Friday, 24 January 2014

Dunstable Dubbers VW Club meet

This week I went along with my mate Stuart over to the Dunstable Dubbers VW Club monthly meet. Driving over to the club meet which is held deep in the countryside of the neighbouring County of Bedfordshire, I thought it might not have been one of my better decisions as I was driving a draughty cold bus on a dark and very cold January night down poorly lit country roads and although it's only about 20 or so miles that was far enough and by the time we arrived we were all frozen. Stuart had been over to the club meet before, but this was my first time to attend although I do know several members via other club meets.

As I mentioned Stuart had previously attended
the Dunstable Dubbers club meet so he led the
way, which made a nice change because I
normally the convoys to shows and club meets.
Here we are in Dunstable just waiting to turn
onto the A5 towards the Horse and Jockey Pub.

Stuart and I found spaces to park up, the car
park was huge so no parking worries here.

My bay parked up.. just don't mention the

Just a random picture of my bus.
Stuarts red oxide '71 bay and my '69 bay
parked up.

As this was my first time at this club meet,
I don't know who owned this T25 but I'm
guessing the owner is female. 

Who ever owned it, it was clean and tidy.

I think shiny new T5 belonged to Michelle.

Very nice, I do like these.

I think Darren came along in Lisa's Beetle as
his bay is off the road.

Darren not owns only a bay, but also a split
screen,and a trekker.. it's not fair is it?

Mark came along in his super clean, super
green T5, such a nice looking ride.

Not the best picture to show off the true colour
of Marks T5, but believe me if you saw it in
the flesh I guarantee you'd like it.

Tony came along in his newly acquired T5
which I think he bought off a mutual friend,
Spike from The House of Dub

A bit RAT looking but it gives Tony a blank
canvass to put his own stamp on it.

Yep, they are definitely Red.

If my memory serves me well, I think this T25
has a Audi Quattro engine in... or something
as powerful, so it sure doesn't hang about.

Sticker in the back of Tony's T25 made me

Another vehicle I saw in the car park was this
red T4. I assume it belongs to a Dunstable
Dubber but I didn't find out who.

Colour matched stickers in the rear window
looked cool.

I did like the black bonnet with the chequered

After the short but cold drive over
and after standing out taking the
photo's that only left one thing to
do... Cheers.!

So that was my trip over to Dunstable
Dubbers VW Club monthly meet,
In fact it was my first trip to any club meet
this yaer, except of course our club, The
Outcast VW Club. Overall a really enjoyable
evening and once I get to know a few
more members it'll only get better. The
time of year and the weather didn't help the
vehicle numbers attending, but I guess that
will be the same at any club meet throughout
the winter, and I'm sure the vehicle count
will only increase as the spring / Summer
gets closer.

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