Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Brighton Breeze 2013 (3rd and final instalment !)

The 3rd and final instalment of my Brighton Breeze write up continues with the Volkswagen's parked up on Maderia Drive. One bonus of having a VW show right by the sea is that you can wander off into the town or down to the beach or go onto the Pier if you need some time away from VW's.
Going up to the Maderia Terrace, a Victorian
mezzanine floor built half way up the cliff on 
cast iron pillars, gives you a perfect view of
the show and the vehicles.

A nice line up of Bay window campers, every
year of manufacture, every colour and every
specification was on show. 

A great selection of air-cooled VW's on show
in front of the Volks electric railway.

An orange and white late bay, and orange
baja  with a white stripe and a black and white
split screen, great variety.

Under the colonnade is where the traders set
up their stalls selling everything you could
possibly think of, and it's not only traders but
also the public so there's a bit of an auto
jumble as well.

Awesome looking Type 4 painted in the Gulf

A lovely deep maroon, almost black convertible
beetle. We certainly had the weather for the
top to be down.

This pair of Sand rail VW's must have felt
right at home parked up next to the beach.

This stunning Porsche 912 was parked up
amongst the buses, OK, it's not strictly not a
VW, but it is a close second.!

This looks as though it had been restored as
it was immaculate, and the metallic blue was
an excellent colour choice.

A super bright 1968 bay window with what
looks like a Devon interior. I do like the swivel
out cooker unit, I'm going to make my cooker
unit smaller so maybe I'll have it on a hinge
to enable it to also swing out...

This gorgeous 1964 peppermint green  
Karmann Ghia was like new. It was absolutely
stunning, I did like the matching steel wheel's
with whitewall tyres.

This super low 1963 beetle with painted steel
wheels and the US style towel rail bumper
looked so cool.

This is just as nice from the back. I do like
beetles with the blind in the rear window.

Brighton sea front was completely packed with
VW's, these three bay window buses were
parked up nose to tail. I don't think there was
any places left on Maderia Drive by mid

The owner of this lovely red and white split
screen camper also had a Heinkel Trojan
bubble car, circa 1963 in tow with matching

A lovely looking late split screen finished in
beige with a turret top and twin fog lights.

It's not just about buses and bugs as this really
low MK1 Caddy shows. I love the colour and
how low it sits on that awesome wheel & tyre
combination. I also liked the centre caps.!

A pair of early beetles parked up outside the

A late arrival at the show was this grey / green
splitty, it had German plates on it so chances
are it came over from the continent.

How nice is this bus? stunning or immaculate
doesn't seem to describe this bus well enough.

This split screen must be riding on air to be
this low. The low profile tyres help the stance.
Gorgeous chrome bumpers and vent trim
added to the fantastic look of this bus.


This clean looking 1971 square back in bright
yellow looked cool parked up, I do like the
unusual wheel choice.

It's quite rare for me to get all artistic with my
photographs, but I thought this was a good
photo. An early turquoise Beetle outside the

Here is a bus I recognise it belongs to Joe, a
member of The Wolfsburg Weed Huggers VW
club based just the road from us. Joe had
volunteered to be a marshall at the breeze,
and when we caught up with him, it looked as
though it had been a very long night.

It's almost become tradition that we visit the
Pier after a few hours of looking at VW's.
Looking back at Brighton, the show went from
in front of the big wheel to the far right of the
photo by the marina. Lovely looking calm sea.

 The English Channel was that calm this cool
dude was having fun paddle boarding.

Living very close to the furthest point from the
coast in the UK I have to admit I rarely think
about seagulls. They really are quite big, this
one was feeding on scraps of food on the Pier
and stood about 15" high and wasn't bothered
about me getting so close at all.

On the way home after a very enjoyable day,
and on the M25 yet again. We followed this
blue split screen panel van for a while while
doing about 60mph, then it just took off like a
scalded cat and I never saw it again. He had
some serious power..!

So that was the Brighton Breeze, overall a
very enjoyable day out, even if it was an early
start. It was nice to meet up with friends from
all over, some who we only see once in a blue
moon. The quality of vehicles was vast as was
the number of vehicles. I'm not sure of the
vehicle count, but in 2012 it was in excess
of 850 vehicles. The weather was kind to
us yet again, and that always helps make
it a good day out by the coast. We normally
camp over on the Saturday night at the
racecourse but we decided just to head
home this year. With the exception of the
local VW club meets the VW scene is just
about finished for this year, so I'll have to
find other things to post on here, so watch
this space!!!

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