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Volksworld Show 2014 final instalment

The 3rd and final instalment review of this year's Volksworld show continues in the show halls where the best vehicles are on show. The variety of vehicles on show was immense and the standard, as you would expect was incredible.
This pair of Karmann Ghia's were the first
display on show as you entered the 'Surrey'
hall, they set the standard of show cars and 
a good sign of things to follow.

The interior of the grey Karmann was totally
immaculate and just as it came out the factory.

I didn't find out much about this super clean
beetle, but it had some race pedigree as the
roll cage and false front lights show. I did like
those wheels.

Talking of super clean beetles, how about this
for a clean and tidy piece of work. This late
bug was just as immaculate under the bonnet as
it was on the outside.

A lovely early split oval bug with patina to die
for and...

and a very early supercharged engine.

Another split oval beetle with a similar
supercharged motor.

Quite an impressive stand with plenty of
period accessories.

I just loved this alpine rally spec beetle.

Talking of beetle's, how about the interior of
this bug. How nice is this? the shine on the
paint work isn't bad either.

On display in the main entrance there were
2 beetles on display. This one was a barn
find or a 'work in progress' bug.
The motor and wheels were totally to show
standard, however the body needed some work.

Well OK, the body needs quite a lot of work.

What amazed me was, how did they move it
into the reception with it looking that fragile?

The 2nd beetle was this gorgeous oval bug
with a lovely patina look and sexy yellow head
light lenses.

The patina continued all over the roof and
across the tops of the wings. I love those
huge tyres that fill the arches so well.

It's almost a tradition now, but every
year I have to get the Volksworld
girls photo. This pair of beauties
were willing to pose for me.

Another early beetle of show standard and
very low. I do like the safari front screen and
pop out rear windows.

This super wide, bright orange beach buggy
was on show. Look how wide those rear tyres
are, and the size of the whale tail spoiler.

From the front you could see the buggy
resemblance.. just. It did have a very nice
flame paint job though.

It is the 50th anniversary of the beach buggy
and to celebrate the anniversary Bruce Meyers,
the original designer of the Meyers Manx beach
buggy was invited over to the show. Bruce
designed the prototype buggy way back in 1964
and production started in full in 1965.

The design hasn't changed much over the
years, they still feature a fibreglass uni body
on a shortened beetle floor pan.

The interior of this split screen was amazing,
it's almost too nice to be practicable but I
suppose if you have an interior you don't think
about practicability.

This sliver blue early beetle was gorgeous,
sitting low and those Porsche 356 headlight
grills compliment the paint work perfectly.

It's amazing what you can do with a vehicle
originally designed for military use. This 181
Trekker looked awesome in metallic green
and gloss black.

The interior, although still sparse was finished
to a very high standard, not sure how comfy
those seats would be though.

How about this for a power plant. It's a super
charged Essex V6 in the back of a beetle.

Another Tempo Matador, this time in gleaming
white with dark green wings.

German manufacturer Tempo built the Matador
from 1949-1952. Tempo made 1362 of these
lovely looking vehicles using a 1100cc, 25hp
Volkswagen engine, unfortunately once the
type 2 was produced volkswagen stopped
supplying their engines and production of the
Matador ceased.

How about this for an un-usual split screen.
The lower half of the body is stock width but
the top half has been narrowed then both halfs
have been welded together. With the roof chop
as well it is very different and I like it.

You can see just how narrow the body is from
these next couple of interior pictures.

Just enough room for a single seat in the cab.
The amount of work that must have gone into
this creation must have ben huge.

From the rear once again you can see just how
much work has gone into this bus. I love how
the rear wings now look like bolt on fenders.

The US import early bay was so nice. I do like
green and white buses and this one also had
a pop top.

A nice shiny painted late bay with plenty of
period accessories. This bay was immaculate
inside and out.

There is something about the simplicity and
clean lines of an early split screen that is
so appealing. This mint green and white one
was gorgeous and flawless.

I'm not normally keen of painted shiny bay's,
which is just as well considering the state of
my bay, however this green and white one
looked fantastic. It was totally immaculate.

A random photo early in the day showing the
vehicles on display in one of the halls.

A Karmann Ghia overdose outside around
the winners enclosure. This may well have
been part of the 'Cool Flo' display.

This split screen caught my eye, a very RAT
looking bus sitting very low with a narrowed
front beam. I did like the side windows, not
sure if they were meant to be opening windows
or whether they just weren't fixed in.? but
whatever, they did look good.

This split oval came over from Europe and it
looked awesome. I love the RAT look and this
bug had it in abundance.

Sitting low with plenty of patina and a few
dented panels it looked great. I don't know
what wheels they are but they are very nice.

I did like the WW2 headlight covers.

Walking back to my bus after the show, I
noticed this late bay in the 'Matchbox' livery.
With a slight rack to the front and Empi wheels
this is one cool looking panel van.

So that was the 2014 Volksworld Show, which
kick starts another VW season here in the UK.
It is a great show which I throughly recommend
and if you get the chance to go, I strongly urge
you to do so, you will not be disappointed.

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