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Outcast VW Club montly meet - July

The Outcast VW Club monthly meeting is held on the first Thursday of each month at The Charter Pub, Bicester Road, Aylesbury, HP19 8EW, and it was one of those rare occasions in history where Britain is actually having a mini heatwave, the turnout of vehicles promised to be good.
Tim, in his T25 and I were the first to arrive,
shortly afterwards the local Constabulary
pulled in and parked next to us.. gulp!
But it was ok, they wanted to have a 'word'
with the guy in the silver Porsche. (nice parking
by the police van!)

Adrian was next to arrive in his '69 bug. It's
always good to see Adrian, as he lives in the
next county of Oxfordshire and it is about a 60
mile round trip to our club meet and back which
in a old 1960's bug on British roads must take
dedication and determination.

Adrian's distinctive blue and oxide paint job
is easily recognisable, it just won't be the
same if Adrian ever paints his lovely bug.

Claude came down in his 1960 split screen
kombi, which was looking clean after his
trip to the European Bug In, in Belgium last 

Such a nice looking kombi with the infamous
'Tesoro' logo's, narrowed front beam and
single colour paint scheme.

My '69 bay parked up enjoying the evening
summer sunshine.

My bay from the rear, is that a reflection I can
see in my paintwork!, how did that happen?!

Tim's retro brown and cream T25 was looking
good as usual.

Tim has recently got his T25 back on the road
following both engine mounting bolts shearing
off! Tim is off for a 2 week tour of France in a
few months with the family in the bus, have
a great time guy's.

Scott came down for the first time in his lovely
clean green Lupo. Scott heard about the club
meet from a family relative Kevin who is a
regular at our club meets.

Very nice little VW. Scott was saying that he'd
like to get a bus someday, good luck mate.
Scott seemed to enjoying himself at his first
club meet, and we hope to see him again.

Elliott and Alanna came over in Elliott's 1970
cherry red beetle. This really is such a nice
deep red colour and the car is always

Lovely looking beetle from every angle, those
BRM Speedwell wheels really look good
against the deep red gloss paint.

James came along in his high top T25 with
the Dukes of Hazzard' livery.

A really nice looking T25 complete with cycle
rack and double glazed windows, ideal for
those weekends away.

Matt brought his '69 bay, even though he is
experiencing gear selection problems, which
should soon be rectified.

Matt's bay is the sister vehicle to mine as the
vehicle registration numbers are only 1 digit
different. Love those shiny wheels.

James and Helen came over from Oxfordshire
in James baby blue bug. The vehicle is so
clean and crammed with period accessories.

Such a nice looking car from every angle, with
roof rack and period suitcase, and those blue
dots are a neat touch on the all red US style
rear light lenses.

Early in the evening the vehicle line-up is
starting to fill up.

The long awaited debut of Stuarts '71 bay
fitted with a 1679cc turbo powered engine,
which Stu has just completed. The chequered
front is very distinctive to Stuart.

As the saying goes, if you've got it, flaunt it.
Stuart arrived and lifted his engine lid to
reveal his home built turbo charged system.

Stu has put a lot of work into making this turbo
system, which he made in his workshop.

Stu took me out for a ride the other day, and
although it wasn't quite running right, and he
only had half throttle we still managed to get
to 50mph in 2nd gear. My bay only does a bit
more than that in 4th gear.! Once he gets it
running right and with full throttle this bay
will really be a flying machine which I think
will surprise a few of the local hot-hatchback
drivers. You can see how Stuart made his
turbo system by reading his blog at: 
Use the blog archive menu on the right of his
page to see all the updates on his making of
his turbo system.

Ellie and Andy came to the club meet in
'Nitro Nancy', Ellie's '95 Golf.

Nice to see Nancy back on the road after what
seems like ages.

Steve came down in his '70 beetle complete
with hand made long board on his roof rack.
Steve is a professional photographer and is
planning to do a photo shoot at one of our
club meets. Can't wait to see the results.

Steve's bug, you can just see the long board
on the roof rack, I'll try to get some photo's
of Steve's handiwork next month.

Zoe came over in Donkey, her '67 bug which
looks better every time I see it.

Zoe's new exhaust system which looks so
good. Going to need some careful driving
up to the House of Dub workshop with that
exhaust Zoe.!

House of Dub member Mark came over in
his '72 bay window. Marks bay is amazing,
it has so many accessories and stickers it
really does take hours to take in everything
on his bay.

It's always good to see Mark at our club
meets, as he comes over from the next County
of Bedfordshire.

Amanda and Simon came down in Amanda's
lovely looking silver Golf.

Loving those wheels and the tinted rear
windows. It's always good to see Amanda
and Simon as they can't always make it to
our club meets.

Ash, arrived later in the evening in his newly
acquired Jetta. He recently bought this for
a bargain price, and has spent days polishing
the paintwork as it was a dull pink colour
through fading from the sun.

The paintwork has come up really good, and
with a new set of wheels and tyres added, this
is one nice looking car.

Vehicle line-up of the club meet on a warm
summers evening.

A really good variety of vehicles, both air-
cooled and water cooled.

A chilled out evening with like-minded friends,
 old and new.

Ashley's Jetta, Zoe's bug and Marks bay, all
members of The House of Dub VW club that
are always welcome at our club meets.

So that was the July Outcast VW club monthly
meet, which considering it is on a week
night, and that people have things to do in
their personal lives, it was a very impressive
gathering with16 vehicles turning up.
Massive thanks to everyone who came down
and we'll hopefully see you all again next month.

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