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Volksworld Magazine Photo Shoot.

Back in February this year The Wolfsburg Weed Huggers VW Club put a post up on facebook saying they wanted as many club members as possible to meet up for a photo shoot for the 'Clubs and Events' page in the Volksworld magazine. The photo shoot was to take place on Sunday 9th February at Chalfont Park, Chalfont St. Peter in Bucks, SL9 0QA. The weather forecast was promising after some of the worst storms and flooding the UK has had for something like 100 years, so we were all hoping for a break in the weather. We knew, as it was February it would be cold but as long as it was dry we'd all be happy. Another local VW club, The House of Dub also put a similar post on facebook a few days after the Weedhuggers, but as both photo shoots was on the same day and around the same time we couldn't attend both, which was a shame. On the Sunday morning, the weather was dry with sunny spells due to arrive later in the day, and as the photo shoot wasn't until 3.30pm we actually ended up basking in glorious winter sunshine.

Fellow Outcast member Matthew and I had
arranged to meet at Stuart's House. Our '69
bays parked together in the winter sunshine

Stuart left before Matt and myself as he
needed some petrol en-route to the photo
shoot. Stuart was just pulling out of the
petrol staion as Matt and I drove past.

Chalfont Park, the location for the photo shoot
is a fantastic setting, and with the winter sun
shining you'd be hard pushed to find anywhere
better. A nice pair of Beetles lined up.
(as I have only been to the weedhuggers club
a handful of times, apologies if I don't mention
you by name)

Another beetle in a lovely colour.

A nice looking '69 / 70 beetle in a nice shade
of blue, owned by Michael.

Christian Peck brought his lovely patina'd
split screen. I have to say having the safari
windows open in February, looks good but
as it only just got above freezing all day, he
must have been cold.

Peter brought his immaculate '67 Karmann
Ghia. This car is immaculate inside and out.

There is something about the shape of the
Karmann that is simply timeless.

I think this lovely looking bay belongs to Ryan.
This bay has been over to our club meet, and
it really is a nice looking bus.

Ryan's '70 bay is a bit on the RAT side, but
it doesn't matter it looks just right as it is.

Ryan's lowered bay next to a pastel blue
late bay riding at stock height.

A very clean and tidy late bay of 1975 vintage.

Maxine owns this '72 beetle, and it was nice
to see it at the photo shoot. This bug is a work
in progress, and starting to show signs of 
getting there. 

A lovely backdrop for the photo shoot. Some
of the Wolfsburg Weed Huggers vehicle
enjoying a rare glimpse of the sun.

My '69 import microbus, I really do need to
think about getting a propex heater because
the 20 mile or so drive over to Chalfont Park
was so cold.

Matthew's '69 westy shining in the sunshine.

Rear of the year... Stuarts red oxide bay,
Matthew's blue and white bay and my
green bay.

Stuarts red oxide '71 bay with the painted
black and white chequered front.

This photo looks as though it could be summer
with the blue sky and sunshine, but believe me
it was freezing cold. Three Outcast bay windows
invade the WWH photo shoot.

WWH beetle line up, with the fantastic backdrop

Looking along the back of the beetle line up.
Laurie owns the pink bug in the foreground
with the long term intention of making it a
street legal race car.

A very good variety of vehicles came along.
The long shadows means the sun is low in the
sky and it was about 4.00pm and the
temperature was dropping fast.

Julian came along in his super cool looking
early bug. I do like this car.

Julian's bug looks just as cool from the front.
This beetle was on the front cover of Volksworld
magazine in July 2013

A '69 / 70 bay. It doesn't matter what your
bus looks like, the photo shoot was about
the number and variety of vehicles in the club.

Possibly a work in progress vehicle, but it's
starting to look good.

OK I am biased towards the Outcast VW
Club vehicles.

I did say it was a nice setting for a photo shoot.

The photographer wanted the vehicles to
get closer, so as to get a good group shot.
Here, the vehicles are just being arranged.

The WWH group shot, starting to look good.

I do like this photo. My bay sandwiched
between Peter's KG, and Julian's bug.

WWH members vehicles.

Group photo.

Another angle of the group shoot.

Stuarts chequered front, Matt's blue bay and
my green bay can clearly be seen.

The photographer took this photo, and although
it wasn't used in the magazine feature, I do
like it. Matthew and me with our sequential
number plates driving past the photographer
as he layed in the road!  You can also see
Stuart in the background.

The April edition of Volksworld magazine,
where on pages 5 & 6 you will find...

The 'Event and Clubs' pages where the WWH
photo shoot was published.

A close up of the main picture in the mag.
(my bay can be clearly seen to the left of
Christian's red and white splitty.)

So that was the Wolfsburg Weed Huggers club
photo shoot. A huge thanks to all the WWH
members for allowing the Outcast crew come
over and join in the fun, and well done for
getting the WWH name in the mag.

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