Sunday, 29 December 2013

Another Volkswagen sign...

My latest sign is again Volkswagen based, as the majority of my signs are. I had an idea of what I was going to produce so as usual the first thing to do was cut and prepare a piece of 3mm birch ply.
This size of this board is 30 inches wide by
7.5 inches high. It has as usual been sanded
down to ensure a smooth surface to draw on.

I imagined a bay window on one side and a
split screen on the other with some wording
in the middle. The first thing to do was sketch
a bay window, as you can see it was a very
rough sketch (!) but for now positioning is
more important than anything else.

The same applied to the split screen, I thought
it would be good to have the vans facing each

Once I was happy with the layout, out came
the ruler and HB pencil to get some heavy
lines down, and as usual an eraser which I
kept on using until everything looked OK.
At this stage it doesn't look much but you
have to imagine it coloured in.

The same applied to the split screen, I cant
Begin to tell you how many times I used the
eraser on those side windows until I was happy
they were in proportion and in the correct place.

Not sure if you can see from this photo, but
the buses are finished, now all I have to do is
colour them in using the Steadtler permanent
Lumocolor and Edding 300 marker pens.
This is applied directly to the sanded board.

Shading completed on the bay, I decided to
add the rear and side windows from the other
side of the bus. This was a pain and the eraser
got plenty of use... but I think the end result
is worth it.

Onto the split screen, I decided I had to do the
same with the windows as on the bay window 
otherwise they wouldn't look right but again I
think it was worth the extra hour or so.

OK, onto the wording and as usual the word
Volkswagen was the first to go down.

Once the 'Volkswagen' was complete the rest
of the wording could begin. You can see how
I space the wording out to ensure they are all
the same height and central to the sign.

The finished sign, well I need to drill some
mounting holes and get the eraser out to
remove any pencil lines still showing. I'm
not going to varnish this as I think over time
the colour of the birch ply will darken and
make the sign look even better.

So that was yet another sign, I have decided
I am going to make a lot of these and see
if I can sell them at VW shows in the spring
and summer... only time will tell if they sell
or not.

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