Wednesday, 30 October 2013

House of Dub monthly meet.

It was the week after the storm that hit the UK which caused considerable damage as trees were up routed, and it's the end of October which means it's dark by about 17.00 and starting to get cold once the sun goes down so to hold a club meet may have been asking allot, but the die-hard members of the House of Dub not only turned up, but did so in their VW's. As it was so dark the photo quality may not be what you are used to, but it's just one of those things going to club meets throughout the winter months.
Zoe from the House of Dub came along in her
'67 beetle named Donkey.

Donkey from the side, maybe just one more
sticker on the side window Zoe...

Spike, also from the House of Dub came
along in the patina bus, which has a new
1641cc engine after the old one let go big time.

Just a random photo of the patina on the side
of the House of Dubs bay window.

Darren and Leonie came along in Darren's
lovely looking silver T5. Darren and Leonie
are the proprietors of so check
out these guys if you want a thermal screen
for your bus.

My 1969 bay window. Even though it was
dark driving over to the club meet and it was
quite chilly, I have to admit I did enjoy driving
'Fiona' as I always do.

Alix and Claire came along in their T25 which
is sadly up for sale to fund a trip to Australia.

Winner of 'Best T4 / T5' at the House of Dub
open day with show and shine was Mark who
came along in his super clean lime green T5.
It's always nice to see Mark, as there's never
a dull moment with him around.

A very fuzzy shot of the side of Marks Van.
This is what happens when you try to take a
photo in the dark facing a yellow exterior light.
I should have known better.!

I think this blue Golf belonged to Darren and
Lisa who came over from the Dunstable
Dubbers VW club.

Tony came along in his super clean T25. Tony
won 'Best T25' at the House of Dub open day
and show and shine and it was well deserved.

This is partly why Tony won 'best T25', it's
the end of October, it's been raining for most
of the week and Tony's wheels are shining
like new.!

A new face at the club meet, unfortunately I
have forgotten his name, Doh! but he did
have a nice looking white MK3 Golf. Quite
good how the flash only picked out the front of
the Golf.

Another new member who I didn't have time
to chat to, but came along in their cool
looking dark blue T4.

So that was the House of Dub monthly meet,
considering the recent weather and the time
of year it was quite a good turn out of vehicles.
I know most people want to snuggle up on
the sofa at this time of year, and I don't blame
them, but the die-hard members of the House
of Dub never let Zoe and Spike down.

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