Monday, 31 March 2014

Volksworld Show 2014, part 1

The Volksworld Show is an annual event held at Sandown Park Racecourse, in Esher, Surrey KT10 9AJ. The show is on for the weekend, and attracts traders, participants and members of the public not only from every corner of the UK, but also across most of Europe. There were a lot of friends I know from various VW clubs who attended for the whole weekend, but a few of us had other commitments so we could only attend for a day, so we chose to cruise down on the Sunday, and in hindsight we made the right decision as apparently the traffic was horrendous trying to get into the show on the Saturday. Matthew, Stuart and I arranged to meet up and cruise down in convoy.
Matthew and I met up at 08.00am at the local
supermarket. It was really nice of Tesco's to
build us a dedicated meeting place.!

En-route we took a small diversion to meet
Staurt who had gone to pick up Dave and
Angela, who needed a lift to the show to
collect their Beetle which had been on display
all weekend.

After a quick blast around the infamous M25
motorway we arrived at Sandown Racecourse.
Being quite early we had no trouble in finding
somewhere to park. My green bay, Matthews
Blue bay and Stuarts red oxide bay.

Early morning at the show venue, with the
overnight campers just starting to rise from
their busses.

Heading towards the entrance I took the
opportunity to take some photos. This bright
yellow buggy caught my attention.

As did this fenderless hot rod style bug. I do
like the un-usual paint scheme.

You wouldn't think it to look at my bus but I
like polished bits, and this polished deck lid
on this oval beetle was amazing. It is polished
and not chromed.

Walking around the bug it just got better and
better. Love the bright orange paint and the
contrasting white scallps over the wings and
up the bonnet.

Really nice looking front end. Those Porsche
356 headlight grills really set of the front end
by adding a little bling.

A nice variety of vehicles parked up in the
car park.

This late split screen single cab pick up was
nice with a cool patina paint job.

I do like the RAT look, and this pick up was
just about spot on.

I think this is a 1965 Dodge A100, but what
made it un-usual is the rooof addition. I have
never seen one like this before so I'm
assuming it's a home made creation?

Now before anyone asks, I have no idea what
this is, but the more I looked at it, the more I
liked it. The fiberglass body had seen better
days, and it's definately RAT, but it does
grow on you.

Very un-usual rear end. I wonder what those
long cut out sections were for....

The drivers seat was in the middle with two
passenger seats to either side, how cool is that.

This 1950 Tempo Matador is a daily driver, it's
a RHD Australian import and was up for sale
with a price tag of £10,750

A very nice everyday working truck.

Variety is the spice of life and no matter what
condition of your vehicle it's more than welcome
at Volksworld.

Very RAT looking, I do like the rusty roof.

You can't have a Volkswagen show without
the occasional Porsche, and this original
356 roadster was immaculate.

Immaculate interior, and just as Porsche
had designed.

These 356's have such geart body lines. I
still don't understand why we drive around in
big square boxes now-a-days? I think there
would be much less road rage if all the cars
were as beautiful as this.

A bright orange beach buggy with industrial
size roll bars.

This is a really nice looking buggy, the solid
orange paint was immaculate and suited the
car well, as did those wheels.

A lovely spilt screen double cab pick up, with
'Roo' bars, cyclopes light and and a 3
bow roof rack, it was gorgeous.

A late split screen and an early beetle in
similar shades of red.

The early bug was outstanding and finished
to a very high standard, remember these are
vehicles in the public car park!

Just outside the main entrance was this early
signwritten split screen panel van, sitting very
low on red steel wheels with white wall tryes.

For me, two things make this panel van stand
out from the others, #1, narrowed front beam
and #2, the red painted roof. Normally busses
have white roofs or colour matched with the
bodywork so this was a bold colour choice
which works well.

Still outside the show was the pair of splitty's,
a lowered blue 'Canada Dry' split with safari
screens and a stock height ex-army vehicle.

I do like sign written panel vans and this early
split screen looked perfect.

A good mixture of split screens. These guys
camped over on the Saturday night.

An early split screen with proper living
accomadation attached. OK the cab bodywork
needs some work but it'd be a good project.
How did that traffic cone get on the roof?

Another sign written split screen, this time on
a single cab pick up.

Another pair of split screens parked up outside
the show, I think this was the SSVC
(split screen van club) club parking area.

A grey primered early split screen panel van
in RAT look, very nice.

A patina look splitty with deluxe trim, again
very nice.

It looks like this panel van has had a new
front clip not too long ago as the freshly
painted grey primer wasn't in keeping with
the rest of the bus.

Walking back towards the entrance to go into
the show we noticed Neil in his Syncro. Neil
is a good mate from our hometown of

Once in the show you have to accend the steps
into the main halls, and these two lovelies were
handing out show guides. I couldn't resist
taking their photo. It looks like Stuart, Matt and
Tim (to the left) can't believe I asked her for a
photo, but I always say, if you don't ask, you
don't get.

So that was part 1 of my Volksworld show
review. Part 2 to follow in a week or so, so
don't forget to chack back soon to see the
next installment.

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