Thursday, 7 November 2013

Outcast VW Club monthly meet.

On the first Thursday of each month, the Outcast VW Club (check out our facebook page)!/ have their monthly club meet at the Charter Pub, Bicester Road in Aylesbury HP19 8AW from 7.00 pm onwards and this month was no different. On a dry but cool evening in November only the most hardy members of the club turned out in their VW's.

I was the first to arrive at the Charter pub, so
it was an ideal photo opportunity. I do like
my Porsche 356 chrome wheels and think
they suit my bus so well.
The rear of my bay, I have had to tape up the
tailgate due to a water leak... unfortunately
this hasn't stopped the water getting in.


My side window with assorted stickers.


Matthew came along in his blue and white
'69 bay window. Like mine this is a US import
and imported by the same people who
registered them at time which meant that...


...Matt and I got sequential number plates,
how cool do they look parked up next to
each other.

Stuart turned up a short while later in his
infamous red oxide and white '71 bay with
chequered front, oh and a turbo fitted.

Stuarts bay from the side, looks quite
unassuming like most other bay's, but when
he starts it up, and roars off down the road
and you can hear the turbo whistle you know
it's slightly different from your average bay.

The bay line up at the Outcast Club meet.

Matthew's and my bay parked up looking

Dave and Angela came down in this cool
looking bug that belongs to their daughter,
Louise.Unusual beige colour with white looks
really good, the chequered front adds to
the bugs charm.

Claude is currently doing some work on his
1960 split screen Kombi which meant it is
currently off the road so he came along
in his daily driver, but at least it's a VW.

As it's November, the evenings are getting
quite chilly so we headed inside the pub
for some good conversation. Claude and
Dave having a chat.

Kevin also came along in 'Beetle thing', his
words not mine.! Kevin has been doing some
trialing in his bug, which sounds like fun.

Sitting nice and high to provide good ground
clearance and with the spare wheels over
the rear wheels to help provide traction.

I think we should organise an Outcast VW
club outing to watch Kevin do some trials
sometime, what do you all reckon guy's?

Steve came along in his trusty Bug. Steve
was saying that he hadn't started his bug
since August but it started on the button at
the first time of asking.

Steve's beetle from the side. I do like the
roof rack and the 'old skool' skateboard.

The Outcast Club line up, not as busy as
usual but still a very enjoyable evening with
some good friends and plenty of nice
looking VW's.

That was the November Outcast VW club
monthly meet. A small affair but to be fair
it is winter, and although it was dry it was
still cold and dark. Numbers at any club
meet will drop during the winter months.
Still as I mentioned it was a very good
evening and great to see everyone, we
all had a good chat and we all enjoyed

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