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Brighton Breeze 2013. (part 1)

The Brighton Breeze VW show was founded in 1983 by the SSVC (Split Screen Van Club) and dedicated to the preservation, love, care and enjoyment of the pre-1967 VW van. The 'Breeze' is an autumn event, and normally held on the first weekend of October on Maderia Drive in Brighton in East Sussex. The show has grown in popularity over the years and now attracts VW's of all models and years, both air cooled and water cooled which almost completely fills the 1.5 mile length of Maderia Drive. This is one of the last shows of the year for us living in the South of England  and even though it's a bit pricey for a one day show it's nice to go down and meet up with old friends who we'll probably not see until the spring when next years VW shows start up again. Brighton is a busy cosmopolitan town on the south coast and with the influx of hundreds upon hundreds of VW's, the town does get busy, so Stuart and I decided to leave Aylesbury quite early with the intention of getting their before the chaos starts.

Stuart and I headed around the M25 motorway 
that circles London, and as it was still early the
traffic was not too bad so we made good time.
Fuzzy picture can only mean I have hit 'warp
speed' in my bay!

Once I had caught up with Stuarts turbo bay
we found both Stuart and Tim were in good
spirits and happy to pose for the camera.

We continued around the M25, and down the
M23 to Brighton. At the end of the M23 we
stopped at Pease Pottage Services for a
comfort break and to get a coffee. This service
station is a mecca for VW's travelling to the
Breeze and the car park gets really packed, but
as we left Aylesbury so early there wasn't many
other VW's parked up.

This incredibly bright yellow and white 1967
split screen certainly woke us up. Looking
around this bus it was very nice indeed.

Selection of bay windows also parked up at
the services, another hour and this car park
will be full of VW's of all descriptions.

For some crazy reason Brighton Council
will not allow the SSVC to let any VW's
onto Maderia Drive until 09.00am, so until then
it's a case of park wherever you can. We made
good time and arrived in Brighton at 08.50 so
we only had a ten minute wait.

08.57am and the onslaught of VW's head to
the seafront and Maderia Drive. This was my
view of the queue, quite pleasant really.

The earlier you arrive on Maderia Drive the
closer to the Pier / Café's you get to park, and
as Maderia Drive is about 1.5 miles long, you
don't want to be parked at the other end.
Stu and I got a really good spot quite close
to all the amenities.

After getting breakfast we had a walk around
to what we could find. These two are very
similar colours, an early square back and a
very low Karmann Ghia.

Karmann Ghia is very low with a narrowed
front beam.

This bus is amazing, it's owned by a guy who
paints cartoons & wording on your vehicle,
and the amount of extras on this bus is
incredible. I love this hammock that attaches
to steel poles fixed to the roof rack.

Inside the cab of the 'Cartooniez' bus, only one
thing to remember here, you can never have
enough accessories.

Talking of places to sleep, in case you don't
fancy the hammock how about this fold over
'tent', it's fixed to the roof rack. These are so
the lions / tigers and other man eating animals
can't get to you when your on safari... or
on Brighton Seafront.!

The Cool-Flo guys were trading at the show
and amongst the numerous VW's they brought
with them, they also brought this bay window
caravan.. thing. Very nice whatever it's called
and very low with a narrowed beam.

This 1963 crew cab split screen pick up was
very nice, a bit RAT looking but that just adds
to it's charm. I did like the roof ladder and the
twin spot lights above the cab doors.

Darren and Leonie were their showing off
their fantastic pop top thermal screens, black-
out screen covers and awning skirts for the
split screen / Bay / T25 / T4 & T5. They have
a huge range of designs on numerous back-
ground colours to match you bus. Check 
out their webiste for more info:

This amazingly clean and straight split screen
was trailered to the show and painted in the
Porsche Service colour's. I didn't ask the price
because as the saying goes, if you have to ask
the price, you can't afford it.!

Big T and ACH, local mates of our's passed us
on the way down to the show in Big T's super
clean, super straight Square back. If you
remember, Big T won 'Best of Show' recently
at the House of Dub show and shine, well he
only went and won 'Best 10' today as well.
Well done Big T, well deserved though...

A very nice RAT looking early split screen,
just needs some TLC.

This must be RAT spilt screen corner, but I
don't mind... I love the RAT look and this pair
are just so nice.

RAT look with narrowed front beam, and with
the front safari screens open, it really doesn't
get much better than this.

Very similar again, but this one has the full
length roof rack, with Bison horns and 'Roo'
bars that were an Australian accessory to
protect the front of the bus in case a kangaroo
jumped out at you.

Super low and super narrowed front end. Such
a good looking ride.

How nice is this single cab split screen pick
up? it also has the cyclopes light on the cab,
narrowed front beam and sitting very low.

The rear of the pick up is just as nice.
Accessory of the day award goes to the big
red brake light on the rear of the cab, it just
looked awesome, and I want one.

I have seen this high top split screen on many
occasions and I always take a photo, it really
is so nice. I hope that wet patch is nothing

Early split screen in 'Ambulance' livery.
This is how we should all be taken to hospital
if we have an accident.

Adrian and his family were at the Breeze
trading all their VW related accessories.
Adrian is a member of the Outcast VW club.

This split oval beetle was gorgeous. So clean
and such a nice colour, with those HUGE
tail pipes out the rear.

This early bug looked just as nice from the
front. I do like the ariel up the centre of the
screen and the pillar mounted spot light.

Huge variety of VW's at the Breeze, so there's
bound to be something there that you like.

Slightly RAT looking bay window panel van.

The convoy of vehicles entering Maderia Drive
went on for hours and as far as the eye could

This super clean 23 window early split screen
was amazing. Great reflection in the bright
purple paint.

This early spilt screen was a bit different from
all the other split screens. I did like the look of
this, maybe it's those two small windows in the
back, or maybe the colour...

Another incredibly low early beetle with a
narrowed front beam. I love the roof rack with
all the accessories.

This groovy late bay belonged to one of the
many foreign visitors the show attracts. This
one came from France, and I love those retro

This 1968 Karmann Ghia finished in a silver
 blue looked absolutely lovely. Nothing flash or
fancy just an honest Karmann Ghia.

This must be one of the straightest split screens
out there, the almost perfect reflection on the
deep black gloss paint is amazing. This bus
really is stunning.

(The next part of the Breeze write up to follow

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