coded wheels.

This white over mint green pop top late bay
had nothing in particular to make it stand out,
but just the overall look made it stand out.

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