Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Bobble head family sign.

Because it's early December and therefore there is a serious lack of VW events and shows to attend and review, I thought I would post another blog about my VW related sign making just to give my regular readers something to read and to keep them coming back.! On this blog entry I created a sign with the VW Bobble head family on, and just for an added twist I decided to add some wording. 

The first thing to do is to prepare the correct
size piece of board. On this occasion I have
used a piece of 3mm ply which is 18" x 12". I
do like using the 3mm ply because it's so easy
to cut and sand down. It is also so lightweight
that the sign only weighs a few ounces. As
always I have painted the board with several
coats of brilliant white paint, and sanded the
board down in-between the coats.

Once the paint was dry I started to plan where
the 'Bobblehead Family' would be positioned
on the board. At this stage I had intended to
just paint the family so I positioned them
centrally. Here I have just lightly sketched the
family onto the board.

Once I was happy with the proportions and
general design I brought out the ruler and
went over the design again with a firmer hand.

The first coat of acrylic 'Blue Bouquet'. As
you can see the paint is quite opaque so a
second coat will be required.

A close up picture to show the difference
between one coat and two.

Although I pencil in the design, I don't always
follow my own lines...

Mr. and Mrs. Bobble head in desperate need
for a second coat.

Once the family had had two coats I decided
to add a border, again this needed two
coats. The sign looks OK, but I think there
is something missing.. it just looks too plain.

I decided to add 'Approved Garage' in the top
right hand corner just to fill the gap really.!
Again this was drawn on after deciding on the

It's getting there, but now the space below
the family looks a bit bare and in need of

I needed a word or caption to put into the
space below the family... so why not the
word 'Volkswagen'.

The design and painting all finished, all that's
left to do is drill some mounting holes and
then varnish the whole thing.

Finished. Not a bad looking sign.

A face book friend of mine has requested her
own Bobble head family sign, as her family
consists of the the same characters as the
Bobble head family, which I shall be glad to
produce for her.

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