Thursday, 28 November 2013

Wolfsburg Weed Huggers VW Club meet

On the last Wednesday of each month two local VW clubs hold their monthly club meet. I normally attend the 'House of Dub' club meet because I am good friends with Spike and Zoe who run the House of Dub, however this month my good friend Stuart, from Oil Droppers, asked if I fancied a drive over to The Wolfsburg Weed Huggers club meet and as I haven't seen many of the WWH crew since their very successful 'Open Day' back in June, I was more than happy to join him.

Stuart and I arrived at the Squirrel Pub in Penn
about 7.00pm, and were surprised to be the
first to arrive.

Still, it gave me time to take some photos of
our buses to prove we were there.!
A photo of my bay outside the pub on a dark
November evening.

A slightly better photo of my bay as it peeks
out of the dark.

Stuart followed me over in his turbo '71 bay.
Stuart was hoping for a good turn out from
the WWH,so he could promote his new venture
'Oil Droppers' VW garage / workshop.

A better picture of Stuarts bay, you can follow
the Oil Droppers by visiting and liking his
facebook page:

This lovely orange / mustard bay turned up
shortly after us, and as we chatted to Kez, the
lady owner, it turned out she has only owned
the late bay for 2 weeks, and is from the other
side of Aylesbury...

Needless to say we invited her to attend the
'Outcast VW Club club' meet next week, it
would have been rude not to, especially as
Kez lives in the same town as us.

This lovely '66 bug arrived a bit later in the
evening and again it was owned by a lady
owner, who uses the bug as a daily driver.

Looking pretty much stock, and very clean. 

This really is one good looking beetle,
especially as it's used every day on the rubbish
British roads.

Christian, arrived much later in his lovely 23
window samba.

Apart from another early beetle arriving
later in the evening, which I didn't get a photo
of, that was about the total of VW's in
attendance, which was slightly disappointing,
but given that it is the end of November, and
it's dark and cold outside I suppose most
club meets will have similar numbers attending.
We have our club meet next week and I think
we'll probably have a similar turn out.
Having said that, it was still a very enjoyable
evening, and we met some new faces and I had
an good catch up with Cristian who I believe
is the main man at the WWH. We'll have
make to make more of an effort to go over
to the WWH more often as I bet in the spring
and summer months the turnout is much better.

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