Friday, 7 February 2014

Outcast VW Club monthly meet.

In the past few weeks in the UK we have experienced storms and torrential rain that has caused major havoc across the South West and South of the country, storms so bad they have left devastation in it's wake. Flood defences have been washed away, hundreds of people have had their homes flooded and most have been evacuated, and hundreds more have no electricity and with no sight of the rain easing in the near future it was a tough call to have a club meet on a cold and very wet Thursday evening but a club meet we did have, and surprisingly it was a good turn out with about 15 / 20 people attending.

Kez and her friend turned up in her lovely
mustard late bay. Unfortunately as she pulled
into the car park the bay decided it didn't want
to go any further.

However, a few moments later and some
club members came to her aid and found the
problem to be a burnt out fuse, a quick repair
and all was well once more.

This really is a nice looking bay, just a shame
the photo is fuzzy..!

Club line up from the rear...

Kev came along in the 'Grinch' his lovely T4.
This really is a nice looking van that always
appears to be immaculate!

The rear of Kev's T4, just as nice from this

A nice Cool Flo sticker in Kev's rear window.

Claude left his Split Screen Kombi at home
and came along in his other VW. Much more
practical for the bad weather than a lowered
split screen.

My '69 bay looking cold and damp under the
pub car park lights.

The rear of my bay. The eagle eyed readers
will have noticed the taped up rear hatch, this
is due to having a water leak so a new rubber
seal is on the shopping list.

Stuart and Tim came along in Stuarts newly
acquired Golf.

A nice looking Golf that used to belong to
Stuart's daughter, Ellie.

Simon, Amanda and Nathan came along in
their bright red T4. Not a very good photo but
this really is a nice looking T4.

I did tell you Simon's T4 was bright red. Nice
decal on the rear panel.

I do like these T4's and could quite easily have
one myself, but I would need to sell my bay,
and that just isn't going to happen.

Cushty n retro sticker in the rear of Simon and
Amanda's T4. Check out their website for cool
retro stuff.

So that was the February Outcast VW Club meet,
even though there wasn't many VW's on show,
I think due to the horrendous weather the owners
decided to come along in their daily drivers, and
to be honest I don't blame them. However we
still had about 15 / 20 members inside the pub
and I think I can say we all have good catch up,
a laugh and a joke and generally a good time.
Here's to the spring when hopefully the better
weather will arrive and we can once again take
over the pub car park with old VW's. 



  1. Hey Dave. Nice one, makes me want to come and check the club out one evening.

    1. Thanks, your more than welcom anytime Dean.