Monday, 7 October 2013

Brighton Breeze 2013. (part 2)

The Brighton Breeze write up continues as we wander along Maderia Drive in the autumn sunshine looking at, and admiring all the VW's on show.

OK, I'm going to make a bold statement, this
is probably the best paint scheme I have ever
seen on any bus. Gloss green over Matt grey,
simply stunning. The deluxe trim, headlight
grills, twin roof racks and spot lights just add
to the overall look.

From the rear it's equally as nice with a clean
and detailed engine, colour coded bumpers
and polished vent trim. This bus really is close
to perfection.

This late split screen in white over lime green
was another nice looking bus. I love those
Fuchs wheels.

 Parked up together are this very bright orange
bug and a very low US import early bay. Both
are of 1971 vintage.

This very low mid grey early beetle was sheer
class, such a lovely looking car. I do like the
Porsche headlight grills, and the single spot
light on the bumper, and of course the roof
rack full of period accessories.

This 1968 crew cab pick up looked good as it
drove past, a bit RAT looking but that's how
pick ups should look, after all they are the
work horse of the VW family.

A stunning example of an early split screen,
finished in grey over beige. Twin roof racks,
twin spot lights, deluxe trim and super shiny
wheels really make this bus stand out.

A 1964 turquoise and white split screen next
to a 1969 blue and white bay window with
pop top.

An early bay single cab pick up finished in a
single colour of green, topped with black
wheels and rear cover. No fancy chrome
bits on this bay, but then it doesn't need it.

A pair of split screens both with the US style
 front bumpers with 'towel rail'. I like the way
the early silver and white split has mounted
his spot lights on the 'towel rail'

This early crew cab split screen pick up looked
good in it's natural state. The owner can see
exactly what needs to be done.

Probably a 'work in progress' project but it's
certainly a good starting point.

Maybe the crew cab will look like this
gorgeous single cab pick up one day. I liked
the cover for the bed, and the roof rack ladder.
Having a single spot light on the 'A' post must
have been the 'in' thing this year as I saw quite
a few splitty's with them.

This owner was proudly showing off their BBT
sticker. It's a souvenir from the BBT cruise in
 Belgium from Nijverheidsstraat  to Hessisch
Oldendorf. The entrants also received a metal
bumper badge with the same cool looking design.

The colour of this early Karmann Ghia may not
be to everyone's taste, but the car certainly is.
Such a beautifully styled car with classic lines.

A nice looking 1965 pastel yellow beetle next
to a red and black single cab split screen pick

A gorgeous white and cream deluxe split
screen, named 'Wilma'. Plenty of bling on this
bus including chrome bumpers and lovely
looking wheels.

Another crew cab pick up in full RAT guise.
This crossover bay had the full cover for the
pick up bed and with it's tired paint it looked

I do like buses with an accessory overload.
This early split screen had so much going on
with the flames and chequered paint it really
did look good. The mesh visor is a neat touch.

The theme continued on the inside, virtually
every surface was covered in VW related
pictures and even more chequered paint.

I did like the roof of this bright orange splitty,
It was painted in a flower designs in bright
colours, that strangely complimented the
single colour body perfectly.

A very low single cab pick up with a narrowed
front beam. The sides of the bed have been
removed to create a flat bed, that just looked
so nice.

I did like this 'sand' coloured split screen. the
only chrome bits on this bus were the door
handles, everything else was painted, even the
headlight rims were painted black but it really
stood out from the others around it.

An immaculate 1967 US imported bay window
finished in grey with a white top. An aftermarket
narrowed front beam that has also been lowered
 looks so nice. 

Unusual colour choice on this 1970 early bay.
This looks so sleek in it's single colour, only
broken up by the polished deluxe trim.

How about this for a paint job. Gloss black
shows every ripple, dent and defect in the
body work of a vehicle but looking at this
early Ghia, it looked super straight. I loved that
roof rack which is so stylish.

This 1971 pastel blue Karmann was parked
up and looked a good honest car. Not a
show winner, but still very desirable.

Dave and Angela and their Daughter Louise,
came along to the show. Dave has been
coming to the Breeze for 16 years and always
in his 'Red Nose' beetle. Louise came along
in her beige bug with chequered front.

A good show of bay windows as usual. Even
though there are so many of each model
every one is different in some way.

All the campers and buses are all individual
and each one has it's own character. This
1977 late bay was into flower power with
matching pop top canvas.

A lovely looking white over red split screen.
I do like the wheels on this bus, chrome steels
with hub caps and white wall tyres which really
suit the clean look of this bus.

This 1967 pastel blue beetle looked clean and
straight, and those contrasting red painted
wheels suit the look completely.

There isn't any category parking so it's just
pure luck all these beetles parked up next
to each other.

Looking East along Maderia Drive and it's
wall to wall VW's of every model, colour and

Looking West along Maderia Drive. To give
you an idea how big the line is, the VW's are
parked all the way to virtually the Pier in the

There is always such a variety of VW's at the
Breeze. What ever your into, you will find it
here on Maderia Drive.

An orange beetle, a white T4 and a blue and
white bay, from a different angle.

How many of you have seen a Karmann Ghia
from this angle? This sliver blue 1968 model
looked just so nice from above.

A nice array of bay windows parked up in
Brighton, about as close to the beach as is
possible. Behind the line up is beach volley
ball court, then the English Channel.

(final part of the Breeze to follow shortly)

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