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Volksworld show 2014 part 2

The Volksworld Show 2014 review continues inside Sandown Park racecourse with the show vehicles. There are several halls with show cars and numerous traders, and on the top floor the auto jumble where you could find almost anything. Outside around the winners enclosure there were more vehicles and more traders and this is where we headed first.

The first car I saw in the winners enclosure
was this olive green Karmann that was totally
immaculate, as you can see in the photos.

Interior was just as clean and all original from
what I could see. It takes serious dedication
not only to get a car this clean but also to
keep it this clean.

Sitting very low with a narrowed front beam
I don't think this Ghia could look any better.

Opposite the olive green Karmann was this
blue and white one, which was equally as
nice. Also sitting low with a narrowed front
end, it's nice to see some original wheels
rather than Fuchs wheels.

Early beetle rag top, in a slight RAT condition,
I love it.

The 'Cool Flo' crew were at the show as
normal, as as normal they brought (amongst
other vehicles) this, the Cool Flo Cooler. 

A low slung crew cab split screen pick up,
Yes please...!

This early bay was featured in the Volksworld
magazine a while back. It's very low and has
a very narrow front beam and being very
RAT looking, so it ticks all the right boxes.

What to do if you have a fire in your engine
bay...? you simply lacquer the the bodywork
and make a feature of the damage.
It looked awesome. How narrow is that front

Claude is a good mate from Aylesbury and
a fellow 'Outcast VW Club' member who went
to the show for the weekend in his 1960 split
screen kombi. We never caught up with him,
such is the size of the show.

More members of the SSVC displaying their
spilt screens around the winners enclosure.

A lovely split screen single cab pick in what
looks like dove blue (?) I do like a nice straight
pick up. 

Sometimes less is more and this red and
white split screen panel van was the proof.
No flash wheels just a solid paint job on top
of a straight body is sometimes all you need
to make your vehicle stand out.

How low can you go, this early beetle is about
on the limit. I like the colour and the matching
colour coded wheels on the super narrow
front beam.

From this angle you can the camber on the
rear wheels and just how narrow that front is.

You would expect to see 'Herbie' at a VW
event, but this one had a different take on the
normal replica's. Painted to look old and rusty,
I kind of like it.

A good variety of splitty's, and a vast array of
style's to suit every taste.

What was I saying about less is more a while
back, well the brown and off white splitty is the
same. Riding at stock height and looking
pretty much as it is supposed to be.

A novel way to sell beverages, this split screen
has had some serious body mods to create
a unique mobile catering vehicle.

The Early Bay line up. There didn't seem as
many as previous years, maybe I just missed
them. I should have gone and got my bay to
make the numbers up.!

I follow the Early bay guy's at ''
and they are a really friendly bunch with a
wealth of knowledge between them.

Another of the early bay crew. I do like a
nice panel van. This one is riding low with a
narrowed beam.

Inside the venue in one of the halls I saw this
gorgeous Karmann Ghia. Absolutely stunning.

This following trio of split oval beetles was the
display from Oldspeed Edition and featured
the Oldspeed replica pit boxes.

Lovely Oldspeed split oval, looked fantastic
in it's period guise.

Complete with all the accessories you would
expect to find in a race pit box.

After about an hour of getting there, it was time
to get some food, there's nothing quite like
having a cheeseburger or a hot dog for breakfast.
Stuart,Tim and Matthew tucking in. Later in the
day, these steps were crammed with people.

This Red Nose Day beetle belongs to Dave
and Angela who travelled down with Stuart.
This bug is a regular feature car at the show
and has been on display at the show since
the year dot.

Outside I saw this jet black Karmann, just look
how straight the body is and the deepness
of the paint. Amazing.

From this angle you can see just how straight
the body really is, oh and that shine..

A few cars away was this bug, which was the
total opposite of the black Karmann, it was
definitely RAT, covered in dirt and dust, but
boy did it look good. I lust love the look of this
oval bug.

The bonnet was covered in moss and dirt, but
it just added to the appearance. I like the
roof rack with the yellow spots and the single
spot light on the US style towel rail bumper.

Which one is best, an impossible question to

Another very low and super straight early
beetle finished in gloss black with Fuchs rims.

A late split screen kombi with a narrowed front
beam and a 3 bow roof rack and those yellow
headlight covers really transform the front end.

The Volksworld show attracts so many models
and styles of Volkswagen's, there is something
for everyone, no matter what your preference
is. A red early beetle, a black 181 Trekker and
an orange Karmann Ghia.

Bright lime green Trekker looked cool.

An immaculate razor edge in the foreground
with 2 early beetles nesting behind, one in
show car condition and the other totally

A closer look at the RAT bug, this is such a
nice car.

These next 2 beetles must have been from
the 'Low and Slow' VW Club

Awesome looking bugs. Look at the camber of
the rear wheels on the brown bug in the

This wonderful looking car is a 1959 Rometsch
Lawerence coupe, with a hand built
aluminium body, over a steel and
wooden frame which would have taken
approximately 1000 man hours to create.

Apparently the Berlin based workshop only
created about 250 of these coupe's, and to buy
one new would have cost 8000 Deutchmarks,
which was twice the price of it's rival at the time,
the Karmann Ghia. This Rometsch in this
condition is probably now worth well over
US $40,000.

It was designed by Bert Lawerence, and the
body sits on modified beetle chassis, the
radical design won the Golden Rose Award
of Geneva in 1957, and im my eyes it is

even better looking than the Karmann Ghia.

A lovely clean and straight square back, it's
been lowered and with what looks like banded
steels wheels with white wall tyres.

Another friend of mine and a member of the
Oxdubz VW Club is Anthony who was at
Volksworld with his RAT looking notch. Anthony
has recently spent a fortune having restoration
works carried out.

How cool is this, no cramped camping in the
back of a bay with this beauty. This has to be
the best of both worlds, a proper caravan rear
with a bay window front.

More very clean square backs, same cars but
oh so different in looks and style.

Talking of square backs, this was my favourite.
It is very RAT looking with plenty of period
accessories. The bonnet had been left to rust
and then lacquered and I love the thickness
of that length of rope around the front bumper.

But the best 2 accessories were the air vent
scoops and the surfboard on the roof rack.

So that was my 2nd instalment of this years
Volksworld show review. The 3rd and final
instalment to follow in about a week, so keep
checking back to make sure you don't miss it.

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