Friday, 4 October 2013

Outcast VW Club monthly meet.

This month's Outcast VW Club monthly meet was a small, intimate affair but although the quantity of vehicles was low, the evening was still a success. The Outcast VW club hold their monthly meet at The Charter Pub / Restaurant, Bicester Road, Aylesbury on the first Thursday of each month, from 7.00pm. We intend to meet each month throughout the winter (weather permitting). We hope you can join us soon.
Dave and Angela left their '67 split screen at
home and came along in their special edition 
1973 'Red Nose Day' beetle.

A one off paint scheme that was designed
especially for the 'Red Nose' charity event.

Dave and Angela have owned this unique
Bug for something like 13 years, and it's still
going strong and looking good. Dave's bug
attends several shows throughout the year
including the Volks World show and Brighton

My '69 micro bus under the pub lights looks
a completely different colour.

My bay with it's 'mature' looking rear bumper,
well OK, rusty bumper.

Stuarts '71 turbo charged bay. The dark area's
on Stu's red oxide paint job are shadows, not
part of his paint scheme.

Early October and the nights are drawing in
already, not even 19.30 and it's almost dark,
hence the picture quality is not as good as
normal from my digital camera.

Adrian left his '69 beetle at home and came
along in his super looking '78 fire bus.

Just to prove it's a fire truck it has Fire Brigade
written on the rear, albeit in German.

Adrian's bus still has the original blue flashing
light on top of the cab, but the local police
made him cover it up, just in case people
thought it was a real fire truck.!

Amanda came along in her newly acquired
T4. I had never noticed that the parking bays
weren't painted straight before...

Amanda and her partner Simon are getting
quite a collection on T4's, and this one was
nice and clean and finished a red with tinted
windows. It's a shame Simon couldn't make it
to the meet due to work commitments.

So that was the rather small gathering of
vehicles at this months Outcast VW club
monthly meeting, and although the numbers
were down on previous months, it did mean
that everyone managed to talk to everyone.
Some months it's so busy I don't manage
to chat to everyone so this made a nice change.
Everyone at this months meet are all heading
off to the Brighton Breeze on Saturday 5th, so
no doubt we'll catch up with each other down
on the sea front.

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